Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Obama’s young fans defend Islam…

This is an explanation of how Obama combines his family values with his love of Islam, and why the “young people” Obama cheers on eat it all up.

It’s all part of the “e” generation.  You have e-books, e-news, e-commerce, e-dating, e-sex.  Now you have imams thrown in there and the blithe and clueless get a little confused.  Subliminally, they relate imams to e-moms.  There must be thought of an e-dad in there somewhere as well.

Caution: Silly pun alert!  But really, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Difference between churches and mosques…

It is instructive to observe that the worst rioting and demonstrations in the middle east occur right after Muslims stream from their mosques after their “Friday prayers.”    Yes, mosques are portrayed by Muslims and the deceived as “houses of prayer.”  It certainly seems like they do much more than “pray” in mosques. 

This brings to mind the major difference between Christian churches and Islamic mosques.  When Muslims leave mosques they are inspired to revolt and overthrow their government.  When Christians leave Churches they are fully rested and entertained and can’t remember the topic of the sermon.

This attempt at humor is painfully true for our western “Christian” culture.  Muslims are motivated and inspired.  Christians are complacent and uninspired.  Islam is in its ascendency, both demographically and influentially.  Christianity is in decline, both demographically and influentially.

The culprits?  From broad to specific, they are prosperity, excessive entertainment, greed, entitlement, our government, our churches, our pastors, and those who call themselves “Christian.”

Granted, Muslims are inspired by evil deception.  Christians are uninspired by vapid platitudes and seemingly irrelevant old stories.

Christians need to get off their complacent attitudes and demand their churches teach and preach on subjects that reinvigorate their dire need for self-preservation to which Christians at present seem totally oblivious.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Likely scenarios of mid-east pile-on against Israel

Glenn Beck and others are putting the puzzle pieces together pointing to a Soros/Sunstein/Obama leftist “new world order” system to eliminate Israel via a united Islamic mega-military coalition to address the alleged and fictitious Israeli threat.

This unholy and evil coalition is creating an international policy structure that would enable and require mid-east nations, sanctioned by the United Nations, to do what NATO is doing to Libya to any nation they perceive as a threat to their own or neighboring populations.  The trouble with that policy is that ALL of Israel’s neighbors, with populations of 90 plus percent Muslim, hate Israel, hate Jews and would like to see both eliminated.  That is what their orthodox Islam teaches and that is what the emergent Islamic movement organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and its spawns promote.

And what is NATO doing to Libya?  Dismantling Gadhafi's military structure to enable the vacuum to be filled with Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda Islamic leaders who will enact an aggressive anti-Israel strategy.  As inhumane and evil as Gadhafi was, what will replace him will have even worse destructive and inhumane consequences.

The voting population of our nation has ignorantly empowered a far left, one-world, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-capitalism and anti-free enterprise big government  group of individuals to run and ruin our country.  Obama is merely their visible spokesman.  There is much more behind the curtain.

Let’s assume, for a moment, that this leftist scheme is successful, which it appears it will be.  What will be the likely outcome in Israel, the mideast, the United States, and for us – the average US citizen?

Whether this year, or within the next two or three, this is what will most likely occur:

  • The newly Islamized nations of Egypt, Libya, Syria (and maybe Saudi Arabia and other north African and mid-east nations) will be emboldened and enabled to assert their terrorist influence and overt military attacks against Israel.  The moderating influence of Egypt no longer exists.  By “Islamized”, I am referring to the elimination of the moderating dictatorships that previously showed some small degree of deference to western wishes regarding tolerance toward Israel and replacing those dictatorships with pure Sharia-inspired Islamic regimes whose primary public policy and purpose in life will be to eliminate Israel.
  • Subversive, covert, and overt terrorist and military attacks against Israel will increase over the coming months.
  • At some point – next week, next month, or next year – Israel will find itself in an existential dilemma requiring it to forcibly militarily act beyond what it has done in the recent past.  Actions are likely to be taken against Gaza, the source of most current attacks.
  • The emboldened Islamic nations will join Gazan forces against Israel.
  • If this occurs while Obama is in power, he will use these events to coordinate a UN effort, with the military assistance of neighboring Islamic nations, to neutralize Israel, either via economic sanctions, embargoes, or direct military actions.
  • A desperate Israel will either capitulate as a result of succumbing to the Stockholm syndrome and their nation’s embedded leftist elements, OR they will resort to their nuclear option, also known as the Sampson option.  This nuclear “Samson” option is the more likely of the two.
  • From there things go to hell quickly.  Yes, Islamic nations have nukes.  Enter Pakistan and their likely proliferation of nukes to their Islamic neighbors – even if Iran’s capabilities are not yet mature.  And they will be used. 
  • With an Obama, Israel-hating administration, the US will remain neutral.  We will neither come to the aid of Israel nor will we seriously condemn the aggressive actions of its Islamic neighbors.  After all, our Muslim presidency with the help of its “new world order” leftists believes Israel, not psychotic civilization-hating Muslims, is the problem.
  • There will be oil embargos promoted by the Islamist controlled nations of the middle east to help assure our inability to aggressively respond even if we wanted to.
  • This scenario will absolutely breed unrest in the United States. Muslims, most of whom are sympathetic to Islamic nations and west-hating Islamic ideology, will be instigating demonstrations and riots against Israel and the United States.  The majority of Americans will counter the insanity of the government and of Muslims with their own outrage, complete with demonstrations or worse.  National Guards and US military will be called out to quell these outbreaks which will be much worse than the anti-war and civil rights-related riots of the ‘60’s.
  • Our economic system will be crippled for a time - a few weeks, a few months, or longer.  Our food distribution system, among other necessities will be impaired by sabotage and acts of terror.

This is the outcome that is increasingly likely as a consequence of the “new world order” philosophy in advanced stages of implementation.  The leftist-Islamic alliance is on a roll and making great progress.  They need a world-changing cataclysmic event to be successful.  And this is it.

So what do we do?  What can we do?  While we should be involved in political actions that we hope would reverse this outcome, we know that such actions have a great chance of being fruitless.  We need to take actions that we have control over – that will safeguard our own, individual well-being.

Pamela Geller’s website Atlas Shrugs had an out of character posting that got my attention on how to prepare for an attack by a dirty nuke, and outright nuclear attack.  Other experts believe an EMP attack is likely.  The most likely scenario is one that involves civil unrest, urban riots, and disruption of commerce, including our food supplies. 

Consequently, the smartest actions that we can take that we have control over include the storage of several months of food and water, and preparations for our own self-defense.  Many web sites provide guidance on how to prepare such as the FEMA site, and others.  It only costs a few hundred dollars to minimally prepare with two or three months of food, water, medicines, and security.  Adding an effective means of shelter, and radiation detection and communications equipment will increase the cost to a thousand dollars or more.  Consider your options.  Plan for them. 

How much are you able and willing to spend to be prepared for what is increasingly likely to occur?

It’s Tax Time: A system from Hell!

Speaking of frogs in a pot of heating water, can you imagine US citizens of 1940 tolerating the tax laws and preparation complexities and expertise required today?

This year I solicited the preparation services of three different experts to prepare my tax return:  One from Block, one from Jackson, and another from an independent.  All three had significantly different advice on major factors impacting the amount of tax I owed.

We have a tax system that should no longer be tolerated.  I’m surprised there has not been a tax payer revolt to eliminate this onerous, and impossibly complex system.  There is an entire industry of bureaucrats, accountants, attorneys and tax preparers who will do all in their power to defend this atrocity.

Either a fair tax or flat tax would be light years better than the monster system we have – only as long as our special interest infested congress wouldn’t succumb to packing those relatively simple systems with exclusions and special provisions, which they would likely do without a Constitutional amendment clearly restricting such actions.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Meddling in Libya is a big mistake

Libya, like Iraq and Afghanistan, is another Islamic nation that is best left to the Muslims to sort out their differences.  But, like Little Toot interfering with the big ships in the harbor, we will only create a ship wreck for ourselves.

Libya, like Iraq and Afghanistan, will temporarily adopt democracy to install the currently best organized Islamic entity, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Sharia law as the governance of choice once their current authoritarian regimes are neutralized.

The misunderstanders of Islam, both liberals and some conservatives, insist that eliminating a known evil, like Muammar Gaddafi, will automatically result in something better, a miraculous flowering of freedom and democracy.  Dream on, wishful thinkers.  In Islamic nations, nothing could be less likely to occur.  It is very likely that from the perspective of traditional western interests, the elimination of the existing (lesser) evil will result in a greater evil.  Note that I qualified that statement with the phrase “traditional” western values.  You see, traditional western values no longer define US foreign policy. 

Our policies no longer place US interests ahead of others.  Instead, they promote the wishes of whatever ideology is desired by the foreign resident populations, however misguided and anti-American they may be.  In the case of the middle east, a necessarily short-lived US-inspired democracy will facilitate the rabidly anti-western Islamic Sharia law and Muhammadan moral and legal systems.  Here is further evidence of this sad reality.  And here in another.

We unfortunately ignore the anti-western Islamic ideology that drives middle eastern Muslims.  We continue to blurt out the politically correct but totally misleading and dead wrong mantra that it is only “radical Islam” that is our nemesis when in fact – in truth – it is historical, orthodox Islam that is our nemesis.  And the Muslim Brotherhood is the preeminent organization that is at the forefront of promoting that historic, orthodox Islam amongst the riders of the democracy bus in the middle east and north Africa.

We continue to breed our own demise.  

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Inane statements from National Security official

The following were included in the remarks of Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor to the President, titled “Partnering with Communities to Prevent Violent Extremism in America” as prepared for delivery at the Adams Center, Sterling, Virginia…

“…we know there are many different reasons why individuals—from many different faiths—succumb to terrorist ideologies.  And there is no one easy profile of a terrorist. But based on extensive investigations, research and profiles of the violent extremists we’ve captured or arrested, and who falsely claim to be fighting in the name of Islam, we know that they all share one thing—they all believe that the United States is somehow at war with Islam, and that this justifies violence against Americans.”

Well well well. Tell me, Mr. McDonough, which “many different faiths” are encouraging terrorist ideologies?  Which “many different faiths are terrorists representing?  Baptists?  Presbyterians?  Catholics?  Jehovah’s Witnesses?  Come on, McDonough.  Tell us.

You can’t, because there aren’t.  There is only one faith that virtually all terrorists claim.  And that is Islam. 

Oh, so terrorists who shout Allahu Akbar just before their attempted act of terror, and who happen to be Muslim, and who happen to have communications with known Islamic terror leaders “falsely claim to be fighting in the name of Islam?”  Come on, Mr. McDonough.  You are making the Obama administration appear to be radically out of touch with reality.  You have caught the taqiyya virus from your fellow twisters of truth.

We, as a nation, are in very deep trouble if McDonough represents the approach we have taken in identifying the reason for terrorism in and against the United States.  The source is the Islamic ideology and the devout Muslims who practice Islamic Jihad.  To deny this is to, for whatever mind game these so-called intelligence officials are playing, distort and ignore reality.

By the way, McDonough, Islam several years ago declared war on us.  You, McDonough are a useful idiot to our enemy.

Very strange.

More ignorance from Hollyweed

This article dismissing the relevance of Mariah Carey entertaining Muammar Ghaddafi’s son is sooo typical of Hollyweed and their drug perverted values.

About this ignorant faux pas, this Hollywood promoter is saying “Now it’s become an issue in hindsight, which is sort of ridiculous.”  Ridiculous?  I’ll bet this particular publicist was hired to help salvage hapless Moriah’s reputation.

Note to blithering, hallucinating Hollywood shill:  It is not ridiculous.  It is rampantly symptomatic of Hollywood’s desire to meddle in international politics while remaining clueless about who or what they are entertaining or supporting and the consequences of such support to our country.  Their fame and pharmacological substances have clearly gone to their heads, emboldening them to go where no egoist should tread.

The “know more than thou” fuzzy thinking Dixie Chicks is a recent legend of ignorant meddling. That was not Natalie Maine’s only ill-informed political indiscretion.  Check out this article.

Dozens of other flaming stars representing typical liberal idiocy could be named.  Hollywood, and the entertainment industry generally, is the cultural bellwether of public perceptions and attitudes.  And the weather looks stormier with each clueless star-uttered comment.

These observations are consistent with the behavior of liberals in this country, generally.  Am I the only one who has noticed that those who choose to remain the least well-informed among us tend to make the most naive yet assertive political utterances?  My sample is not large, but the results are unanimous.  Virtually every one of my several self-professed liberal friends who have vocalized their opposition to conservative principles and public policies have also proclaimed that they watch very little news, and couldn’t care less about current events.  But that does not stop them from hotly defending their pollyanna-esque political opinions with absolute conviction.

Such is the condition of ill-informed public discourse in America.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Is there any such thing as “false religion?”

Here is what I have observed.  Any religion which one either disagrees with or does not understand is often called either a cult or a false religion.  At least “cult” has several accepted definitions.  The same cannot be said of the phrase “false religion.” 

Some call Islam a “false religion.”  Others claim Jehovah’s Witness and Mormonism are a false religions.  I’m certain some Jews and Muslims call Christianity a false religion.

What do people mean by “false?”  Fake?  Unreal?  Deceptive?  Distorted?  Corrupted?  False compared to what?

Since “religion” is simply “belief in a supernatural power”, and most of us acknowledge that such belief is personal and by faith, that is, it cannot be proven either true or false, then it follows that virtually ANY religion believed by one or more persons CANNOT be false.  It may not be orthodox, it may not be what we believe, it may not be what we believe to be true.  If any religion is correctly called “false” then every religion earns the same label because every religion is false to somebody.  Carrying it to an extreme, the Baptist religion could be called “false” by Presbyterians, and vice versa and ad nauseum throughout the hundreds of sects.

So what should we call Islam if not a “false religion?”  We could correctly call it “misguided”, “violent”, “supremacist”, “intolerant”, or “a figment of Muhammad’s drug-induced hallucinogenic stupor.”  But to simply call it “false” is not adequately descriptive or accurate, because part of Islam is a religion.  But integral to its religious component is also a political, economic, social, and military system.  Separate these non-religious components and there is no Islam.  That is why some of us claim Islam is not a religion at all, but a political system based on the experiences, culture, and claims of the warped mind of Muhammad.

On the other hand, if you disagree with me, you can simply call me a “false person.”  I’m not really here at all. I’m just a figment of my, and everyone else’s, imagination.

However, and this may sound contradictory and circular, there is such a thing as absolute truth, as opposed to the now politically correct moral relativity.  This truth enables us to say Islam is a lie.  It may not be a “false religion” because it is a religion.  But it is also a lie.  The circular part is the believer in absolute truth bases that truth not only on what is observed, but also on faith.  And that brings us back to religion.  Which is why we have so many conflicting opinions of truth because, to a significant degree, truth depends on what we profess, or, more to the point, what we believe in, by faith.

Why has moral relativity gained such credibility in the past several decades?  It is the corporate cultural defense mechanism to maintain sanity when the unifying force of a single “truth paradigm” crumbles.  Christianity had been our “truth paradigm.”  A large and critical portion of Christianity has crumbled – fallen away.  That formerly practicing Christian segment of our society has popularized “moral relativity” to justify their own version of variable truth.  Unfortunately, that fuzzy belief system has also infected many churches and denominations.  And now even much of remaining Christianity has bought into the idea of everyone’s truth being equally valid for them.

Which brings us full circle to answer the question.  More religions in America are becoming more false, both in the opinion of the non-religious, and by those within morally relative denominations.

Forbodingly, the devout practitioners of Islam believe in no such falseness of their faith.