Saturday, March 26, 2011

Difference between churches and mosques…

It is instructive to observe that the worst rioting and demonstrations in the middle east occur right after Muslims stream from their mosques after their “Friday prayers.”    Yes, mosques are portrayed by Muslims and the deceived as “houses of prayer.”  It certainly seems like they do much more than “pray” in mosques. 

This brings to mind the major difference between Christian churches and Islamic mosques.  When Muslims leave mosques they are inspired to revolt and overthrow their government.  When Christians leave Churches they are fully rested and entertained and can’t remember the topic of the sermon.

This attempt at humor is painfully true for our western “Christian” culture.  Muslims are motivated and inspired.  Christians are complacent and uninspired.  Islam is in its ascendency, both demographically and influentially.  Christianity is in decline, both demographically and influentially.

The culprits?  From broad to specific, they are prosperity, excessive entertainment, greed, entitlement, our government, our churches, our pastors, and those who call themselves “Christian.”

Granted, Muslims are inspired by evil deception.  Christians are uninspired by vapid platitudes and seemingly irrelevant old stories.

Christians need to get off their complacent attitudes and demand their churches teach and preach on subjects that reinvigorate their dire need for self-preservation to which Christians at present seem totally oblivious.

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