Sunday, March 06, 2011

Inane statements from National Security official

The following were included in the remarks of Denis McDonough, Deputy National Security Advisor to the President, titled “Partnering with Communities to Prevent Violent Extremism in America” as prepared for delivery at the Adams Center, Sterling, Virginia…

“…we know there are many different reasons why individuals—from many different faiths—succumb to terrorist ideologies.  And there is no one easy profile of a terrorist. But based on extensive investigations, research and profiles of the violent extremists we’ve captured or arrested, and who falsely claim to be fighting in the name of Islam, we know that they all share one thing—they all believe that the United States is somehow at war with Islam, and that this justifies violence against Americans.”

Well well well. Tell me, Mr. McDonough, which “many different faiths” are encouraging terrorist ideologies?  Which “many different faiths are terrorists representing?  Baptists?  Presbyterians?  Catholics?  Jehovah’s Witnesses?  Come on, McDonough.  Tell us.

You can’t, because there aren’t.  There is only one faith that virtually all terrorists claim.  And that is Islam. 

Oh, so terrorists who shout Allahu Akbar just before their attempted act of terror, and who happen to be Muslim, and who happen to have communications with known Islamic terror leaders “falsely claim to be fighting in the name of Islam?”  Come on, Mr. McDonough.  You are making the Obama administration appear to be radically out of touch with reality.  You have caught the taqiyya virus from your fellow twisters of truth.

We, as a nation, are in very deep trouble if McDonough represents the approach we have taken in identifying the reason for terrorism in and against the United States.  The source is the Islamic ideology and the devout Muslims who practice Islamic Jihad.  To deny this is to, for whatever mind game these so-called intelligence officials are playing, distort and ignore reality.

By the way, McDonough, Islam several years ago declared war on us.  You, McDonough are a useful idiot to our enemy.

Very strange.

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