Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bad behavior increasingly called a “medical condition” protected by law

Society creates its own “catch 22”

Shooting spitballs in class has a psychiatric medical term attached to it.  It is a “protected” behavior.

Sound outrageous?  Yes, it is.  And that is the making of a society that labels every anti-social, irresponsible bad behavior as a “psychiatric disorder.”  And psychiatric disorders are called “medical conditions.”

And what does our society do with these psychiatric “medical conditions?”  We protect them and keep them secret with the law – the law called HIPAA.  Here is the website that documents this connection:

The psychiatric profession has catalogued and named these bad and irresponsible behaviors.  Here are several listings of psychiatric medical conditions and disorders :

There is a psychiatric medical term for every childish, mean, compulsive, vengeful, repetitive, obsessive, irresponsible, anti-social action anyone has ever been known to do.  I’m sure you’ll find “laziness” in there somewhere.

The great majority of these behaviors are now called “psychiatric disorders.”  And as medical conditions, they are sacredly private.

Now enter gun control proponents.  This group is proposing a mental health check as a means of controlling weapons.  They believe a mental health check may have prevented the Virginia Tech shooting.

So if I shot spitballs in school and was classified with a “psychiatric disorder” I may never be able to legally possess a firearm.  I certainly see second amendment abuse around THAT corner.

Problem number 1:  An out of control psychiatric profession that takes away the importance of self-control and self-discipline and replaces that concept with “psychiatric disorder.”  Personal responsibility?  Heck, what’s the need for that anymore?

Problem number 2:  A HIPAA law that classifies character and behavioral weaknesses and lapses (formerly known as “sin”) as “psychiatric disorders” and “medical conditions” making them both private and excusable .

Problems number 3:  An out of control federal government promoted by a bunch of scared progressives (by the way, progressivism is a psychiatric disorder!) acting like a bull in a china shop (if a bull in a china shop could “grasp at straws”, this one would) making up any way they can to keep people from owning guns.

Problem number 4:  A gullible media and electorate that are too damned lazy and self-absorbed (both psychiatric disorders) to care about the consequences of these actions.

HERE is the article about Joe Biden’s psychiatric disorder that is causing him to promote the use of mental health information to restrict gun sales.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Churches seal their own fate…

…ignorantly facilitating Islam

Christian churches throughout our nation are ignorantly sealing their demise.

Here is the latest example:

A new mosque in Alexandria, Virginia, costing short of a $1,000,000 just opened.  While it was being built, Good Shepherd Catholic Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Aldersgate United Methodist Church allowed ICNA’s Northern Virginia chapter to worship in their facilities.

Isn’t that sweet.  Christians acting “Christian” and Muslims acting “Muslim.”  In other words, Christians blithely and bumbly feeding the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Sure, witness to individual Muslims who show signs of sincerity.  But providing Christian facilities to entire packs of Islamists whose ideology vows to conquer infidel Christianity; who claim that Christ was nothing more than a prophet? Whose “god” is a “moon god?”  Insane!

It is criminal how little these Christian denominations know about the doctrine, teachings, and goals of Islam.  Little do they understand that Islamic tradition and present day strategy is to eliminate western civilization “and its miserable house” and replace it with supremacist, intolerant Islam and its sharia.

If these churches had just a bit of common sense, they would replace their pitifully ignorant kum-bey-yah blindness with an annual series of congregation-wide lessons on Islam.  Not the watered-down, all-is-peachy-keen-with-Islam version that John Esposito and Karen Armstrong promote that most main line churches embrace.  But the truth about Islam – what it REALLY is – what it REALLY does – what it REALLY promotes – what its goals REALLY are.

Start off with defining cultural, moderate, devout, and radical Muslims.  Discover that even the most benign, the “cultural” Muslims, identify with Muhammad, what he taught, as well as the aspirations and methods of Jihadists.  Discover that even “moderates” like Zudhi Jasser distort the reality of what Islam really is by a na├»ve and foolish attempt to make Islam something it never was and never can become.  Discover that the more devout Muslims become, the more they tend to follow in Muhammad's violent, treacherous, deceitful, intolerant, and supremacist footsteps.  Discover that “radical” Muslims are merely the militant arm of the Islamic ideology.

Next, understand the numerous misrepresentations made by our political, academic and military leaders.  Is Islam a “religion of peace” as pronounced by our last two leaders as well as recent Popes?  Is Islam’s “god” the same as the Judeo-Christian God as pronounced by most mainline Christian denominations?  Is Jihad a harmless “inner struggle” for self discipline and cleansing as Islamic promoters proclaim?  Is Sharia just a personal representation of Islamic culture?  Are mosques just like churches, mere harmless houses of worship?  Is the Qur’an just like the Bible because it mentions Abraham and Jesus?  Is the morality of Islam really equal to or superior to that of Christianity?

Next, understand the roots of Islam and its history of slaughter and conquest.  Understand the numerous areas of totally opposite morality promoted and mandated by Islam.

And finally, understand that there is no “moderate” or “radical” Islam.  All the violence and bloodshed and terror being committed by Muslims in the world today is a direct result of belief in the teachings and emulation of Muhammad.

Understand that Islam is no friend of the Church or Synagogue or Temple.  Neither should these institutions facilitate the growth of the fascist ideology that should be understood as Islam.  Islam’s goal is to destroy these infidel religions.  Islam is the ideological manifestation of the anti-Christ.

Friday, January 11, 2013

On pendulums, human nature, and Biblical morality

There are many hopeful souls among conservatives who believe the pendulum will always swing and will eventually swing back to their direction.

The reality is there is no more pendulum.  It stopped swinging with the last election.  It had swung so far left and with such force that it is lodged into brains of the majority of Americans who are devoid of information, thinking skills, and initiative.

There is no rational reason any more why the pendulum will swing to the right within the next several presidential elections if not the next century.  Yes, it is possible for a republican – one like Chuck Hagel, an Israel-hating socialist to the left of most Democrats – to be elected.  But most conservatives agree that there is little difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.

It is human nature to be self-centered, egotistical, greedy, lazy and selfish.  A prevailing spirit of personal responsibility that propelled our nation to success and prosperity during its first two centuries has been replaced with a spirit of entitlement. 

Most Americans have discovered “push ups.”  Instead of providing for themselves or being responsible for their own problems, they now expect someone else to do it.  So they “push up” their former personal responsibilities to the next level – to the city, the county, the state or to the federal government.  Too many individuals lack motivation.  Too many families are broken.  The individual is the smallest, most local level of governance – self governance; personal discipline.  And next is the family.  Self governance and self-discipline have all but withered.  They are in shambles.  So next higher levels take the brunt:  neighborhood, than the town, county, state, then federal, then world government (United Nations) being the “ultimate.”  Every one of these levels of governance, from the individual through the state and federal, have assumed the panacea of “pushing up” responsibilities to the next higher level.  Bigger and higher levels of government  have become the solution of choice for the majority – not just the majorities of individuals and families, but of a growing number of local, county and state governments.  They are all seeking a handout or a bailout from the next higher level of government – the city from the county; the county from the state; the state from the feds.

With every push up, individual liberties are eroded – liberties are exchanged for someone else doing the hard stuff.  But doing the “hard stuff” doesn’t come cheap.  There come higher, unsustainable expenses, higher taxes, more regulations and controls and fewer freedoms, and an oppressive environment that stifles creativity, motivation, and productivity.  Collapse of society WILL result.

The safeguard against unchecked negative tendencies of human behavior has been a universally agreed upon morality.  Our nation came close to that universally agreed upon morality, although not perfectly, in the decades leading up to its founding and extending 150 years thereafter.  That common morality was based on Biblical principles as promoted by a strong church comprised of dozens of faithful and mostly orthodox denominations.

It is no secret that belief in the Bible and in the Biblical morality our nation’s successful governance relied upon has all but disappeared from our laws, court rulings, and habit and preference of our electorate over the last several decades.  When once “unity” was seen as a positive and esteemed value, we have now embraced “diversity”, the opposite of unity.  That promotes an attitude of “tolerate everything” – no value is better or worse than another.  We have become a nation of amoralists – those who see no need for traditional morality.  Expression of such morality is now seen as hateful, bigoted, intolerant or mean spirited.  Our “natural” human nature has been unleashed to do whatever it damned well pleases.  And what it damned well pleases has led us to where we are today.

This is a megatrend that will take more than a minority conservative party to reverse.  The momentum of our public education system, the university system, and the entitlement “let government do it” attitude of a majority of our population will ensure that this megatrend  continues well into the distant future.

What will eventually reverse this megatrend?  Economic collapse, intolerable repression, and eventually, revolution.  Occupation by a foreign power will become increasingly likely as our nation weakens under the weight of our immorality, dependency and loss of our work ethic.

How long will it be before this reversal occurs?  Many commentators give us a decade or two to reach a point of collapse.   A “black swan” event could easily push us over to collapse and anarchy well before that.  It could take another generation or two beyond that to recover our former national spirit, if ever.

If we couldn’t recover our nation during the last election when there was no excuse for the level of ignorance our electorate exhibited, then the rocky shoals of an oppressive, manipulative government and anarchy provides little hope for reestablishing our former glory.

Faithful Christians see this scenario as God lifting His hedge of protection from our nation as a consequence of our unfaithfulness.  Others see it as “fate”; still others see it as “progress.”

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Is our nation’s transformation complete?

Is it reversible?

There are now more takers than givers.  There are now more who will vote for those promising government handouts than there are who will vote for personal responsibility.  There are more who live off our tax dollars than those who generate tax dollars.  There are more who rely on government for a variety of handouts than those who prize and practice their self-sufficiency.  There are more who want government to get bigger and more invasive than those who want government to get smaller and promote individual liberty.  There are more who believe in socialism and communism (although most will not admit it) than those who believe in a free republic.

There are more  who believe in a further erosion of our second amendment rights and who forgot the purpose behind them than those who will work hard to defend them.  There are more who see no problem in disarming ourselves and instead rely on police and the federal government to save us than those who believe in the need to defend themselves.  There are more of us who believe that peace, tranquility and prosperity are infinitely perpetual than there are who believe things can drastically change for the worse.  There are more of us who do not mind being subject to a world government than those who see the tragedy of it.

I have been awakened to the fact that  there are so-called “conservatives” who promote the limitation of the type of firearms we are allowed to own.  They feel a handgun or a shotgun will provide an adequate defense under all eventualities.  These misguided folks seem to believe that things will remain as they always were – as far back as they can recall, which isn’t very far. 

The third amendment to the Bill of Rights, which is relevant to the second and puts the second it context, prohibits in peacetime or wartime, the quartering of soldiers in private homes without the owner's consent.  Whether it is our own troops or those of an occupying force, this is not a far fetched scenario given our divisive and weakening nation.  The second amendment is closely related to the havoc wreaked by an occupying force - be it England of the 1700’s, or the United Nations, National Guard, Islamist thugs, roving gangs, or a Chinese “trading partner” out to collect what we can’t pay. 

The liberal media has brainwashed most of us into the bogeyman referred to as “assault weapons.”  That is a scare word given to the most effective fire arms.  But any weapon used for defensive purpose can be demonized as an assault weapon.  A baseball bat, a knife, a fist can be called an “assault weapon” if used for such purpose.  The intent, not the instrument, should be the focus.  The intent should be demonized, not the instrument that is legally used for self defense, not “assault.”

Shame on the journalists and others who are too caught up in the emotional hype to recognize this distinction.  They, too, are part of the new majority that has turned the tide on the viability of this nation continuing as a free and prosperous republic.

Is this transformation reversible?  Anything is possible, but not everything is likely.  The momentum of demographics, political and social trends, educational institutions, and human nature make a turnaround highly unlikely.  We will continue on our downward spiral away from being an exceptional nation with an independent and creative spirit toward becoming a nation of castrated and dependent souls becoming equal to the wards of third world dictatorships.