Sunday, January 06, 2013

Is our nation’s transformation complete?

Is it reversible?

There are now more takers than givers.  There are now more who will vote for those promising government handouts than there are who will vote for personal responsibility.  There are more who live off our tax dollars than those who generate tax dollars.  There are more who rely on government for a variety of handouts than those who prize and practice their self-sufficiency.  There are more who want government to get bigger and more invasive than those who want government to get smaller and promote individual liberty.  There are more who believe in socialism and communism (although most will not admit it) than those who believe in a free republic.

There are more  who believe in a further erosion of our second amendment rights and who forgot the purpose behind them than those who will work hard to defend them.  There are more who see no problem in disarming ourselves and instead rely on police and the federal government to save us than those who believe in the need to defend themselves.  There are more of us who believe that peace, tranquility and prosperity are infinitely perpetual than there are who believe things can drastically change for the worse.  There are more of us who do not mind being subject to a world government than those who see the tragedy of it.

I have been awakened to the fact that  there are so-called “conservatives” who promote the limitation of the type of firearms we are allowed to own.  They feel a handgun or a shotgun will provide an adequate defense under all eventualities.  These misguided folks seem to believe that things will remain as they always were – as far back as they can recall, which isn’t very far. 

The third amendment to the Bill of Rights, which is relevant to the second and puts the second it context, prohibits in peacetime or wartime, the quartering of soldiers in private homes without the owner's consent.  Whether it is our own troops or those of an occupying force, this is not a far fetched scenario given our divisive and weakening nation.  The second amendment is closely related to the havoc wreaked by an occupying force - be it England of the 1700’s, or the United Nations, National Guard, Islamist thugs, roving gangs, or a Chinese “trading partner” out to collect what we can’t pay. 

The liberal media has brainwashed most of us into the bogeyman referred to as “assault weapons.”  That is a scare word given to the most effective fire arms.  But any weapon used for defensive purpose can be demonized as an assault weapon.  A baseball bat, a knife, a fist can be called an “assault weapon” if used for such purpose.  The intent, not the instrument, should be the focus.  The intent should be demonized, not the instrument that is legally used for self defense, not “assault.”

Shame on the journalists and others who are too caught up in the emotional hype to recognize this distinction.  They, too, are part of the new majority that has turned the tide on the viability of this nation continuing as a free and prosperous republic.

Is this transformation reversible?  Anything is possible, but not everything is likely.  The momentum of demographics, political and social trends, educational institutions, and human nature make a turnaround highly unlikely.  We will continue on our downward spiral away from being an exceptional nation with an independent and creative spirit toward becoming a nation of castrated and dependent souls becoming equal to the wards of third world dictatorships.

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