Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Second Amendment Prevails in Congress!

Congratulations to all those who supported the second amendment in Congress today.  Congratulations to all those who defeated Obama’s leftist regime’s efforts to impose more  government control over the freedoms of law abiding citizens.

Thank God for the common sense that prevailed recognizing the right of individuals to protect themselves from those who disrespect the laws.  Thank God for the sound logic of not further restricting law abiding citizens while creating more laws that will be ignored by criminals.

Let us hope that the people who demand more laws to create more hurdles for those seeking legitimate means of self defense can grasp the importance and purpose of our 2nd amendment rights.

Now let those who favor more gun controls devote themselves to banning black back packs, pressure cookers and cell phones.  We don’t need those items to protect ourselves.  But we do need guns.

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