Thursday, March 24, 2011

Likely scenarios of mid-east pile-on against Israel

Glenn Beck and others are putting the puzzle pieces together pointing to a Soros/Sunstein/Obama leftist “new world order” system to eliminate Israel via a united Islamic mega-military coalition to address the alleged and fictitious Israeli threat.

This unholy and evil coalition is creating an international policy structure that would enable and require mid-east nations, sanctioned by the United Nations, to do what NATO is doing to Libya to any nation they perceive as a threat to their own or neighboring populations.  The trouble with that policy is that ALL of Israel’s neighbors, with populations of 90 plus percent Muslim, hate Israel, hate Jews and would like to see both eliminated.  That is what their orthodox Islam teaches and that is what the emergent Islamic movement organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and its spawns promote.

And what is NATO doing to Libya?  Dismantling Gadhafi's military structure to enable the vacuum to be filled with Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda Islamic leaders who will enact an aggressive anti-Israel strategy.  As inhumane and evil as Gadhafi was, what will replace him will have even worse destructive and inhumane consequences.

The voting population of our nation has ignorantly empowered a far left, one-world, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-capitalism and anti-free enterprise big government  group of individuals to run and ruin our country.  Obama is merely their visible spokesman.  There is much more behind the curtain.

Let’s assume, for a moment, that this leftist scheme is successful, which it appears it will be.  What will be the likely outcome in Israel, the mideast, the United States, and for us – the average US citizen?

Whether this year, or within the next two or three, this is what will most likely occur:

  • The newly Islamized nations of Egypt, Libya, Syria (and maybe Saudi Arabia and other north African and mid-east nations) will be emboldened and enabled to assert their terrorist influence and overt military attacks against Israel.  The moderating influence of Egypt no longer exists.  By “Islamized”, I am referring to the elimination of the moderating dictatorships that previously showed some small degree of deference to western wishes regarding tolerance toward Israel and replacing those dictatorships with pure Sharia-inspired Islamic regimes whose primary public policy and purpose in life will be to eliminate Israel.
  • Subversive, covert, and overt terrorist and military attacks against Israel will increase over the coming months.
  • At some point – next week, next month, or next year – Israel will find itself in an existential dilemma requiring it to forcibly militarily act beyond what it has done in the recent past.  Actions are likely to be taken against Gaza, the source of most current attacks.
  • The emboldened Islamic nations will join Gazan forces against Israel.
  • If this occurs while Obama is in power, he will use these events to coordinate a UN effort, with the military assistance of neighboring Islamic nations, to neutralize Israel, either via economic sanctions, embargoes, or direct military actions.
  • A desperate Israel will either capitulate as a result of succumbing to the Stockholm syndrome and their nation’s embedded leftist elements, OR they will resort to their nuclear option, also known as the Sampson option.  This nuclear “Samson” option is the more likely of the two.
  • From there things go to hell quickly.  Yes, Islamic nations have nukes.  Enter Pakistan and their likely proliferation of nukes to their Islamic neighbors – even if Iran’s capabilities are not yet mature.  And they will be used. 
  • With an Obama, Israel-hating administration, the US will remain neutral.  We will neither come to the aid of Israel nor will we seriously condemn the aggressive actions of its Islamic neighbors.  After all, our Muslim presidency with the help of its “new world order” leftists believes Israel, not psychotic civilization-hating Muslims, is the problem.
  • There will be oil embargos promoted by the Islamist controlled nations of the middle east to help assure our inability to aggressively respond even if we wanted to.
  • This scenario will absolutely breed unrest in the United States. Muslims, most of whom are sympathetic to Islamic nations and west-hating Islamic ideology, will be instigating demonstrations and riots against Israel and the United States.  The majority of Americans will counter the insanity of the government and of Muslims with their own outrage, complete with demonstrations or worse.  National Guards and US military will be called out to quell these outbreaks which will be much worse than the anti-war and civil rights-related riots of the ‘60’s.
  • Our economic system will be crippled for a time - a few weeks, a few months, or longer.  Our food distribution system, among other necessities will be impaired by sabotage and acts of terror.

This is the outcome that is increasingly likely as a consequence of the “new world order” philosophy in advanced stages of implementation.  The leftist-Islamic alliance is on a roll and making great progress.  They need a world-changing cataclysmic event to be successful.  And this is it.

So what do we do?  What can we do?  While we should be involved in political actions that we hope would reverse this outcome, we know that such actions have a great chance of being fruitless.  We need to take actions that we have control over – that will safeguard our own, individual well-being.

Pamela Geller’s website Atlas Shrugs had an out of character posting that got my attention on how to prepare for an attack by a dirty nuke, and outright nuclear attack.  Other experts believe an EMP attack is likely.  The most likely scenario is one that involves civil unrest, urban riots, and disruption of commerce, including our food supplies. 

Consequently, the smartest actions that we can take that we have control over include the storage of several months of food and water, and preparations for our own self-defense.  Many web sites provide guidance on how to prepare such as the FEMA site, and others.  It only costs a few hundred dollars to minimally prepare with two or three months of food, water, medicines, and security.  Adding an effective means of shelter, and radiation detection and communications equipment will increase the cost to a thousand dollars or more.  Consider your options.  Plan for them. 

How much are you able and willing to spend to be prepared for what is increasingly likely to occur?

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Anonymous said...

I live in the Washington DC area and recall the sniper attacks which absolutely paralyzed this area for several weeks.This is the type of terror I fear is in our future to be perpetrated by Islamic sleeper cells all over the US. I do not think we are in danger of a dirty nuke as much as a bio attack. Isreal will act and it will act decisively as long as Netanyaho is their leader. Your accessment of Obama and Soros is on the mark.