Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why shouldn’t Palestinian lands go to Israel?

We continually hear that the path to peace is for Israel to give up more of its lands to the Palestinians for a “new Palestinian State.”  That a prosperous and free country, Israel, should give up its lands to help form a new supremacist, backward, and intolerant Islamic state of Palestine.

After listening to Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before a joint meeting of the US Congress today there was a convincing, though unstated, case made for Gaza and Lebanon to be turned over to Israel for governance.

Israel is already a sustainable democracy, Israel provides for the practice of any religion (any religion that does not practice terror or vow to eliminate Israel and annihilate Jews), Israel does not call for the killing of Palestinians wherever you may find them, Israel is economically prosperous and encourages freedom and human dignity.

On the other hand, the Palestinian governments on Israel's borders are unstable, are intolerant, do not allow the practice of other religions, has an abysmal reputation concerning human rights, and has a terrible history of self-governance.

This Israeli “land for peace” gambit is going in the entirely wrong direction.  Why should the successful, prosperous, stable, free, and democratic nation of Israel give up its lands to a people who are warring, intolerant fanatics who want to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth?  This is one of the great quirks of present day humanity.  Why do Israeli leaders even entertain the thought of giving up ANYTING?  They should by all rational human decency go in the opposite direction.

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