Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Burning questions about Islam answered by Bill Warner

Bill Warner has spent much of his life studying Islam, the religion, and Islam the political ideology.  Dr. Warner, a scientist in his earlier life, applied analytical methods to his study of the “trilogy” the 3 books that comprise the Islamic “bible” or Islamic “Mein Kampf” however you want to view them.

What he found is the answer to the complexity and successes of Islam.  These three books, collectively, focus on what Muslims must do about the Kafir, the non-Muslim.  Sixty percent of the words of these books deal with how Muslims must think and act toward the Kafir.  That makes Islam a political ideology and a political movement.

Understanding that, I have had three burning questions about the West’s reaction to the Islamic movement and its representatives over the past few years.  So yesterday I posed these questions to Dr. Warner.

  1. Why does Romney say "Jihadism is no part of Islam."  I elaborate on Romney’s odd statements here.
  2. What should we make of individuals such as Zudhi Jasser who claims he is a "devout" Muslim but sounds and acts like he is not a Muslim at all.  I elaborate on Zudhi Jasser here.
  3. And finally, if our government intelligently understood Islam, what should we do differently in Afghanistan, if we had a presence there at all.

Here is Dr. Warner’s reply, and I quote [list numbers added]:


  1. Romney's statement is false. I will not speculate as to why.
  2. I don't bother with moderate Muslims, since there is no moderate Islam.
  3. Wars against Islam should include its doctrine. War should only be used to punish and cause suffering. After the war, send in the missionaries. Teach the true Islamic doctrine in our schools; every student should know Koran, Sira, Hadith and the history of the Tears of Jihad.

His answer to the first question:  Romney is wrong.  Romney’s statement is false.  Dr. Warner does not speculate on obvious error.  I will speculate that Romney is influenced by his own Mormon doctrine and upbringing as further explained here.

Dr. Warner’s answer to the second question:  There is no “moderate” Islam, pure and simple.  Those who appear to be practitioners of “moderate” Islam are not practicing Islam, but are practicing a perversion of it.  Islamic history does not support what “moderates” purport to be – except in the cause of deception to further Islam.  The so-called “moderates” are either practicing taqiyya (Islamic deception) or are truly ignorant of their own faith.

His answer to the third question is exactly as Col. Allen West has stated:  We have been mistakenly fighting “terror” which is a tactic.  A tactic separated from the ideology that originates that tactic is a phantom.  We are fighting ghosts.  We will never know our enemy until we admit to the ideology that motivates our enemy.  That ideology is Islam itself. 

We cannot fight a war and have a “missionary” mentality at the same time.  We should be “nation-building” only after we have achieved a clear-cut victory.   And the clear cut victory will only be achieved by scaring the holy crap out of the entire population (civilian, political, as well as military) of the nation we are trying to neutralized.

Will will continue to lose this decades-long war as long as we continue to make believe Islam is something it is not.  We must understand Islam in the same manner we understood Fascism during WWII and Communism during the Cold War.  We must understand Islam and Islamism in this new, protracted epic battle so we will not repeat the demise of past cultures who were deceived and supplanted by Islamic taqiyya (deceit).

Saturday, February 25, 2012

We don’t yet know our enemy…

Today’s headlines from Drudge…

5th day of Koran-burning protests...
Islamists rampage British WWII cemetery in Libya...
Mobs charge US bases...
Taliban: Kill foreigners...
Pentagon Official Apologizes at VA Mosque...
Obama 'deeply regrets'...
Gingrich: Obama 'surrendered' with apology...


This is yet another testament to the ignorance of US “experts” with regard to the Islamic influence in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

It is maddening to observe our leaders, not just Obama, not just his Generals, but people like Bush and even Mitt Romney make excuses for the Islamic ideology by continually proclaiming Islam is a religion of peace.

Romney:  “Jihadism is no part of Islam”

In a recent speech before the Heritage Foundation, in response to a question about an earlier statement he made, he said:

“…I spoke about three major threats America faces on a long term basis. Jihadism is one of them, and (1) that is not Islam. If you want my views on Islam, it's quite straightforward. (2) Islam is one of the world's great religions and (3) the great majority of people in Islam want peace for themselves and peace with their maker. They want to raise families and have a bright future.

There is, however, a movement in the world known as jihadism. They call themselves jihadists and I use the same term. And this jihadist movement is intent on causing the collapse of moderate Muslim states and the assassination of moderate Muslim leaders. It is also intent on causing collapse of other nations in the world. (4) It's by no means a branch of Islam. It is instead (5) an entirely different entity. DevilIn no way do I suggest it is a part of Islam.” 

(Weird – I typed “paren/6/paren” and the little devil appeared.  How fitting.)

His statements are flat out WRONG on so many levels.  I’ve inserted numbers above at the beginning of each ignorant and wrong statement he made.  These are Islamist talking points, concluding with number 6, the little devil.

This is pure Islamic influence – offense at Qur’an burnings.  It is ALSO Jihad, actions to defend and promote Islam.  Wake up, Romney!

This is what Islam is:  It is a religious excuse for maintaining an intolerant, supremacist ideology among psychotic, inbred people who are stuck in a dark ages morality.  That is the only rational explanation of their knee-jerk, psychotic behavior.

Why else would a book burning incite thousands if not millions to engage in riots and killing?   There are millions upon millions of other third world people around the globe of other religions who do not act this way.  The only common denominator to such violent and insane behavior is Islam.

We need leaders who do not deny the truth of Islam.  And if we must elect a leader who, because of our pre-occupation with “jobs”, happens to be a bit south on his understanding of Islam, we need to embark on a concerted bombarment of letters, emails, blogs, faxes, and phone calls reminding such people of the truth.  Hopefully they haven’t been brainwashed enough to be totally closed minded and insist on remaining in their ignorance. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Being all things to all men has limits…

Most Christians are aware of Paul’s method of evangelism – relating to the people he is trying to bring to Christ – namely “becoming all things to all men.”  This is also known as “relational evangelism” or “friendship evangelism.”
More completely, the verse reads:
“I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. 23I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.”     
1 Corinthians 9:22-23
The motive of  Paul’s application of this method is fantastic.  There is no higher goal.  To him, obviously the end justifies the means.
On a secular level, good salesmen in any industry use this method all the time to drum up business:  They relate to their customer in any way they can so they can gain their confidence, build trust, earn a customer and earn an income.
Personally, I have become suspicious of such tactics.  To me, this reeks of hypocrisy and delusion.The result for many is expectation of friendship, only to discover they have been used.
The same abuse can result when sharing the gospel using this method.  While we are urged to have “pure motives” while becoming “all things to all men”, pure motive alone does justify a false front or deceptive behavior.  Paul may have mastered this technique.  Perhaps this “technique” fits his personality and his “gift” for relating to people.  This is certainly part of the gift of evangelism:  The ability to relate to people in a sincere way with pure motives without getting caught up in beliefs and behaviors contrary to what we understand to be Godly standards.
But not all of us have this “gift.”  Not all of us are fitted with the same skill set as Paul.  Certainly even Jesus himself was not “all things to all people.”  He never compromised His principles to “fit in with the crowd.”  He certainly dialogued with sinners (all of us are sinners in one way or another).  But he never led people to believe he would become a hooker or a corrupt tax collector or a money changer so that he could gain their confidence and convert people to His way of thinking.
Being “all things to all men” is not the only way to express God’s desire to those people we encounter.  It was Paul’s way.  And some of may choose to mimic that “method.”  But those of us who cannot relate to that method should not feel or be considered inferior.   For example the apostle John had a variety of ways of conveying the truth of God’s words.  In his gospel he emphasized  the love of God and forgiveness.  In his last book, Revelation, he focused on God’s final judgment.   In that book John made no attempt to win friends and influence people ala Dale Carnegie.
What other ways are there to get our message across?  Here are a few:
  • Lifestyle evangelism:  Being an example so that others see Christ in you.
  • Service evangelism:  Assisting others in need via personal service, food kitchens, helping neighbors, missions, etc.
  • Focused evangelism:  Short of being “all things to all people” focus on a group of people you can sincerely relate to.  Luke focused on the Jews.  An attorney may focus on other attorneys.  A former Muslim may focus on current Muslims.
  • Topical evangelism:  Focus on topics you know about which will be of interest to other people.  Write or speak about political or moral issues from a Christian perspective that may garner interest.
  • Evangelism via apologetics:  Using logical reasoning with people
  • Direct evangelism:  This might be through church initiated  visitation, street or door to door evangelism or discussions with friends and neighbors you already relate to.
Indeed, attempting to be “all things to all men” has its limitations.  Some, like me, may be suspicious of that method.  They may be more open to logic and evidences (apologetics) such as in Josh McDowell’s 1970’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict books.  Others may be receptive only to hitting bottom, losing everything, with no place else to turn except to God.
Above all, genuine, as opposed to feigned, sincerity is essential.  The end does not always justify the means.  If it did, you would make a good Muslim or Communist.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A New Mosque for Leesburg, VA and Islamic Deception

Here is one example of how Islam is putting on the face of tolerance to further the development of their intolerant ideology.

The following message appears on their fundraising website for a new mosque in Leesburg, VA, providing another example of Islamic taqiyya (deception to further their ideology) in full bloom.

“Our mission is to promote religious freedom through the First Amendment and enhance understanding of the world's religions and their contributions to human history The Muslim Community Center of Leesburg (MCCL) aims to help and benefit all human beings via working with Muslim educators and Islamic organizations in order to foster the development and growth of quality education, service and stability of the Muslim Community. MCCL aims to provide authentic Islamic education and practice in addition to helpful social services.”

Here is what the enlightened among us must read into this statement via added parenthetical comments:

“Our mission (the mission of Islam, the will of Allah, the moon God and the teaching of Muhammad, the child predator) is to promote religious freedom (freedom for Islam; intolerance against non Muslims) through the First Amendment  (using the tolerance afforded by the first amendment to promote our intolerant ideology, Islam) and enhance understanding of the world's religions ( spread deception about the true nature of Islam to achieve a favorable opinion among local and national policy makers and media) and their contributions to human history (virtually non existent in the last couple of centuries) The Muslim Community Center of Leesburg (MCCL) aims to help and benefit all human beings (until we get a foothold on the throats of non-Muslims) via working with Muslim educators and Islamic organizations in order to foster the development and growth of quality education, service and stability of the Muslim Community (as stable as Muslim nations of the Middle East). MCCL aims to provide authentic Islamic education and practice (such as Sharia law, Sharia finance and Islamic culture which is an anathema to Western culture and morality) in addition to helpful social services (to spread Islamic influence throughout the region).”

I used to work in Leesburg, VA, in the ‘90’s.  There are elements of that community that are quite liberal and na├»ve about Islam.  There may also be a segment of the population who are aware of the true nature and motives of the Islamic ideology.  To those people I would commend the book: 

Mosque:  An Action Guide for Communities 

This book defines the threat of Islam to our communities and nation, describes the insidious and seditious teaching and activities endemic to most mosques in the United States, and most importantly, ways to discourage or prevent the construction of a new mosque in your community.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bull Crap Alert!!

From our pals in Afghanistan:

Afghan President Karzai tells The Wall Street Journal that the US and Afghan governments have begun secret talks with the Taliban, an important breakthrough in efforts to end the war in Afghanistan.

Ahh yes.  I huge breakthrough.  We have begun “secret” talks with the Taliban.  Oh happy day.  It almost seems like Christmas or Ramadan, or something.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Oh, I know what it is.  BS!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The great generational divide…

Here are the two perspectives of the great generational divide:

The baby-boomers and older generation (55 through 70’s)  view the current state of (im)morality and big government and corruption and taxes and excessive regulation and say “it’s a good thing I won’t be around to experience the fallout from the mess being created by the young progressives who don’t know history and don’t understand the consequences of their choices, neither socially nor politically.”

Generation X (the 30 somethings) react to the comparatively well-informed conservative social and political views of the generations before them and say “those old farts live in the past and are trying to control the world we will inherit over the next 50 years; they shouldn’t even be allowed a vote.”

So here we have it:  The more well-informed older generation is glad they won’t have to experience the degraded civilization the younger generations are bringing on themselves.*

And the less informed younger generation believe they know it all and suggest the elders should no longer have a right to influence civilization.*

That is full-bore progressivism, full blown arrogance, and the manifestation of full blown ignorance.  They not only redefine morality into “anything goes” but redefine 2000 years of Christianity’s personal gospel into a newly invented “collective social gospel.”

This audacious attitude is counter to the culture of  most past successful civilizations and the path followed in most civilizational failures.  It is the personification of the famous quote “"those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

These self-absorbed entitlement-mentality grandchildren of “the greatest generation” will deserve everything they bring on themselves.  Indeed, I am glad I will not be around to experience it.

When the next generation believes*…

… that homosexuality ought to be a normalized, protected and promoted lifestyle; that anyone who disagrees is a “bigot”;

…that government ought to provide equal outcomes beyond equal opportunity;

…that dissonant, repetitive, rhythmic shouting of obscenities is “music”;

…that a personal transformation by God’s grace is a fiction perpetuated by the church but government-enforced taxation to redistribute wealth (the social gospel) is true religion;

…that killing babies is an acceptable method of birth control and should be funded by taxpayers;

…that the primary purpose of sex is recreation with multiple playmates and not for procreation;

…that premarital sex and same sex marriage is the norm and those who disagree are “narrow-minded”;

…that the wisdom of the previous generations is of little use and their influence needs to be ignored…

…that is more than just a case of the old folks ruminating about “the good ol’ days” and musing about how things have changed from “when I was their age.”  That is a full blown case of civilizational moral decay and decline.  Generational change used to be defined by new dance steps, new clothing styles, and new slang.  Now it is defined by a leap toward a destructive mix of amorality, anarchy, and socialism.

Yes, children.  Continue to promote your “audacity of hope” based on ignorance of our past!


* Of course there are exceptions.  There are the clueless elderly who remain liberal, drug or booze addicted hippies from the 60’s, and there are clear minded, aware gen-Xers who understand the principles that made our nation great and promote them despite the progressive rantings of their peers.  Both of these groups are exceptions within their respective cohorts.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

The spirit of America?

The conservative group “Million Moms” don’t believe it is appropriate for JC Penny to choose lesbian Ellen DeGeneres as a role model in their advertisements.  They called for JC Penny to end her representation.

Quasi-conservative Bill O’Reilly believes the “Moms” are violating “The Spirit of America.”  In fact he went so far as to call their opinion “McCarthyism” which is akin to saying it is an unjust and unnecessary witch hunt of sorts.

Well, “culture-warrior” O’Reilly, since when has it been the Spirit of America to front and defend the use of homosexuals as role models for big business?  Oh yes, only in the last year or so.  For the previous 200 plus years it has been the Spirit of America to take a stab at promoting morality, especially in publicly sanctioned discourse.

So here we have “culture warrior” Bill O’Reilly promoting immorality by embracing the “new morality.”  Some culture warrior he turned out to be.  Can we all say “hypocrite?”

Read more of this story HERE.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Protecting religious liberty: A double-edged sword, unless…

The current battle against the over-reaching federal mandates that violate Christian moral principles related to forced abortion funding is a test of religious liberty in this nation.  The federal government is indeed over-stepping its bounds and stomping all over the first amendment.

Now enter Islam.  Islam declares Sharia Law is a sacred religious right.  The vast majority of Americans are opposed to incorporating Sharia Law as part of our legal system.  But here’s the problem.  If we insist that the  government prohibit one religious mandate but not another, the government is not being consistent.  That inconsistency will be litigated.  Either both religious provisions will be upheld (prohibiting the government mandate for religious institutions to fund abortions AND prohibiting government exclusion of Sharia Law) or both provisions will be allowed.

Government cannot meddle in one without meddling in the other.  Government cannot ignore one without ignoring the other.

The only solution out of this apparent catch 22 is to rightfully recognize Islam for what it is.  It is not a religion worthy of protection of the first amendment.  It is primarily a political ideology, foreign to the historical ideals of American government, culture, and religion.  It promotes fascist, supremacist, and intolerant doctrines that are contrary to the ideals we have historically cherished.

Our government actions cannot simultaneously support the doctrines of Christianity and Islam.  They are mutually exclusive and grossly incompatible.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Another Bible Lesson Begging Application…

Last night I attended a Bible study on 1 Samuel Chapter 4.  This chapter covers two battles of Israel against the Philistines.  Israel lost 4,000 troops in the first battle.   In the second battle their leaders embarked on a foolish strategy that motivated their foes, resulting in Israel losing 30,000 troops .  Not only was their troop loss more severe, but they foolishly sacrificed the sacred symbol that represented their national identity, their culture, their history and their faith by bringing their Arc of the Covenant into battle.

How and why did this happen to Israel?  First, their leader , Eli, was in his 90’s and not in a physical or mental condition to lead.  More significantly, he raised two sons who turned out to be “wicked men” and “full of iniquity.”  God fulfilled his prophecy to Samuel and allowed Israel to lose the battles, the Arc and Eli’s sons which caused Eli’s death.

And that is pretty much where the lesson ended. No connection to our situation today was ever mentioned. The lesson remained detached in the times and culture of around 1150 BC, 3,250 years ago.

What could have been pointed out to make the lesson relevant to us today?

  1. The problem of an incapable leader relying on others.
  2. Subordinate leaders who had no regard for the nation’s history, culture, traditions or faith.
  3. A population who empowered these leaders to run the country and implement their foolish policies and poorly run wars.
  4. The incompetent leader (Eli) could easily be compared to President Obama. 
  5. The “wicked men, full of iniquity” who had no regard for the history, culture, or faith of Israel could easily be related to the socialists, progressives, and anti-Christian secularists today who lead our country and universities without regard to our history, culture, and faith.
  6. We, today, are sacrificing our history, culture, and faith to fit into a new world order – everything that is sacred to us is being sacrificed.

Here is an example in the news:  Obama at Prayer Breakfast: Jesus Would Want Us to Tax the Rich

Current events are rife with examples that could bring Bible lessons to life.  But for a variety of reasons, the connection is not made.

Why not?  Here are some speculative possibilities:

  1. Pastors don’t have the time to understand current events well enough to make the connection.
  2. Pastors don’t have an interest in current events.
  3. Church leadership believes that relating Scripture lessons to current events might  be offensive to some.
  4. Church leadership believes that relating Scripture lessons to current events might cause dissention, loss of members, or loss of revenue.

I suspect these are the same reasons the people and leaders of Israel had that created their loss of faith, wickedness, evil, and the decline and their nation.

The bigger question for me personally is this:  Why do I subject myself to these sermons and Bible studies that fail at relevance?