Sunday, April 07, 2013

North Korea: China’s puppet regime…

What better ploy then to stand behind and manipulate an alleged crazy man to implement a portion of your foreign policy?  And the US is falling for it.

Yes.  We blinked.  We are in the process of falling for Chinese deception and have delayed  a long-planned missile test off the coast of California.  Are we serious?  Yes.  Playing the role of “crazy” works.  “Crazy” boy “Kim” is the perfect ploy.  Succumbing to the “crazy” act is also called appeasement.  What else will we give up or give to satiate North Korea’s “craziness?”

Actually, there is an excellent possibility that we know a lot less than we think we know.  The odds are pretty high that Kim Jong Un’s “craziness” is at the direction of China.   China’s motive?  Of course, to use North Korea’s erratic behavior as a means to reduce the West’s influence and preparedness in the region.  While we provide the occasional knee jerk reaction by dispatching a couple of jets and ships, these acts are short-lived.  The longer-term influence on our will to remain an effective influence in the region will gradually wane.  South Korea will gradually learn they cannot depend on us.  The North will grow stronger, at least militarily, with China’s involvement, as the South begins to lose heart because of a namby pamby US policy of appeasement.

But some of us question why we should be there at all.  Perhaps the “normal course” is for the US to let the powers that be have their way.  As they did in Europe in the late ‘30’s.

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