Sunday, March 06, 2011

More ignorance from Hollyweed

This article dismissing the relevance of Mariah Carey entertaining Muammar Ghaddafi’s son is sooo typical of Hollyweed and their drug perverted values.

About this ignorant faux pas, this Hollywood promoter is saying “Now it’s become an issue in hindsight, which is sort of ridiculous.”  Ridiculous?  I’ll bet this particular publicist was hired to help salvage hapless Moriah’s reputation.

Note to blithering, hallucinating Hollywood shill:  It is not ridiculous.  It is rampantly symptomatic of Hollywood’s desire to meddle in international politics while remaining clueless about who or what they are entertaining or supporting and the consequences of such support to our country.  Their fame and pharmacological substances have clearly gone to their heads, emboldening them to go where no egoist should tread.

The “know more than thou” fuzzy thinking Dixie Chicks is a recent legend of ignorant meddling. That was not Natalie Maine’s only ill-informed political indiscretion.  Check out this article.

Dozens of other flaming stars representing typical liberal idiocy could be named.  Hollywood, and the entertainment industry generally, is the cultural bellwether of public perceptions and attitudes.  And the weather looks stormier with each clueless star-uttered comment.

These observations are consistent with the behavior of liberals in this country, generally.  Am I the only one who has noticed that those who choose to remain the least well-informed among us tend to make the most naive yet assertive political utterances?  My sample is not large, but the results are unanimous.  Virtually every one of my several self-professed liberal friends who have vocalized their opposition to conservative principles and public policies have also proclaimed that they watch very little news, and couldn’t care less about current events.  But that does not stop them from hotly defending their pollyanna-esque political opinions with absolute conviction.

Such is the condition of ill-informed public discourse in America.

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