Monday, April 15, 2013

Who are the bombers? Giuseppe Verdi? Bill Smith? Shawn O’Malley?

Another dose of Islamism administered at the Boston Marathon?

It might not be Muhammad Hussein.  It could be one of those non-Muslim names.   Many Muslim terrorists now retain their western names to better blend into our society, e.g. John Walker Lindh, Daniel Patrick Boyd, Adam Gadahn, David Headley, among others.  Each one is a confirmed Islam-inspired American Jihadi.

While we must not jump to conclusions or profile based only on the nature of the tragedy (yeah, right!), who should be highest on the suspect list?  Conservatives?  Tea Partiers?  Republicans?  Old white men?  Grandmothers?  MSNBC believes so. These were highest on their suspect list on the evening of the Boston Holocaust.  What are the odds someone other than a devout Muslim doing his Islamic religious duty did this"?  1000 to 1?

And what can we expect in the days following this terrorist act from our oblivious media?  Speculation about the motives of right wingers and gun toting Bible thumpers?  And if the vile “religious” affiliation of the bomber is determined to be Islam (we don’t know yet, but this is the scenario that will play out if this were the case), our “experts” will dismiss that connection and attribute the attack to some personal grievance, similar to the manner our government refers to the Nadal Hassan killing of 23 soldiers at Fort Hood:  Simple workplace violence.  No Islamic ideology involved there.  Nothing to see.  Just move along.  Our elected officials are more concerned about protecting the ideology that informs and motivates the terrorists than preserving the rights of everyone else.   They will once again ignore the root motivational cause of this evil: Islam, carried out just the way the “prophet” Muhammad would have liked it.  Stay tuned to more political tap dancing.

Instead of addressing the source of this scourge, the Islamic ideology and those who devoutly practice it, we blame the tools of their craft.  First it was box cutters.   We banned all box cutters and knives on aircraft.  Then it was shoes containing explosives.  We required all shoes to be removed and  inspected.   Then it was small containers of liquid that were a threat.  So we banned all water, soft drinks and other liquids.  Then it was underwear with explosive in them.  So we required full body scans including all of our privates. 

What is the common denominator of all these threats and the things that were banned and the hoops we have to jump through to avoid addressing the source of the problem?  Answer:   The Islamic ideology and the Muslims who are devoutly and faithfully practicing that so-called “religion.”  But we don’t want to admit that.  People may be offended.  Hey!  I’m pretty damned offended!

So now the latest terror threat is trashcans, black back packs and pressure cookers along the route of a world-class marathon and cell phones used to detonate IED’s.  Are we now going to ban trashcans, pressure cookers, black back packs and cell phones? I will wager that our politicians and politically correct security officials would rather ban trash cans , pressure cookers, black back packs, and cell phones than admit to the source of the violence:  Islamic doctrine and the methods of violence and terror that Islam promotes.

My daughter could have been at an event like that.  Chilling.  And if it was carried out by who the odds point to, it should motivate our leaders to not be so ignorant about the ideology of one of the world’s most evil plagues.  But it probably won’t.  They are too sold out.


Update:  Today, April 16, all trash cans were removed from around the Capitol in DC.

Update:  “Pressure cooker” bomb devices similar to IEDs used by Islamist Jihadists in Iraq and Pakistan.

Update:  The fishy stuff.  The Saudi National “person of interest” is being deported to Saudi Arabia moments after an official of the Saudi Government holds an unscheduled meeting with B. Hussein Obama, our Islam-inspired leader.

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