Monday, May 09, 2011

Poster child Muslim reformer debates Robert Spencer

How real is “moderate” Islam?  Is “moderate” Islam the ideology that wants to subvert your culture and take away your freedoms through peaceful political means rather than via terror and bloodshed?

Robert Spencer and Muslim reformer Zudhi Jasser debate that question in the video below.

After viewing this video, and considering other arguments Jasser has put forth over the months, he is either a) A Muslim in name only (MINO) on the order of what Unitarianism is to Christianity (what are the odds that Unitarianism will change Christianity?); b) A grossly fanciful thinker; or c) a grand deceiver.
In any event it appears to me that his facts and logic fall far short of Spencer's.  The fact is that Islam is now, and has been during the majority of centuries since its founding, a dangerous, inhumane, intolerant, supremacist ideology as taught by its founder, Muhammad, as recorded in its "holy" literature, and as interpreted by the great majority of its spiritual leaders today and through the centuries. 
My take:  Whatever Jasser's intent, the outcome of his work is  c)  He is a grand deceiver.  His wishful thinking does not admit to what Islam really is.  He is an advocate for sweeping the realities of Islam under the rug.  He engages in fanciful thinking because he believes what he puts forth is the only possible solution.  He expresses denial of reality.  Whether that denial is purposeful deception or heartfelt truth is beside the point.  The consequences are the same:  Denial of true Islam. 

Jasser appears to believe in something that is not Islam, but he insists on calling it Islam.  Why?  Why is he insistent in calling something that is not Islam, "Islam?"  Either he wishes to promote Islam through the back door, or he should give a different name to whatever this new religion is that he believes.

I have often wondered:  Why would an individual continue his affiliation with, and actually spend his life promoting an ideology that is so well known for what Islam has done throughout history, and especially for what Islam is well known for today - unless he believed in those things.  What a model for life, indeed.

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