Saturday, December 01, 2012

Islamist-dominated UN approves Palestinian terror state

…an action the US would have vetoed in its saner days

What else can we expect from a Muslim-inspired president and federal administration?  And from a State Department and Ambassador to the UN who places fear of offending Muslims ahead of our freedom of speech; who will hide the facts to defend Islamists over defending the Americans they killed.

The so-called two-state solution is a nonsensical excuse for kowtowing to Islamists in the Middle East.  We already have a 10+ state “solution” over there:

  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • Jordan
  • Qatar
  • Pakistan

Each of these nations is already 90% plus Muslim; most 99%+.  Each one has a higher percentage of Muslims than the one Jewish state, Israel, has Jews.  Now isn’t that amazing.  Further, Israel not only tolerates Muslims in its midst, but provides a higher standard of living than they would have in most Islamist nations.

What do Jews and Christians in Islamic nations face?  Burning churches, bombed synagogues, persecution, torture, killing – general gross intolerance mandated by the mainstream doctrine of Islam – not by the “radicals” that deceived dhimmis portray.

What group of idiots would fall for this two-state “solution.”  Using the word “solution” sounds painfully close to the use of the words “final solution” used by the Nazi’s.  Islamists have the same objective in mind.

And we have a Muslim-inspired administration that is going along with this. 

Very pitiful of our ignorant and lost nation. 

Here are two pathetic examples of US policy in the Middle East. 

In the first, note the portrait in the background with whom Hillary chose to pose (Courtesy  Apparently posing merely with Islamist terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas doesn’t show enough empathy for the cause:

Hillary: Israel Lacks 'Empathy,' 'Generosity' Toward Palestinians

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has never been a friend to Israel. Today, speaking at the 2012 Saban Forum on US-Israel Relations, a liberal organization, she railed against Israel for supposed insensitivity, lack of empathy, and lack of generosity with regard to the Palestinians – even as the Palestinians unilaterally violated all agreements with Israel and attempted to declare statehood, and within days of Hamas firing rockets on Israeli population centers and Palestinian terrorists bombing a bus.”

In the second,  State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland  said the US is still trying to release $495 million in pending funds for fiscal year 2012 that were held up following the Palestinians' failed effort last year to become a full member of the U.N.  From Nuland:

“We will also continue to try to support the Palestinian Authority, because this money supports their ... ability to administer the territories, provide security, and take care of the needs of the Palestinian people, who we continue to believe need our support, need the international community's support.”

These State Department ignorami have not yet grasped the concept that Palestinian leaders we are funding are the very same ones who promote the eradication of Israel, the ongoing rocket attacks against Israel, the killing of Jews, and the abolition of our freedoms in the West in favor of Sharia-enforced dark ages morality.  That is the mandate of mainstream, orthodox Islam.  And our government is protecting and promoting it.