Friday, March 18, 2011

Meddling in Libya is a big mistake

Libya, like Iraq and Afghanistan, is another Islamic nation that is best left to the Muslims to sort out their differences.  But, like Little Toot interfering with the big ships in the harbor, we will only create a ship wreck for ourselves.

Libya, like Iraq and Afghanistan, will temporarily adopt democracy to install the currently best organized Islamic entity, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Sharia law as the governance of choice once their current authoritarian regimes are neutralized.

The misunderstanders of Islam, both liberals and some conservatives, insist that eliminating a known evil, like Muammar Gaddafi, will automatically result in something better, a miraculous flowering of freedom and democracy.  Dream on, wishful thinkers.  In Islamic nations, nothing could be less likely to occur.  It is very likely that from the perspective of traditional western interests, the elimination of the existing (lesser) evil will result in a greater evil.  Note that I qualified that statement with the phrase “traditional” western values.  You see, traditional western values no longer define US foreign policy. 

Our policies no longer place US interests ahead of others.  Instead, they promote the wishes of whatever ideology is desired by the foreign resident populations, however misguided and anti-American they may be.  In the case of the middle east, a necessarily short-lived US-inspired democracy will facilitate the rabidly anti-western Islamic Sharia law and Muhammadan moral and legal systems.  Here is further evidence of this sad reality.  And here in another.

We unfortunately ignore the anti-western Islamic ideology that drives middle eastern Muslims.  We continue to blurt out the politically correct but totally misleading and dead wrong mantra that it is only “radical Islam” that is our nemesis when in fact – in truth – it is historical, orthodox Islam that is our nemesis.  And the Muslim Brotherhood is the preeminent organization that is at the forefront of promoting that historic, orthodox Islam amongst the riders of the democracy bus in the middle east and north Africa.

We continue to breed our own demise.  

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