Monday, May 02, 2011

Obama: “We will never be at war with Islam”

Why the evil and widespread, insidious cancer of Islam is played down by our leaders is a mystery to me.  Obama is not the only one who said “We will never be at war with Islam” which he repeated last night on national television.  George Bush said the same thing after 9-11.  They both praise Islam as “a religion of peace.”

How wrong and dangerously deceitful they both are.  Is it wishful thinking?  Is it fear?  Is it part of a grand strategy that is a mystery to most of us?

Think about and answer these questions:

Why did most of the middle east (Muslims) rise up in celebratory jubilation upon hearing the news of the 9-11 attack?  Those weren’t all al Qaeda who were celebrating.  They were the Muslim man and woman in the street.  It was spontaneous.  No time for the Muslim Brotherhood to plan those spontaneous demonstrations.

How did Osama Bin Laden stay hidden from an intense manhunt by our crack intelligence and special forces organizations for 10 years?  How was that possible?  It took not only al Qaeda operatives but the governments and citizens of both Afghanistan and Pockeeston (as Muslim Obama prefers to pronounce)  to keep this inspirational Islamic mastermind hidden.  There are millions in the middle east and south Asia who supported the actions and promoted the security of this character either physically or emotionally.  Osama promoted pure Islam, and Muslims throughout the region promoted Osama.

And now Obama claims Osama was not an Islamic leader?  That is such bull crap I cringe at the thought of the ballsy lie of our president.

Osama was NOT a radical Muslim.  He was a good Muslim.  He was promoting pure, historic, orthodox Islam.  He was the modern day Muhammad, doing exactly as Muhammad taught – exactly what the Qur’an and other “holy books” of Islam teach.

I look forward to the day when we will have leaders in this nation who understand and will honestly portray Islam for what it is:  A vile, violent, deceitful, political ideology hell-bent on destroying the west and, as their “holy books” put it “and our miserable house.”

I hate being lied to by our leaders.  They must take us for morons.  But they are the ones who appear as morons by those of us who are paying attention to the deception which is Islam.

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