Friday, August 22, 2014

Race and gender identity trump behavior…

The Civil Rights Act of  1964 was the official federal policy that promoted discrimination based on race and gender.  That Act was the spawn of affirmative action, legislation that mandates that preference be given based on race and gender for all manner of services:  Education, housing, jobs, you name it.   White males who excel academically have been denied scholarships or admittance to universities in favor of blacks or females who are less qualified.  The same has been true of filling jobs.  That legislation elevates the importance of race above earned qualifications.  Any sane person would call this a form of racism.

Now consider the black electorate.   93% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012.  There’s a darn sight more than 7% of blacks who are conservative.  I know a number of blacks who are self-described conservatives who voted for Obama because he was black.  Race to them was more important than qualifications or ideology.  An honest definition of the actions of those voters would be “racist.”

Now consider the folks of Ferguson, MO.   The visceral reaction of the majority of that 67% black community was that the black hoodlum was innocent and the white cop was a racist murderer.  Has the black population in America been conditioned to believe that they will get a free pass, no matter what, just because they are black?  The Ferguson population automatically discounted the facts.  Their predisposition superimposed an image of white oppressors on what they saw in spite of the better reality.   Reality, being better than delusional fabrication, shows a different picture.

Brown was in fact a drug using, violent, out of control marauder in his community.  Is that the norm for Ferguson?  Is that the accepted cultural norm there?  Or are Fergusonians excusing that behavior because he is Black?  Are they expecting special treatment for a hoodlum because he was black?  Are the blacks in Ferguson racist?   Has our nation’s 50-year history of giving blacks preference over whites conditioned the blacks to expect preferential treatment in our criminal justice system just because they are black?  After all, the law of the land gives them preference in just about every other aspect of their existence, so why shouldn’t they be given preferential treatment when police try to enforce the laws the rest of us are expected to follow?

I wonder.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Islamic Quest: The same yesterday and today…

Here is a timely guest column from Matthew Bracken to inform our misled, gullible Western sensibilities what we are in for over the next few years:


The Islamic Jihad Conquest Formula

By Matthew Bracken

August, 2014

Mohammed’s unchanging formula for conquest is time-proven; variations were also used in history by the invading Mongol hordes among others. Emissaries ride forward of their advancing armies, offering to spare the lives of the targeted population in return for their unconditional surrender and explicit submission to their new rulers. In the Islamic context this submission is exemplified by the fresh converts repeating the Shahada prayer before Muslim witnesses.

There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.

The Shahada prayer is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam. The Shahada prayer is also what is written on the black battle flags of Islamic jihad. Along with Allahu Akbar—our God is greatest—the Shahada is the battle cry of advancing Islamic armies. In fact, the very word Islam means submission, and not peace, as it is often intentionally mistranslated by duplicitous Muslims practicing taqiya, or sanctified lying for the cause of advancing the spread of Islam.

It’s purposefully made very easy for a town or a city to submit and convert to Islam. But the entire city must surrender without posing any resistance at all. In the event of any violent or even physical resistance, a new formula applies: the Islamic jihad conquest formula. From the time of Mohammed until today—as we are seeing in the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq—the formula has not changed.

1. During the battle and immediately afterward, there is a period of unbelievable savagery and wanton hyper-violence.

Any of the defeated population from infants to grandmothers may be subjected to the most extreme cruelty, including beheading with knives or swords, crucifixion, being burned or buried alive, or thrown down wells or off cliffs or high walls. During this period, women, girls and boys are routinely gang-raped by frenzied jihadists, to the point that survivors almost always suffer lifelong crippling internal and external injuries. Suicide among the survivors of these savage gang rapes is common. The Christian and Zahidi girls and boys in Northern Iraq are only the most recent victims of this traditional Muslim depraved cruelty.

Those who survive until the victorious jihadists have consolidated their hold and sated their blood-lusts are the fortunate ones. They may have caught a potential protector’s eye, or hidden themselves until the jihadists’ most bloodthirsty passions have subsided. No jihadists will ever be called to account by Muslim jihad leaders for their atrocities committed during the battle and victory consolidation phase.

For the first time in history, today we are seeing what the previous millions of victims of Muslim conquests have experienced for 1,400 years. The recent beheadings and crucifixions in Syria and Iraq are not new or novel. What is new and novel is that today these Muslim jihad atrocities are being filmed and transmitted for the purpose of spreading the propaganda of Islamic State terror, to encourage their next intended targets to submit and surrender without resistance.

2. Captured men will be beheaded, shot or enslaved.

Following a fresh conquest, when the defeated men are tied up, imprisoned, or held under the barrels of Muslim guns, they may either be murdered or enslaved. Their fate depends upon the tactical situation and the best advantage as perceived by the victors. If the Muslim victory is thought to be temporary, the jihadists will immediately murder all of the men and boys over the age of twelve, eliminating them as future threats. They may be beheaded if there is sufficient time, otherwise they will be shot in ditches as we have recently seen in Iraq. The heads of the decapitated will be stuck on poles, fences or walls as a gruesome public warning against further resistance by the living.

If the latest jihad victory is thought to be secure and slave labor is desired, the captured men and boys will be fettered in chains and put to work under conditions similar to those experienced by slave laborers under the Nazis during World War Two. They may be fed or starved at the sole discretion of their new overlords. They may be worked fifteen or more hours a day, every day, in all weather and climates with no shoes, gloves, coats or hats. Often they will be both starved and overworked to the extent that a significant percentage of them will perish every month. When these wretched slaves are too weak to haul boulders or dig trenches, they may be executed at the sole discretion of their overlords. No discipline will ever be meted out for starving, beating or killing “infidel” slave laborers.

3. Women and teenage girls will be kidnapped as sex-slaves, to be sold at auction to the highest bidders.

The prettier young women and girls will be fortunate to become the concubine of one powerful man. The plainer women and girls will be sold as house or field slaves, doing fifteen or more hours of hard work every remaining day of their lives: hauling water, cleaning floors, cooking and so on. They may be raped, starved, beaten or killed at the whim of their owners. They may be subjected to forced female genital mutilation—the razor-blade excision of their clitoris and other horrors—depending on the whims of their new masters. No discipline will ever be applied to their masters. They are chattel property with no rights at all.

4. Children younger than twelve will be kidnapped and raised under Sharia law by the very men who murdered or enslaved their parents.

Girls may be assigned to the victors or sold off as future house slaves, beginning their arduous life of toil as soon as they are able to gather firewood or haul water, often by the age of seven or eight. Young girls showing the promise of becoming pretty teenagers may be assigned to harems for sex-slave indoctrination. At the whim of their owners, the luckiest might even be adopted and raised as family members. From starvation, beatings and overwork, to being assigned to a harem as a sex-slave, to being adopted and raised in some comfort, the relative misery of the kidnapped and enslaved girls will be entirely up to their new masters.

The young kidnapped boys will be sent to madrasa schools to memorize the Koran by repetitiously chanting it, in order to become fully brainwashed Islamic killer zombies as adults. Perhaps most perversely cruel, in time they may join with the murderers and enslavers of their very own forgotten parents, while engaged upon new missions of Islamic jihad conquest. Black slave boys from sub-Saharan Africa will routinely be castrated, turning them into placid adult eunuch slaves.

5. Conquered property will be looted as legitimate war booty.

Buildings and homes will be occupied by the victorious jihadists after the murder or enslavement of their former owners. Any moveable property will be stolen by the victors. Concealed money, jewelry or other valuables will be found by serially torturing family members until someone breaks and reveals the hiding place. This looting, like the rape and murder of enemies in battle, is fully sanctioned by Mohammed’s Sharia Law. This is nothing more than the worst kind of piracy codified into practice and called a “religion.”

It is worth noting that before Mohammed descended into the desert cave to hear the messages of Allah, he was an actual desert pirate, falling upon caravans and plundering them—after beheading the men, and raping and enslaving the women. He later applied the same formula to conquer the Arabian deserts in the name of Allah. If it was good enough for Mohammed, Islam’s perfect man, then it is good enough for any believing Muslim, then, now or in the future. Thus the Islamic jihad conquest formula is unchangeable and Islam can never be reformed. Would-be reformers are beheaded as apostates to true Koranic Islam.

6. The promised Islamic reward for dying in jihad is a perpetual orgy in “paradise” with 72 virgins.

For impoverished Muslim men with little hope of finding a women to marry during their earthly lives, this is a strong inducement to engage in violent jihad. If they are victorious in jihad, they might capture, rape and enslave actual living, breathing infidel girls (and boys). If they die while engaging in jihad, they are vaulted to the front of the line into paradise, and immediately obtain their 72 virgins. This is why suicide bombers often rush toward their “infidel” enemies to blow themselves up: they are convinced that their perpetual orgy will begin the instant after their self-detonation. The Islamic promise of 72 virgins in “paradise” means that jihad is a win-win proposition for a fervent Muslim man. They may well enjoy their jihad rape-fest in this world, but if not, they will enjoy it in the next world immediately following their violent jihad deaths.

7. The Black Flag of Jihad has been the battle flag of Islam from the time of Mohammed until today.

The Saudi Arabian flag also carries the Shahada prayer, but on a green field, indicating that the home of Mecca is part of the Dar al Islam, or House of Submission. Outside of nations living under Sharia Law, in the Dar al Harb, or House of War, Muslims fly the Black Flag of Jihad to indicate their clear intention to violently force that country to submit to Islam.

Islam began with a cruel desert pirate named Mohammed, and it soon took to the seas. In the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Flag of Jihad was simplified to show only a scimitar sword or an arm holding a scimitar, indicating to the crew of the “infidel” ship being attacked their simple choice: surrender and submit to Islam, or face beheading at worst, or enslavement at best.

During the Corsair era, lasting into the 19th Century, many captured Europeans chose to convert to Islam by repeating the Shahada prayer, rather than to be killed or enslaved. Many of these “renegade” Europeans even signed on as crew aboard Muslim pirate vessels, some even rising to the rank of corsair captain. Islam is always welcoming of converts, and under Islam what we call piracy is fully sanctioned as “sea jihad.” Some of these European converts-of-convenience to Islam later escaped and took up piracy on their own accounts. The Black Flag of Jihad was the origin of the familiar non-Muslim black pirate flags, borrowing its fearsome reputation to cow and terrorize targeted ships into surrendering without resistance.

Simply put, the Black Flag of Jihad is the black pirate flag of an evil pirate “religion.”

8. The lure of capturing male and female slaves and obtaining other forms of loot and plunder is the Islamic jihad conquest formula.

Average men in polygamous Muslim societies have little hope of obtaining a wife, not when the wealthy and powerful already have several wives apiece. Jihad offers ordinary Muslims a chance to obtain wives or sex-slave concubines by force in battle, or 72 virgins in the afterlife. Jihad also offers poor Muslims a chance to obtain a home and other forms of wealth by force, as we are seeing today in Iraq.

Unlike Christianity with its Golden Rule, Islam has always appealed to the worst desires of evil men, and the most ruthlessly evil men, like its originator Mohammed, are its greatest beneficiaries. Normal human beings ask the question: what kind of a sick and twisted so-called “religion” promises its highest rewards in exchange for engaging in organized looting, mass murder, mass rape, torture and slavery in the name of its god? Only Islam, which has been an insane rape and murder cult since Mohammed crawled out of the bat cave and barked at the crescent moon.

Moses and Jesus are reported to have climbed to the tops of high mountains to communicate with God. Just who was whispering the gospel of plunder, rape and murder into Mohammed’s ear, deep under the surface of the earth in that dark Saudi Arabian cave?

Who taught Mohammed the Islamic jihad conquest formula?

Courtesy of the Western Rifle Shooters Association

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Impact of Ferguson, MO, riots on local law enforcement and local autonomy…

Granted, details of the confrontation between Michael Brown, the black Ferguson teen, and the Ferguson police department are murky.  Undeniable is all the blowback from this incident that will reverberate against police departments and race relations across the nation.

The President and all “progressives” who loath local government and seek to exert federal control over all aspects of our lives are using this incident to promote their oppressive agenda.

In the wildly presumptuous words of Obama…

"There is also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights."

This statement is equal in its presumptuous and incendiary effect to his untimely remarks made several years ago when he prematurely stated that “the Cambridge police acted stupidly…”.

Obama has zero evidence that excessive force was used against “peaceful” protests or that those jailed were lawfully exercising their “rights.”  He is every bit as much of a flame fanner as the excruciatingly “reverend” Al Sharpton.

And Michael Brown:  6’ 4”, 300 pounds, described by his uncle as a “gentle giant” and “very shy”.  “Very shy” large men don’t try to grab guns from cops.  Do we have another Treyvon Martin – another son of Obama?

Just like druggy Treyvon, Michael Brown was no saint despite the impressions “the hood” tries to portray about him:

“…MICHAEL BROWN…was the suspect in the strong-arm robbery of a $48.99 box of cigars from a convenience store which was caught on surveillance video” just minutes before he confronted the cop.

His actions may or may not have justified his death.  But neither do his actions justify being declared a martyr.

The media, 90% liberal and some unknown percent Islamic, is especially fanning the flames.  There are articles all over the internet complaining that police departments are too well armed and their uniforms look “too intimidating.”  What do they want the police to wear?  Dresses?  A Washington Post and Huffington Post reporter was arrested, most likely for not obeying lawful orders during a civil emergency.  Al Jazeera (pro-Islam/anti-US)photographers were chased away with teargas and are now demonizing the Ferguson police and gaining the sympathies of other media outlets. 

Here is a flyer sponsored by the Nation of Islam, among others, calling for the immediate firing and murder charge for the police officer who is alleged to have killed the 250 lb. 18-year-old…

View image on Twitter

It has been well known for a couple of decades that many gangs and hoodlums are better armed than many police departments.  This is the first time in my 60+ years that I’ve heard that police were too well armed to face lawlessness.  That is close to being an oxymoron.  Let’s see, should the police just hang out and allow the plundering and burning, or should they do all they can to restore order?  That seems like a no brainer to me.  Should the police wear their tourist-friendly shorts and fedora’s while confronting the rioters, or should they wear apparel that both protects them and projects some semblance of authority?  Even the anarchist-in-chief wannabe Rand Paul would love to declaw police departments.

The Ferguson police department is not the only force that is in the spotlight. Police Chiefs across the nation are on the firing line as a result to the widespread liberal media onslaught.  This plays into the Obama/progressive agenda in spades.

The agenda is this:

Take advantage of every bad situation to promote greater federal government power and control by demonizing local governmental authority, governance, and self-determination.

If I was a police chief or mayor of any American city, I would be very concerned that the nation is hell-bent on limiting police department capabilities and actions in the face of anarchy and civil violence.  In fact, this bodes ill for local autonomy and is part of a multi-decade tsunami of federal authority over local rights in virtually every function of local government. 

Friday update: 

Now that the Missouri Highway Patrol captain has taken over the operation in Ferguson, things have quieted down.  He doesn’t want any police presence at demonstrations.  If a few rocks are thrown, some property is damaged, so be it.  When police confront violence in certain neighborhoods, they need to back off because they incite violence – that is the message.  The message to all police departments across the nation is this:  Tolerate lawlessness; don’t get in anyone’s face; back off; ignore law-breakers in certain neighborhoods where lawlessness is a part of the culture.   This is part of our perverted “tolerate everything” culture.  I expect the Ferguson Police Chief to succumb to the same fate as the Sanford Police Chief – unemployment.

Saturday update: 

Predictably, evil filled the vacuum created by evil’s intimidation of law and order.  The police were ordered to “stand down” so as not to offend the latent rioters, and rioting and looting were the order of the night.

Regrettably, this is the same mindset that prevails in our culture with regard to Islam:  Don’t confront the Muslims who are known to be plotting to impose a different legal system – Sharia – to transform our nation.  They may be offended and may be upset, may sue, or become violent.  “No-go” zones are likely to pop up all over America, not just to satisfy Muslim ghettos, but the desire for lawlessness in black communities as well.  Are we seeing the beginning of a government mandated tribal system – each region having its own system of morality and justice?

Sunday update:

On Saturday the Governor declared a curfew to run from midnight to 5am.  Many in the community criticized that declaration.  Violence again erupted on Saturday night after the curfew began.  The police chief is under fire for being “too aggressive” and relinquished (i.e. “compelled” to give up) much of his authority to the County, then to the State.  If there are enough protests, I imagine authority will be taken by  the Feds.

Monday update:

Violence overnight Sunday led the governor to call in the Missouri National Guard.  Certain to provoke more violence is the defense autopsy report given during a press conference on national TV this morning.  To illustrate the cultural polarization in places like Ferguson, and hundreds of other communities nationwide, here is an article about the Ferguson convenience store manager in fear for his life in a news conference where he promises he never “snitched” to police about Michael Brown’s robbery.  Such establishments need to maintain the trust of their lawless customer base.

This video was just released by FOX news.  It shows the emotion real time minutes after the shooting.  It is sure to incite a lot more anger and violence.  They won’t bother to hear other eyewitnesses say that Brown turned around and was approaching (confronting?) the officer:

The videographer’s first words:  “Killed for no reason.”  Yes, killed for no reason that he was aware of at the time, not having all the facts yet.

Here is a plausible scenario that I assembled from a number of facts produced by the media that few in Ferguson, the media, or the White House are willing to consider:

The 300 pound young adult was high on marijuana, robbed a store, and assaulted a store clerk.  Someone called police who responded near the scene.   While near the scene, police spotted two males walking in the middle of the street and requested them to walk on the sidewalk.  One of the males, the suspect, high on drugs, approached the cop, assaulted him, and attempted to grab the cop’s weapon.  The male retreated and the cop pursued while directing the male to stop.  The young adult then turned around and began to rush the cop at which time the cop opened fire.  The first four shots to the body merely slowed the male down, and as he was falling forward, the cop continued to fire in self defense with the last two shots fired into the aggressors head.  The shooting likely occurred within a 6 to 8 second period fueled by training, muscle memory, and adrenaline in the face of the rapidly approaching, violent, large, drugged aggressor.

And HERE is affirmation of my account from the officer’s wife.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Bugging out: Why and Where?

Bugging out:  Going somewhere else where you will feel safer.

Why wouldn’t you feel safest in your own familiar, cozy home?  In the event of most conceivable cataclysmic or life threatening events certainly you can store ample food and water in your home  - and be perfectly safe – perhaps more easily than in a distant location.  But then again, maybe not.

There are two reasons for getting out of dodge:

  1. Your house is in danger of being seriously damaged or destroyed or has already been damaged or destroyed.  The most likely causes include hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, sinkholes, and fires (house and forest).
  2. Your life is in danger of being seriously violated.  The most likely cause is civil unrest created by roving bands of hotheads, ragheads, potheads, or desperately panicked people provoked by a wide variety of black swan* or even more predictable events.  Something as common as alleged police brutality triggers riots and mayhem in an instant, as currently witnessed in a suburb of St. Louis.  More esoteric triggers could include an Ebola or other pandemic provoked panic, bank closures, and EMP-generated destruction of electrical infrastructure – all of which will create food and water shortages within days or weeks that will quickly create a psychotic population.

Given Reason 1, natural disaster, most any alternative location removed from the immediate area of destruction will be an option:  a motel, a friends house across town, and even a nearby shelter.  Sheltering in place may be the option of choice for most folks in all but the most life-threatening events.

Reason 2, civil unrest, requires much more careful thought and preparation.  If you KNOW that the civil temper tantrum is localized AND temporary, then you can either batten down in place or spontaneously relocate to a safer location for a few hours or a day or two until things calm down.

On the other hand, if you suspect that the unrest is spreading, or likely to spread to broader areas and is likely to continue and worsen as a result of a major trigger event, then an alternate location may be your only rational option.  Guess what?  If you didn’t plan ahead for this eventuality, it may be too late.

Since it is a good idea to plan ahead, several questions arise.  Where should you go?  How will you get there?  Who should you be with?  What should you bring or have on site? 

This article will focus only on the “where you should go” part of protecting your existence.  What are the best locations to insulate you from any chaos that you suspect may not only worsen but be long lasting?

Here is a list of the most important locational criteria for your safe zone:

  • Off the beaten path
  • Easily defensible from others
  • Easily accessible to you
  • Accessible food and water

Taking these criteria one at a time, here are several specifics that ferret out the characteristics of each one:

Off the beaten path.  Look for places…

  • Away from population centers:  At least 20 miles away from large cities (over 100,000); at least 10 miles away from mid-sized cities (20,000 to 100,000); at least 2 miles away from small cities/towns (below 20,000).
  • With low density population.  Rural is better than urban or suburban.  The fewer homes and people per acre, the better.
  • With little or no existing public infrastructure.  The less dependent nearby residents have been on public infrastructure, the easier it will be for them to adapt to having no public services and the less stressed and psychotic they are likely to become.
  • Away from throughways.  Desperate people will travel roads of every type that go from population center A to population center B looking for something “better.”  Whether an Interstate, State Road, County Road, or farm road - if it extends from one populated area to another, it will get traffic.  Look for retreats that are at the “end of the line” that don’t go anywhere.  These might be at the edge of a National Forest, on a body of water, or on a road that loops in and out of an area where people have no reason to be.
  • Hidden from view or “blending in” the surrounding area, appearing to be nothing special.  Avoid looking “prepared”.  No obvious barbed wire; no obvious stores of supplies or food; no off-site noise from generators; no out-of-place looking windmills.

Easily defensible from others.  Look for places…

  • Having limited, monitorable, and controllable routes of access.
  • Having natural defensible boundaries, such as bodies of water, ravines, or bluffs.
  • Having heavily wooded terrain that shields on-site activity from off-site view.
  • With ample acreage around the perimeter of the retreat that serves as a buffer zone that can be patrolled to keep uncivil behavior from occurring within the retreat area.  This would ideally extend a quarter mile or more with several hundred feet being a minimum.

Easily accessible to you and other retreat members.  Look for places…

  • Within an easy drive or manageable hike.  Within 15 to 30 miles would be an ideal.  Events may turn fast.  You may not have time to bug out to your North Carolina mountain cabin in the woods.
  • With alternate routes of access in case the principle route becomes blocked.
  • With other like minded folks to help you get there in case you can’t.

Accessible, sustainable food and water.  Look for places…

  • Next to or near a body of water – a lake, river, stream.
  • Where rain barrels can be installed in abundance without being seen off-site.
  • With enough open space clear of trees either on-site or close by that can be used for growing edibles.
  • Near areas where wild game is in abundance and can be hunted without shooting other desperate hunters.  Ideally the location would not have dozens or hundreds of other hunters doing the same thing.

These measures seem extreme to most people.  Most are blinded by their normalcy bias.  However, most people don’t really pay much attention to what is going on in the world – the rapid pace of cultural, governmental, economic, religious, demographic, and moral change.   Cultural clashes from economic, religious, and ethnic differences and disputes from feelings of inequality, injustice, or “devine right” to annihilate those who disagree – example:  Islam – are becoming more common.  We live in an increasingly polarized and psychotic society. 

The odds of conflict are increasing.  Do you care?


* Black Swan event:  Named after the rarity but existence of black swans.  An event in human history that was unprecedented and unexpected at the point in time it occurred. However, after evaluating the surrounding context, domain experts (and in some cases even laymen) can usually conclude: “it was bound to happen”.   More HERE.


Sunday, August 03, 2014

Trigger points of fear and civil unrest as Ebola progresses…

As Ebola progresses, as it looks like it surely will, (see HERE),  there will be events in its progression that increase fear and lead to regional civil unrest and potentially, widespread societal breakdown.

Here is some well thought out speculation of some of the trigger points to various outbreak events:


Event trigger…

Possible reaction of governments

Possible reaction of population 

First week of August 1. Confirmation that 72 year old woman at London airport died of Ebola [She in fact tested negative] Greater scrutiny/testing of passengers traveling from African nations with confirmed cases. Increased concern expressed by British media.  Panic among some segments of the British population
Second week of August 2.  Additional cases of Ebola confirmed among airplane passengers and among airport workers Cancel flights from African nations into London.  US may do the same. Broader panic in Great Britain.  Calls to quarantine the airport.
Third week of August 3. Confirmed cases beyond the London airport Government calls for people of London to remain in their homes.  US cancels flights from London. Panic buying of food and other essentials in London and surrounding areas.  US citizens increase alarm.
Third week of August 4. Spread through many more African nations Travel bans to and from most of Africa – if not the entire continent Civil unrest in many African nations; death toll increases exponentially; African commerce to other continents begins to be seriously  impacted
Fourth week of August 5. First confirmed cases originating in US .  See potential scenario HERE and HERE.   Many from infected countries cross our borders – see HERE. Flights greatly curtailed in the US to and from areas of infected population.  Calls for persons from infected nations to be quarantined. Segments of US population begin considering measures to take to shelter in place to minimize exposure
First week of September 6. Cases reported in multiple states Government invokes travel bans in areas of outbreaks.  Quarantine is established in several locations.  Hundreds of people feared to be infected are quarantined. Panic sets in among many.  Grocery stores in areas of outbreak are mobbed and depleted.
Second week in September 7. Dramatic increase in number of cases reported in US Triage centers open.  Marshall law considered in some areas.  Number of quarantine centers increase.  Restrictions on travel and deliveries begin to cripple commerce and our economy. Panic increases.  Civil unrest in most affected areas.  Food shortages result from controls on commerce restricting travel and deliveries.  See HERE about how civil unrest progresses.
Many people will self-quarantine to avoid other people.  Many will not report to work.
Third week of September 8.  Epidemic declared in the US National emergency declared.  Detention centers open.  President and military given extraordinary powers.  Increased travel restrictions. Commerce is crippled.  Civil unrest spreads.  Food shortages increase.  Desperation drives behaviors.
Fourth week of September 9.  Death toll in thousands and increasing exponentially Marshall law established in many locations.   Travel is virtually suspended. Societal breakdown begins.

While the above is admittedly wild speculation,  the potential is there for something along these lines to transpire.  An Ebola outbreak in the US is just one among many potential causes of societal breakdown and the need to anticipate likely consequences and prepare accordingly.  It just so happens we have this current event unfolding before our eyes at this moment.  Stay tuned…

Saturday, August 02, 2014

The insanity of referring to “radical” Islam…

I repeat for the umpteenth time:  ISLAM is the problem.  Not just “radical” Islam.  Whenever I hear Sean Hannity (and most everyone else in media and politics) speak about “radical” Islam, I cringe, because that tells me he STILL doesn’t get it.  With regard to Islam, the word “radical” should ONLY be used in the same way we say “fire is hot.”  That is the nature of fire – hot.  To say “hot fire” infers that there are cooler fires, which is true, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get burned by the “less hot fire.”  In the case of Islam, Islam is radical.  To say  “radical Islam” assumes there is another form of Islam that is not radical.   This is misleading to many people because saying “radical Islam” implies there is a non-radical Islam. No . No. No.  There is no other kind because Islam itself is radical.  

Islam is an all-inclusive culture.  It includes all aspects of a typical culture:  social, religious, economic, political, legal, and military.  What we call “radical Islam” is merely the military aspect of Islam.  ALL other aspects of Islam support the military aspect.  Given the mission of their “military”, which is the mission of Islam, to engage in terrorism and conquest to further the spread of Islam, and given that all of the Islamic doctrine is geared toward conquest of the infidel (non-Muslims), that clearly makes Islam radical.  It also clearly indicates that there should be no distinction between “radical Islam” and Islam.  Islam is as radical as fire is hot.

The inspiration for this article comes from this posting from The Religion of

Ramadan Bombathon
2014 Scorecard
Because, if you think all religions are the same,
then you haven't been paying attention


In the name of
The Religion
of Peace

In the name of
ANY Other

By Way of
Hate Crime

Terror Attacks




Suicide Bombings




Dead Bodies








(Not all attacks are immediately posted on TROP)

* 2014.07.03 - A Myanmar Muslim was killed by Buddhists on rumor of a rape. (A Buddhist was also killed by Muslims during the same riot). 
*2014.07.02 - An Arab teen was murdered by Israeli Jews following the kidnap and murder of three Jewish teens.

Here is the link to a list of all attacks around the world in the past month in the name of Islam:

Is Islam radical or are we just plain insane, in fear or in denial?

This also reveals the insanity (or duplicity) of the US and UN in forcing Israel into ceasefires with Islamists whose sense of morality is derived from their fascist Islamic beliefs.   Oh, and the poor “innocent” Gazans?  It is extremely likely that the vast majority of the so-called “civilian population” heartily endorse and support the efforts of Hams against Israel.  That is the nature of Islam.  Period.  Not “radical” Islam.