Friday, May 20, 2011

Two reasons why voters (still) love Obama…

I gained these insights after listening to Neil Bortz and then Rush Limbaugh today.
Neil had a self described “Afro-American” caller who frankly admitted that he will vote again for Obama ONLY because he is black.  He described black households across America who, for the first time, have books and photos of this president of the United States adorning their living rooms.  They don’t care about his politics or what Obama is or isn’t doing for blacks or for this country.  They adore him because he is black.  ONLY because he is Black.  This is the essence of bigoted racism.

That is reason number one.

Rush had a different perspective.  He believes progressives/socialists (and by definition, supporters of Obama) are ideologically driven – that no amount of logic about the damage they do to the economy, work ethic, motivational incentives, and human spirit of our country will dissuade them from their mission of assuring government regulates and controls every aspect of our lives.  This is the essence of narrow minded and uninformed bias.

That is reason number two.

So, for reason number one, we have nearly all of 13% of the US population (Blacks) that is likely to again vote for Obama because he is black. (Don’t forget, 97% of black voters voted for Obama in 2008.)  The big question will be will these blacks be able to viscerally connect with Herman Cain or Alan West as well as they have with Obama?  That may be when reason number two kicks in.
For reason number two, we have a combination of those who have a progressive/socialist agenda no matter what, those who are ignorant of the basis of the founding of the United States, those who are uninformed about economics, and those who are just short-sightedly lazy, greedy, and self-serving, despite the consequences to the sustainability of the liberties most of us have enjoyed in the past.  This group may constitute another 20 or 30% of the voting population of the US who will continue to love Obama no matter the damage he does to this country.

Wait! There may be yet a third reason why people still love Obama.  Some are so poor at grasping the issues, reasoning and self-expression that they simply don't understand the consequences of his actions and get so frustrated in how to express their ignorance that they instead defensely resort to name-calling.

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