Friday, May 18, 2007

Worse than before...what were they thinking?

Senator Kennedy celebrated his latest (May 17) amnesty bill "achievement" by meeting with several families affected by the March raid on illegal immigrants in New Bedford, MA.

"They're still reeling from that," Kennedy said. "When I told them the bill would make them safe and secure, you should have seen the look in their eyes. They knew they didn't have to be scared."

Dumb _ _ _ _'s (with Kennedy chief among them). If I entered any other country in the world ILLEGALLY, you bet I would be scared the whole time I was there. And I would deserve to be scared. But not here, "the nation of laws." Haaa. Their tactic: How dare we allow anyone to be scared for breaking our laws. Obviously, Kennedy and the others want us to feel guilty over enforcing our laws and making lawbreakers feel scared. Geez. Are we the patsies of the planet? Sure seems that way.

And then Chertoff's swoon, referring to Kennedy: "He's awesome," gushed Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff , as he left a news conference announcing the bipartisan agreement. "I'd say he was one of the critical leaders in putting together this deal."

And Bush...I've given up on him - the advocate of big business, cheap labor, and to heck with the average American. America, be damned. It's free trade that matters. The true man comes out toward the end of their terms, doesn't it.

Bottom line: This bill, if passed, will entice tens of thousand of additional illegals across our border, overrunning the yet inadequate border protections we have , and overrunning and bankrupting our social services systems, including expediting the failure of social security.