Sunday, April 21, 2013

FBI: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil concerning Islam and Muslims…

FBI failure due to radical "political correctness" in denying agency the ability to relate Islamic-inspired terror to Muslims.

The Islamic apologists and defenders of the FBI and Obama administration are bending over backwards to claim there is no way the Boston Marathon Massacre terrorist could have been identified prior to the event.  It doesn't matter hat the atrocities were committed by two devout and well-trained Muslim Jihadists who just visited a Muslim nation crawling with trained Muslim terrorists, who claimed Jihad on their social media sites and listened to Jihadi music. 

Why do you think defenders of Obama's national security policy believe that foreknowledge of such attacks is so impossible?  Could it possibly be because the Obama administration has adopted administration-wide policy that Islam, Islamic Jihhad, Jihad, radical Muslims, or radical Islam shall not be associated with any act of terror, violence, intimidation, or offense committed by Muslims?  Could it be because all references to those terms are deemed offensive and are not to be used as the basis for FBI or State Department or military training or for identifying individuals or their threats to our national security?

The Obama policy toward Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood is to blame for purposely being deaf to the loud “pings” warning us of this threat.  More on how this political correctness kills HERE.  Frankly, George Bush was ignorant of the Islamic ideology when a day after 9-11 he declared Islam “a religion of peace.”  But at least he had a team that did not promote Islam and the Brotherhood like Obama has.

Unfortunately, this is where we stand today.  And that is why such tragedies will continue to occur - until that insane Muslim-pandering policy is reversed and sanity is restored to our national security program.
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