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That is why I have not debated a Muslim and have no desire to do so.  I suspect the defenders of Muslims sincerely believe they are avoiding being crapped on by their mindless pandering to them.  Man oh man are they in for a surprise.

Actually, in thinking about this a bit more, this not only applies to debating Muslims, it also applies to having them in our country.  So this little ditty should really say

Having Muslims in our nation is like playing chess with a pigeon.  No matter how good you are (the best schools, abundant welfare benefits paid for by taxpayers, etc.) the pigeon will knock over all the pieces (blow things up), shit on the board, (condemn our culture and promote sharia), and claim victory.

Yes, this really is fitting.

How do we wage war on an ideology? First, you need to be truthful about what it is…

An article on The Blaze asks a question about how we should react to Muslim terrorism with the question: " But how do you wage a war on ideology?"


Who Are We Fighting in the War on Terror? I mean…Who Is the Enemy? Specifically.

The new terrorist is al-Qaeda inspired, as opposed to al-Qaeda connected. But how do you wage a war on ideology?

Here is the answer.  Remember Charles Manson, the serial killer?  If he had a group of devout followers who ascribed to the Manson ideology of serial murder, their ideology would be correctly identified as a problem, correct? There would be no lack of options for effectively dealing with that ideology. 

We have a similar situation with Islam: A Manson-esque person from 600 AD, (Muhammad) who people follow religiously even today.  He did similar things as Manson had done except on a much grander scale.  There are leader/followers of the Manson-esque Muhammad today who promote the same Manson ideology, except on a much grander scale.  These are called Immans and other Muslim leaders.  So, yes, if we had people who called themselves followers of the Manson ideology, we wouldn't hesitate to "wage war" on them.  We would quickly find a way. 

The million dollar question is why we fail to find a way to deal with the Muhammadan ideology which mirrors Manson but on a much grander scale.  Oh, but Islam is a "religion" you say.  To Manson and his followers, his ideology, too, was a "religion."  Islam is the same kind of "religion", but on a much grander scale and practices deceit on a much grander scale as well.  Many of the most devout are so skilled at deceit that they make Manson look like a Boy Scout.  Deal with the Islamic ideology for what it is:  A Manson-esque ideology with a flair for deceit.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

FBI: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil concerning Islam and Muslims…

FBI failure due to radical "political correctness" in denying agency the ability to relate Islamic-inspired terror to Muslims.

The Islamic apologists and defenders of the FBI and Obama administration are bending over backwards to claim there is no way the Boston Marathon Massacre terrorist could have been identified prior to the event.  It doesn't matter hat the atrocities were committed by two devout and well-trained Muslim Jihadists who just visited a Muslim nation crawling with trained Muslim terrorists, who claimed Jihad on their social media sites and listened to Jihadi music. 

Why do you think defenders of Obama's national security policy believe that foreknowledge of such attacks is so impossible?  Could it possibly be because the Obama administration has adopted administration-wide policy that Islam, Islamic Jihhad, Jihad, radical Muslims, or radical Islam shall not be associated with any act of terror, violence, intimidation, or offense committed by Muslims?  Could it be because all references to those terms are deemed offensive and are not to be used as the basis for FBI or State Department or military training or for identifying individuals or their threats to our national security?

The Obama policy toward Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood is to blame for purposely being deaf to the loud “pings” warning us of this threat.  More on how this political correctness kills HERE.  Frankly, George Bush was ignorant of the Islamic ideology when a day after 9-11 he declared Islam “a religion of peace.”  But at least he had a team that did not promote Islam and the Brotherhood like Obama has.

Unfortunately, this is where we stand today.  And that is why such tragedies will continue to occur - until that insane Muslim-pandering policy is reversed and sanity is restored to our national security program.
See more on this topic

Congressional oversight, anyone?

Are we that infiltrated and enamored by radical panderers to Islam and extremist Muslim outreach that we can do nothing?

Read Diana West’s take on the inside, Islamist-pandering ineptitude of our Obama–inspired security agencies HERE: re

And for more on what and why the FBI is purposely ignoring, see Robert Spencer’s observations HERE:

FYI regarding Diana West, a fabulous author and commentator:

See her at The Villages Tea Party

Monday evening, April 22, 6:30 PM (doors open at 6) at the Savannah Center in The Villages.

(Villages ID Required). 

More info HERE.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Hey O’Reilly, they are not merely ‘loons’…

Too many ignorant commentators like Bill O’Reilly too quickly dismiss Islamic terrorists as simply ‘loons’ or deranged individuals.  Bill, you faux “culture-warrior” you, you of all people should know that these people are not merely ‘loons.’  That is way to flippant a response and ignores the world-wide fight against the West and infidel that is being waged by orthodox Islam.

We blame Russia or Israel for being too oppressive when defending themselves against Islamists who use every vile terrorist method to promote their evil ideology.  Well, I have to say, they know how to respond a lot better than we do.  We are still inviting the enemy into our midst via our out of control and misplaced immigration policies.  We are still defending Islam as if it is the equal of Episcopalians and Presbyterians.  We fail to understand.

They are not ‘loons’.  They are trained fighters on behalf of Islam hell-bent on destroying western civilization.  Loon?  There have been so-called ‘loons’ throughout history who have killed millions.  No, Bill, they are trained heartless killers implementing their clear and correct understanding of their Islamic ideology.

And there are tens of thousands now among us.  The sooner we accept this reality, the better we can deal with it and the more lives we can save.

The Asymmetrical Warfare of Islam…

It takes only two Muslims with training from other Islamist groups half way around the world to shut down an American city.  The bombing and killing was just the beginning and a “success” by itself.  The even greater damage to our nation is accomplished by the aftermath of the bombing:  The complete engagement of thousands of police, FBI, city, state and national officials and grinding a major City to a halt.

Whether the bombers are caught or killed, the attack has to be classified as a success on the order close to 9-11.  We had a major security failure.  And we have not yet learned our lessons.

The lessons not yet learned are the facts of the Islamic ideology that our nation’s leaders and media refuse to accept.  Our security measures are operating on the wrong set of assumptions.  The focus of media conversation is on a geographic area, a part of Russia, instead of on a perverse, world-wide ideology, Islam. 

We believe that Islam is like any other religion.  It is not.  It is much more similar to a seditious political movement at war with us.  Its mastery of deceit and misdirection is epic.  Its ability to seamlessly blend into our culture is pure art as evidenced by the words of several friends and relatives of the bombers who were clueless:  “He was such a nice guy – he gave no indication he would do anything like this” is all they knew to say.  We fail to understand that practicing Islamists make the most two-faced person we know seem like an amateur.

A few devout Muslims with a little bit of training cost us lives, limbs, and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of catch-up law enforcement efforts.  And this doesn’t include the billions of dollars devoted to the misdirected national security effort that is aimed at law abiding Americans and insane “nation building” efforts overseas.   All because we fail to identify the enemy’s ideology and do what’s necessary to isolate it from our lives.

Dumb question of the century: “How did that radicalization happen?”

“How did that radicalization happen?” is the question the media , including the Muslim-investor-influenced FOX News, is asking about the devout Muslims responsible for the Marathon Massacre.

The answer to “how” is staring them in the face if it were not for the lying propaganda and deception the media’s Islamist lobbyists and faux buddies are smothering them with.

The answer:  Islam is all about radicalization.  Again, Islam is all about radicalization.

And despite what the so-called “experts” on FOX News and other clueless media are saying, it has NOTHING to do with Chechnya.  It has everything to do with Islam.  Chechnya just happens to be one among dozens of predominantly Islamic nations around the world:

Islam is the predominant religion in Chechnya. Chechens are overwhelmingly adherents to Sunni Islam,[39] the country having converted to Islam between the 16th and the 19th centuries. Due to historical importance, many Chechens are Sufis, of either the Qadiri or Naqshbandi orders. Most of the population follows either the Shafi'i, Hanafi,[40] or Maliki[41] schools of jurisprudence, fiqh. The Shafi'i school of jurisprudence has a long tradition among the Chechens,[42] and thus it remains the most practiced.[43]  (Source:  Wikipedia)

How does radicalization in the US happen?  Three primary ways:

1)  Through the pumping of hundreds of millions of Saudi and other Muslim dollars into “Middle East Studies” programs (almost always anti-American Islamic propaganda centers) in virtually all of our major universities where radicalism is taught and promoted.  University programs are bought off by the millions.  The Presidents can’t resist the money.  They will sell whatever souls they have left for a new building or a new program.  The products of these programs then blend into society as “professionals” – professional soldiers of Allah ;

2)  Through our liberal “ya’all come” immigration policy.  Yes, they’re all coming, the already radicalized as well as the soon to be radicalized, and we haven’t yet known the mayhem that that policy will bring.

3) Via our prison systems where levels of indoctrination are rampant.  And we keep supplying them with the Qur’an, both domestically and at Gitmo.  This is like feeding Nazi prisoners Mein Kampf and expecting them to moderate.

4)  By infiltration and invitation into our federal government, legal system, education system, media, and even our military and national security agencies where the mayhem conducted by Islamists is dismissed or trivialized as “workplace violence” or “an isolated incident”, or “just some crazy person”,  typically ending in some asinine question like “How did that radicalization happen?”

5) Through the apostasy of our churches whose highest priorities are to not offend anyone and make everyone feel good about themselves rather than teaching and promoting their now hapless faith.  So now the remnants of the Christian faith are no match for distinguishing itself from Islam.  They teach “we all have the same god, so it makes no difference what you really believe.”  That is opening the flood gates to any radicalized ideology that comes down the pike, Islam being the foremost among them.

6) The Obama administration’s “see no Islam, hear no Islam, speak no Islam” policy when it comes to acts of terror against us or anywhere else in the world. Why do you think the FBI totally botched the warnings they received a year before the Islamist’s Boston Massacre? They were merely obeying Obama’s policy directives, doing their duty to ignore Muslim terrorists. Mustn’t upset the Muslims, oh my!

7)Ignorance of the average American liberal pothead. A “good friend” of one of the “alleged” bombers recalls smoking pot together with this guy and he never suspected his friend could do anything like this. Could it be because this oblivious child was preoccupied with being stoned? Or is he himself a sympathetic Muslim? And has anyone who interviewed the bomber’s Canadian aunt who was so critical about the investigation and who so vehemently defended her sweet little nephew ask her if she herself was Muslim? No! Has anyone who has interviewed the Muslim terrorist’s father in Russia bothered to ask if he, too, is Muslim? And Bill O’Reilly only calls him a nut case.  No, Bill, he is Muslim.  Very odd - he is crying “conspiracy” in his effort to discredit law enforcement credibility using almost the same words as aunty in Canada. The conspirators are crying “conspiracy.” And unfortunately, merely inquiring if someone is Muslim is so politically incorrect that there is a fear of even asking the question. Gullibility runs rampant. 

A message to all the journalists out there:  Open your frickin’ eyes.  Look around you!  Study the path of destruction of Islamic history.  Learn their ideology, not from those who practice it and practice its deception, but from those who have already spent 20 or 30 years of their lives studying its history and doctrine and actions, and culture, and morality, and politics.

Know that Islam is a militaristic political ideology wrapped in the a religious fa├žade.  And yes, Islam teaches that they are at war with the infidel because the infidel is inferior and Islam will prevail.  All Muslims who take their faith seriously believe this to be true and participate in its fulfillment though whatever means their level of commitment allows.  Their most effective tool is deception.  And our media, elected officials, and educational systems are wide open to it.

How does that radicalization happen indeed.  Dumbshitz.

Here are more details form Jihad Watch.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Persons of curiosity…

The FBI is looking for a few ---- men

More on the hunt HERE.  And why was the initial suspect suddenly ordered deported back to Saudi Arabia after a Saudi official held an unscheduled meeting with Obama?

The Second Amendment Prevails in Congress!

Congratulations to all those who supported the second amendment in Congress today.  Congratulations to all those who defeated Obama’s leftist regime’s efforts to impose more  government control over the freedoms of law abiding citizens.

Thank God for the common sense that prevailed recognizing the right of individuals to protect themselves from those who disrespect the laws.  Thank God for the sound logic of not further restricting law abiding citizens while creating more laws that will be ignored by criminals.

Let us hope that the people who demand more laws to create more hurdles for those seeking legitimate means of self defense can grasp the importance and purpose of our 2nd amendment rights.

Now let those who favor more gun controls devote themselves to banning black back packs, pressure cookers and cell phones.  We don’t need those items to protect ourselves.  But we do need guns.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Who are the bombers? Giuseppe Verdi? Bill Smith? Shawn O’Malley?

Another dose of Islamism administered at the Boston Marathon?

It might not be Muhammad Hussein.  It could be one of those non-Muslim names.   Many Muslim terrorists now retain their western names to better blend into our society, e.g. John Walker Lindh, Daniel Patrick Boyd, Adam Gadahn, David Headley, among others.  Each one is a confirmed Islam-inspired American Jihadi.

While we must not jump to conclusions or profile based only on the nature of the tragedy (yeah, right!), who should be highest on the suspect list?  Conservatives?  Tea Partiers?  Republicans?  Old white men?  Grandmothers?  MSNBC believes so. These were highest on their suspect list on the evening of the Boston Holocaust.  What are the odds someone other than a devout Muslim doing his Islamic religious duty did this"?  1000 to 1?

And what can we expect in the days following this terrorist act from our oblivious media?  Speculation about the motives of right wingers and gun toting Bible thumpers?  And if the vile “religious” affiliation of the bomber is determined to be Islam (we don’t know yet, but this is the scenario that will play out if this were the case), our “experts” will dismiss that connection and attribute the attack to some personal grievance, similar to the manner our government refers to the Nadal Hassan killing of 23 soldiers at Fort Hood:  Simple workplace violence.  No Islamic ideology involved there.  Nothing to see.  Just move along.  Our elected officials are more concerned about protecting the ideology that informs and motivates the terrorists than preserving the rights of everyone else.   They will once again ignore the root motivational cause of this evil: Islam, carried out just the way the “prophet” Muhammad would have liked it.  Stay tuned to more political tap dancing.

Instead of addressing the source of this scourge, the Islamic ideology and those who devoutly practice it, we blame the tools of their craft.  First it was box cutters.   We banned all box cutters and knives on aircraft.  Then it was shoes containing explosives.  We required all shoes to be removed and  inspected.   Then it was small containers of liquid that were a threat.  So we banned all water, soft drinks and other liquids.  Then it was underwear with explosive in them.  So we required full body scans including all of our privates. 

What is the common denominator of all these threats and the things that were banned and the hoops we have to jump through to avoid addressing the source of the problem?  Answer:   The Islamic ideology and the Muslims who are devoutly and faithfully practicing that so-called “religion.”  But we don’t want to admit that.  People may be offended.  Hey!  I’m pretty damned offended!

So now the latest terror threat is trashcans, black back packs and pressure cookers along the route of a world-class marathon and cell phones used to detonate IED’s.  Are we now going to ban trashcans, pressure cookers, black back packs and cell phones? I will wager that our politicians and politically correct security officials would rather ban trash cans , pressure cookers, black back packs, and cell phones than admit to the source of the violence:  Islamic doctrine and the methods of violence and terror that Islam promotes.

My daughter could have been at an event like that.  Chilling.  And if it was carried out by who the odds point to, it should motivate our leaders to not be so ignorant about the ideology of one of the world’s most evil plagues.  But it probably won’t.  They are too sold out.


Update:  Today, April 16, all trash cans were removed from around the Capitol in DC.

Update:  “Pressure cooker” bomb devices similar to IEDs used by Islamist Jihadists in Iraq and Pakistan.

Update:  The fishy stuff.  The Saudi National “person of interest” is being deported to Saudi Arabia moments after an official of the Saudi Government holds an unscheduled meeting with B. Hussein Obama, our Islam-inspired leader.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Presbyterians Use Islamists for Interfaith Study

…and so do Lutherans, Episcopalians and Methodists!

For those of us paying attention, this is nothing new.   The largest and most predominant wings of the Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, and Episcopal belief systems in the US are in bed with Islamists.  This is no shock given that these churches are the most liberal, having given up millenia-old Biblical doctrine for the fashion of our current culture – not merely tolerating, but promoting homosexuality, gay marriage, and abortion.  Now on to partnerships with Islam.  What remains of their Biblical faith has withered to the extent that they will embrace just about anything.

Their apostasy has reached the point where not only are Biblical moral values discarded, but their understanding of God is so shallow and distorted that they accept Him as the same as the god of Islam.  That is ignorance out of the pits of hell.

Just for the record, there are conservative orthodox spin-offs of these apostatized sects.  Unfortunately their memberships are only a fraction of that of the liberal mainline bodies.  You’ve heard of RINO’s – Republicans in name only.  These mainline bodies are fast becoming CINO’s.  There are still a few Christian faithful among these liberal mainline bodies who remain out of habit and tradition or a belief that they can change.  Try changing a 50’ rogue wave and see what happens to you.

The following Front Page Magazine article describes one denomination’s budding relationship with Islamists.  I don’t think they call themselves “Chrislam” yet, but they are well on their way.

And don’t think this is limited to the Presbyterian Church USA.  All the mainline denominations are into this self-destructive partnership, even the Catholic Church.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Miracles: Delusion or revelation?

Many people , even many Christians, don’t believe we experience miracles today, at least not to the extent recorded in Biblical history.  And if a miracle is reported, it is dismissed as the fabrication of some delusional mind.  But is it?  Are perceived “miracles” really merely just fantasy based in ignorance or wishful thinking?

Or could there be something else going on?  My understanding is that the more self-satisfied, self-absorbed, and pre-occupied we are, the less open we are to sensing and experiencing miracles.  Our minds are closed to God’s direct intervention in our lives and the world around us.

But when things go south in our lives, when we feel not just a need, but a sense of desperation, our minds open up to other possibilities.  Some call it delusion; others, “wishful thinking.”  Miracles are among those possibilities.  Those who dismiss miracles as delusion or wishful thinking do not understand Scripture and how God manifests Himself in our lives.  He  operates the same way today as he did in the ancient past.  In times of desperate need God DOES intervene in real ways to those who trust Him in their desperation – and sometimes impacting those who don’t believe at all.  His intervention need not be merely in the mind of the desperate individual – it may not be just a peaceful “feeling” or pleasant thought.  It may be physical intervention that challenges all known laws of physics or probability. 

It is not “merely” faith that enables the perception of miracles, but certain knowledge that such things are possible.  Those who lack this certain knowledge of the “possible” dismiss miracles as quirks or misunderstanding.   But those in desperate need recognize the miracle event and the Source of its cause and give credit to that Source.

One of my hobbies is radio.  In radio there are physical characteristics of the tuner called sensitivity and selectivity.  Sensitivity is a measure of the ability to pick up really weak stations.  Selectivity is a measure of the ability to separate weak stations from interference from nearby stations or other noise.  Our minds are like these radio tuners.  We can decide what we tune in to.  Are we sensitive to spiritual things or not?  Is our selectivity shot?  Do we allow the competing signals of our  self-satisfied, self-absorbed, and pre-occupied mind to drown out more helpful signals?

I admit, it is more difficult to be sensitive to the Spirit and selective to squelch out competing, less helpful distortion in our lives when things are going really well.  And the danger of getting out of practice of being sensitive and selective to what we take in, believe, and trust until we become immune and blind to what God sets before us.

The danger is that the miracles set before us in desperate times of need can be too quickly dismissed or not noticed at all.  Revelation in the form of miracles is offered us in our times of greatest, most desperate need.  Stay tuned!

The insanity of “pro-choicers”…

If you think Kim Jung-un is crazy, think this one through…

Pro-choice people, most often liberals, democrats, socialists, and Communists, believe that women must maintain a choice of killing the new life that is within them if they desire.

But consider this:

These same “pro-choice” liberals, democrats, socialists, and communists don’t believe we should have a choice when it comes to:

  • Choosing what we eat and drink (no big sodas)
  • Choosing which light bulbs we use (no incandescents)
  • Choosing which guns we can buy to defend ourselves with (the most effective ones)
  • Choosing which sources of energy to use (we are in the process of being forced to use the least efficient ones)
  • Choosing where we pray (not in schools, public places, at sports events, etc.)

So when it comes to “pro-choice”, the only choice these liberals, democrats, socialists, and communists prefer is the right to kill new life.  Oh, and the choice to either agree with them or to be marginalized and ridiculed.  This is part of their “man controls his own destiny” ideology common to all of these groups.  

Here is the official web site of North Korea, the most overtly Communist nation on earth.  Read what they say about controlling their own destiny on their “Juche Ideology” and “Songun Politics” pages.

This is also the way of the anti-Christ who tries to convince us of the same thing.

I am learning that when something does not make sense, does not compute, like the reelection of Barack Obama despite his Communist, anti-American past (and present), that there is a dark spiritual force behind it, just like the dark force behind the “pro-choice movement.”

North Korea: China’s puppet regime…

What better ploy then to stand behind and manipulate an alleged crazy man to implement a portion of your foreign policy?  And the US is falling for it.

Yes.  We blinked.  We are in the process of falling for Chinese deception and have delayed  a long-planned missile test off the coast of California.  Are we serious?  Yes.  Playing the role of “crazy” works.  “Crazy” boy “Kim” is the perfect ploy.  Succumbing to the “crazy” act is also called appeasement.  What else will we give up or give to satiate North Korea’s “craziness?”

Actually, there is an excellent possibility that we know a lot less than we think we know.  The odds are pretty high that Kim Jong Un’s “craziness” is at the direction of China.   China’s motive?  Of course, to use North Korea’s erratic behavior as a means to reduce the West’s influence and preparedness in the region.  While we provide the occasional knee jerk reaction by dispatching a couple of jets and ships, these acts are short-lived.  The longer-term influence on our will to remain an effective influence in the region will gradually wane.  South Korea will gradually learn they cannot depend on us.  The North will grow stronger, at least militarily, with China’s involvement, as the South begins to lose heart because of a namby pamby US policy of appeasement.

But some of us question why we should be there at all.  Perhaps the “normal course” is for the US to let the powers that be have their way.  As they did in Europe in the late ‘30’s.