Thursday, March 24, 2011

It’s Tax Time: A system from Hell!

Speaking of frogs in a pot of heating water, can you imagine US citizens of 1940 tolerating the tax laws and preparation complexities and expertise required today?

This year I solicited the preparation services of three different experts to prepare my tax return:  One from Block, one from Jackson, and another from an independent.  All three had significantly different advice on major factors impacting the amount of tax I owed.

We have a tax system that should no longer be tolerated.  I’m surprised there has not been a tax payer revolt to eliminate this onerous, and impossibly complex system.  There is an entire industry of bureaucrats, accountants, attorneys and tax preparers who will do all in their power to defend this atrocity.

Either a fair tax or flat tax would be light years better than the monster system we have – only as long as our special interest infested congress wouldn’t succumb to packing those relatively simple systems with exclusions and special provisions, which they would likely do without a Constitutional amendment clearly restricting such actions.

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