Monday, August 31, 2009

Milton Friedman educates Phil Donahue

Frankly, Phil Donahue’s lack of understanding of human nature makes me sick.  Unfortunately, most of the whiny, Pollyannaesque anti-American left, including 90% of Hollywood, and most media feel the same way as Donahue expresses in this short clip…

Thankfully, there are thinkers like Friedman who bring us back to reality.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Obama in Action

Classic Obama exercising his change in the realms of the economy, national security, and foreign relations.











Friday, August 28, 2009

The way it should be and the way it is…

This is how Norman Rockwell saw himself…

This is how B. Hussein O. sees himself…


By the way.  That is Mohammad, not Jesus.  Unfortunately, this Barack caricature fails to change the small photos in the upper right that were in the original  Rockwell painting, Rockwell’s role models Durer, Rembrandt, van Gogh, and a Picasso.  Ideally there would have been a Che Guevara, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and a Shephard Fairey tacked up in the corner – Obama’s role models.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What democracy accomplishes in the middle east...

In August 2005, January 2006, July 2007, and January 2009 I expressed concern and dismay at US attempts to invoke “democracy” in Iraq or any Islamic nation – because the dominance of Islam prevents any ongoing success.

It appears that Robert Spencer, author of the Jihad Watch web site, has a similar history of skepticism. He leads through the chronology that results in the most likely outcome:

"Iraq will be a colony of Iran"

Well, I hate to say I told you so, but...

June 27, 2006: "Of course, Ahmadinejad may be jumping the gun a bit as far as that is concerned, but he is certainly doing all he can to bring into being a Shi'ite client state in Iraq."

September 13, 2006: "Here we see looming in Iraq the Shi'ite client state of Iran that the U.S. has unwittingly helped put into place with its short-sighted democracy project."

October 31, 2006: "Is al-Maliki on the road to creating the Shi'ite client state that the Iranians have been trying to foster in Iraq for quite some time now?"

February 11, 2007: "Iran continues its efforts to create a Shi'ite client state in Iraq."

June 10, 2008: "Or are U.S. troops the main obstacle to Iraq's becoming a full-fledged client state of Iran?"

November 12, 2008: "Very soon now the President of the United States and the President of Iran will sit down, without preconditions, and hash this out, and clear everything up before Iraq turns fully into the Shi'ite client state that the Iranians covet."

July 1, 2009: "Their goal of creating a Shi'ite client state is closer than ever to being realized."

July 30, 2009: "Was this what we have been fighting for in Iraq all these years? An Iranian Shi'ite client state in Baghdad?"

Looks like it. But of course, the learned analysts knew better.

"Behind the Carnage in Baghdad," by David Ignatius in the Washington Post, August 25 (thanks to Kamala):

As security deteriorates in Baghdad, there's a new cause for worry: The head of the U.S.-trained Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS) has quit in a long-running quarrel with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki -- depriving that country of a key leader in the fight against sectarian terrorism.

Gen. Mohammed Shahwani, the head of Iraqi intelligence since 2004, resigned this month because of what he viewed as Maliki's attempts to undermine his service and allow Iranian spies to operate freely. The CIA, which has worked closely with Shahwani since he went into exile in the 1990s and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars training the INIS, was apparently caught by surprise by his departure.

The chaotic conditions in Iraq that triggered Shahwani's resignation are illustrated by several recent events -- each of which suggests that without the backstop of U.S. support, Iraqi authorities are now desperately vulnerable to pressure, especially from neighboring Iran....

Iran's links with Maliki are so close, said this Iraqi intelligence source, that the prime minister uses an Iranian jet with an Iranian crew for his official travel. The Iranians are said to have sent Maliki an offer to help his Dawa Party win at least 49 seats in January's parliamentary elections if Maliki will make changes in his government that Iran wants....

Should the Americans try to restore order? The top Iraqi intelligence source answered sadly that it was probably wiser to "stay out of it and be safe." When pressed about what his country would look like in five years, absent American help, he answered bluntly: "Iraq will be a colony of Iran."

Paradigm Shift: More Than Obamanomics

A paradigm shift is what appears to be a sudden shift of values of what is right and true.  A “paradigm shift” is occurring in our nation’s economy, health care, religious values and national defense, all at the same time.  I will coin a new word for this:  Megadigm shift.

To provide some perspective, here are several examples of “paradigm shifts” that have occurred in the social sciences:

  • The Keynesian Revolution is typically viewed as a major shift in macroeconomics.[2] According to John Kenneth Galbraith, Say's Law dominated economic thought prior to Keynes for over a century, and the shift to Keynesianism was difficult. Economists who contradicted the law, which inferred that underemployment and underinvestment (coupled with oversaving) were virtually impossible, risked losing their careers.[3] In his magnum opus, Keynes cited one of his predecessors, J. A. Hobson,[4] who was repeatedly denied positions at universities for his heretical theory.

  • Later, the movement for monetarism over Keynesianism marked a second divisive shift. Monetarists held that fiscal policy was unimportant for economic stabilization, in contrast to the Keynesian view that both fiscal and monetary policy were important.[5]

  • Fritjof Capra describes a paradigm shift presently happening in science from physics to the life sciences. This shift in perceptive accompanies a shift in values and is characterized by ecological literacy.[6]

  (Source: Wikipedia)

Barack Obama is either blamed for or credited with our current megadigm shift.  But in reality, he is merely the spokesman and facilitator for it.  This shift has been brewing for several decades. I’ve known of Obama’s radical, socialist, communist, racist and terrorist connections since he first began his presidential campaign – he wrote about them in his second book that my daughter gave me two and a half years ago for Christmas.

Most of the people who elected Obama knew of his radical associations – they were not kept secret. A man with this kind of background would not have been elected if this “megadigm shift” had not been brewing within the American psyche for some period of time.  Our current president didn’t come to power via a coup.  He was elected by American voters.  While there was considerable deception via his public rhetoric, most of his value system was already on the table.

The American voter was part of the megadigm shift now unfolding on the national stage:

  • Shift from capitalism to socialism and beyond
  • Shift from private sector to public sector services and ownership of major corporations
  • Shift toward quadrupling the national debt in less than a year
  • Shift from being a “Christian nation” to being a “Muslim” nation (in the president’s view) or at best, not a Judeo/Christian nation.
  • Shift from discernment in morals and sense of right and wrong to a belief that those are outmoded concepts that are “judgmental, bigoted, and intolerant.”
  • Shift from winning wars as a logical and essential objective, to winning becoming a poor, archaic objective because we no longer have the stomach, the sense of purpose enough to sacrifice to win.

These and other components of our megadigm shift are the ultimate consequence of a democracy that lost its self discipline – a consequence of losing faith in our own value system and believing every else’s values are just as good or better.  The people of this nation have lost their sense of history and purpose to the point of accepting the “un-American” principles we fought against for the past six decades.  We are at the point where what appears to be the easy road – the government doing for us what we should do for ourselves – is the most appealing.  And Hussein Obama, with his hoard of czars and community activists will help lead us down that path.  He is leading us toward losing our liberties.

God help us…if half our population can recognize Him.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My response to a clueless reporter about Islam…

An Orlando Sentinel reporter (Daryl) recently published the following request for insights on several subjects relating to the runaway Columbus, OH teen escaping from her Muslim parents.

Here is his request:

I'm seeking expert insight (e-mail observations are welcome) regarding an Ohio teenager who ran away to Florida, saying she was afraid her father would kill her for converting from Islam to Christianity. She had been living with a husband/wife pastor team, whom she met through a prayer group on Facebook. They took her in after she ran away, rode a bus from Ohio and popped up unannounced in Orlando. I'm looking to discuss the prevailing issues of sanctuary, religious freedom, anti-Muslim bias, honor killings, jurisdiction, propriety of clergy housing a teenage runaway, etc. The full story is found at:,0,2812365.story

Contact: Darryl Owens,

Here you go, Daryl, from a mainstream American who is paying attention.

He said “I'm looking to discuss the prevailing issues of:”

(My responses follow each topic heading)

Sanctuary: Just as our various states establish wildlife sanctuaries for animals threatened by predators and excessive hunting, humans should have no less opportunity to find a sanctuary, a safe place where they are not threatened by predators, whatever the religious motive the predator might have. The duration of such sanctuary needs to be for at least the period of time necessary to assure the individual’s safety if she should return – even if that quest takes years. A life is at stake – Muslims who change their faith are not blowing smoke when they express concerns for their life.

Religious freedom: This is what this nation is all about. Liberty is what they call it. The liberty to choose one’s own faith and life path. The concept is complicated when the individual choosing to exercise her religious freedom – separate and apart from the influence of her parents - is a minor. But remember, in 99.999999% of the cases in this country, minors who decided they wanted to “change religions” have not changed from Islam to another religion. In such cases, the child is not in jeopardy of being terminated when possession and control is maintained by the parents.

Things get dicey when Islam is involved. There needs to be a whole new set of considerations. Islam is relatively new to this country. With its recent surge in numbers, there is a renewed boldness to invoke the more radical practices (from an American and Western European perspective) of fundamentalist Islam. It just so happens that one of those fundamentalist practices, clearly taught in the Quran, is killing the apostate family member. This places a whole new twist on the scenario where a minor (a late teen, in this case) overtly expresses her belief in a religion other than Islam and embarrasses her family. She clearly feels her life is threatened – and with legitimate reason. When threatened with death, religious freedom for a teen becomes very significant – a matter of life and death – the same as it was in 16th century England.

Anti-Muslim bias: You need to make a distinction between a judgment based on fact and experience, and one based on misinformed fear or hatred. Those of us who have been paying attention to the resurgence of fundamentalist Islam – both in the middle east and in this nation – have made this distinction. Those who remain relatively ignorant of this resurgence view those who bring these radical Islamic teachings and practices to light as harboring an “anti-Muslim bias.” That is a dangerous accusation because it dismisses the truth. I personally do not understand how so many Americans can remain so blind to the literally thousands of malicious and inhumane actions against those with whom Muslims disagree. See this web site for examples that occur every day. How else do you explain the psychotic intolerance at the depiction of Muhammad cartoons, or toward an author critical of another’s religion (Rushdie) by Muslims. Sharia Law is not just another political party. It is a form of fascist suppression of the freedom and liberty that has been the basis of this nation’s founding and most of the wars we have fought. You need to know that a large majority of those practicing Islam in this nation would like to impose Sharia throughout this nation someday – the sooner the better.

Honor killings: See above and here and here. Granted, Pakistan is an Islamic nation and the practice of honor killings is much more common there. But wherever there is a concentration of Muslim population in this nation, such as in and around Columbus, OH, those folks are emboldened by their peers and numbers to practice the purer form of Islam, which includes honor killings. Where is the “moderate Muslim”, this article asks?

Jurisdiction: Consult your legal counsel who specializes in such matters.

Propriety of clergy housing a teenage runaway: If that teenager appeared on my doorstep, knowing what I know about the facts of this case thus far, she would have a place in our spare room. What would you do? One would be a perverse idiot to do otherwise. Because her protector happens to be “Christian clergy” somehow makes his actions suspect? Give me a break!

Etc: I am glad you are seeking an understanding of these issues. Hopefully you will not be deceived by the common Islamic practice of Taqiyya: The Islamic practice of lying and deceit for the sake of Allah. Muslim ”insight” will have this tendency.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Pastor's Wife's View of Current Events......

The following was written by a pastor's wife in Biblical prose, documenting current events and prophesying soon-to-occur events.  It was passed on to me by a dear, elderly lady friend who was quite impressed by its prophetic nature. It rings eerily true.  Here it is, with some embellishment by yours truly.

And it came to pass in the Age of Insanity that the people of the land called America, having lost their morals, their initiative, and their will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that person known as “The One.”

He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no substance, no meaning; but he entranced the people telling them, “I am sent to save you. My lack of wisdom and experience matter not, my radical associations in the days of old matter not, my cunning and ego matter not.  For I shall save you with Hope and Change.  Go, therefore, and proclaim throughout the land that all who preceded me are the true evil ones.  They have defiled the nation, and all they built must be destroyed and rebuilt in my image.”

And the people rejoiced.  For even though they knew not what “The One” would do, he had promised that it was good – and they believed.

And “The One” said “though some believe We live in the  greatest land in the world, they deceive themselves, for it is not so.  Our land is unjust and evil.  I will tell the world, even our enemies of our wickedness.  Come, help me change everything about this land– and we must do it now.  And the people said, “Hallelujah – Praise Allah – all is good.”

“The One” declared, “we will tax those who produce and earn too much for they are the ‘fat cats’ of the land”  And the people shouted “then there will be more for us – do it to them so that we will have more and won’t have to work for it.”  And “The One” affirmed “Redistribution of wealth is good for all the people of my domain.”

And a commoner of the realm, known as Joe the plumber, asked “Are you going to partake of my money and give it to those who do little work?”  And “The One” and his minions ridiculed and taunted him. And lo, Joe’s personal records were stolen and published throughout the land.

A lone scribe asked, “are not the declarations you make the same as those of evil dictators of foreign lands – those who steal from the productive and rich and give to those who are lazy and careless?”  And lo, she was banished from the land.

A citizen asked, “With no experience in relations with foreign lands or military matters, how will you protect us from those who wish to destroy us – those called Islamic terrorists?”  “The One” replied, “We will become like them – we will talk with them – we will become their friend, and they will embrace us.  They will forget that they wanted to do us harm.  For lo, we are indeed a Muslim nation – we are not a Christian nation.  That is a myth taught by the evil ones.  And the people said, “Hallelujah!  Praise Allah!  Praise “The One””.  We are safe at last, and we can declare there is no more war on terror – we can beat our weapons into the booty of free cars, free health care.  “The One” will take care of us.

Then “The One” declared “wait – there is more.” 

“I shall cause the taxes of 95% of my victims, err, subjects to be lower.”  And one lone voice said, “But 40% of us do not pay any taxes.” So “The One” said, “Then I shall give you some of the taxes the wealthy and productive of the land pay – and I declare it ‘change that is good’”.  And the people said, “Hallelujah!  Praise Allah! Praise “The One.”

Then “The One” declared to the people, “I shall tax the profits you make on the sale of your houses.”  And the people yawned while the yawing housing market heaved down toward the abyss.

And “The One” said, “I shall mandate that those who hire workers shall pay for the health care of every worker – and I shall require that all workers be paid a higher wage.  And I shall cause our government to provide every person unlimited healthcare and medicine and provide transportation to the clinics.”  But then the countenance of “The One” turned sad as he said “but the lives of the little children and the elders among the people must be cut short should they need care, for the people cannot afford to care for those who cannot produce.”  And the people declared, “It will be good for us.”

“The One” then declared “I shall bankrupt the evil coal industry for they pollute and make the world hot. Coal is dirty, coal is evil, no more coal. It matters not that the cost of the movement of electron particles known as electricity will cause the people to live in darkness, for darkness is good.  The trees and animals will again prosper as the people adapt to the way “The One” and his holy advisors declare it should be.  I promise I will increase your wealth from the public treasury and with the help of all the ACORNs that adorn the tree of life.

Then “The One” mused, “Those who trespass within our land against our laws feel scorned and slighted.  I shall declare amnesty, free education, and free health care, and all the other benefits enjoyed by the people of this land.  I will require that separate languages are preserved to imitate God’s decree in Babel to confuse the languages.  Thus, cultural diversity to each group of peoples cam be  attained to preserve their own identities, separate and apart from the unity that I declare is evil.  And the people shouted “Hallelujah, “The One” is Great.”

And so it came to pass that employers, facing many plagues of higher wages, higher health costs, shortages of materials, and higher taxes, raised their prices, and let their workers go.  Other employers gave up and went out of business.  The people stopped building and inventing. More people became without funds Thus the value of businesses and governments  and the people of the realm sank down to Hades.

Then “The One” said, “I am the ‘I am’, the Messiah – I am here to save you!  We shall print more coin of the realm so everyone will have enough!”  But the people in far away lands said unto Him, “Who dost though joke with?  Your money is not worth a pile of camel dung!  You will have to pay more!”  And the people said, “No, that is unfair!”  And the people in far away lands said, “Nor fair are the foolish and ill-conceived actions of your leaders.  You have destroyed the goose that laid your golden eggs.  You have chosen poorly the policies of failed peoples throughout history.  You have become a third rate power and now must live by our rules.”

And the people cried out, “Alas, alas! What have we done?”  But yea, verily, it was too late.  The people set upon “The One” and spat upon him and stoned him, and his name was dung.  And the once mighty nation was no more; and the once proud people were without sustenance or shelter or hope.  And the Change “The One” had given them was as like unto a poison that had destroyed them and like a whirlwind that consumed all that they had built. And the people beat their chests in despair and cried out in anguish, “Give us back our nation and our pride and our hope!!”  But it was too late, and their homeland was no more.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Response from GEICO – My response back.

Last night I emailed GEICO and asked if it was true that they cut their ads from the Glenn Beck TV show, and, if so, why.

Here is GEICO’s reply:

Date: Thursday, August 13, 2009, 7:34 PM

Thank you, first of all for your business and also for your interest in this matter. This week we took action to move our marketing messages from the Glenn Beck show and you are wondering why.
Well you deserve an answer.

If the inflammatory nature of the comments on a program overshadows our message and causes GEICO to be drawn into a national debate, we are likely to reconsider where we place our marketing messages, which is what we did.

GEICO delivers very important messages through its major marketing campaigns: we?re saving customers? dollars, we?re easy to do business with, and we?re looking out for our policyholders. That?s what we hope the public hears and sees and focuses on.
As a company, we do not take positions on controversial issues.
As an advertiser, while a national debate on issues can be healthy and appropriate, we don?t see ourselves in the role of taking part in those debates.

Our business is auto insurance. We want to bring people value and we attempt to reach large audiences with that message. 
It is of little benefit to us if a program gets so much attention that our message is drowned out.

And here is my reply back to GEICO this evening:

Thank you for your reply and explanation of your actions with regard to removing GEICO advertising from the Glenn Beck TV show.

Every company certainly has the right to appropriate any advertising dollar to any media they believe benefits them best.

But such actions are also indicative of the values of such company.  GEICOs actions indicate to me that your firm has little regard for public debate, alternative viewpoints and anything but the socialist agenda that is being promoted by the main stream media and most of our out of touch federal government.  You are on the side of the sinking polls of our president and his administration.  I believe too much in the greatness of this nation and the values she represents, and promoted by Glenn Beck, to stand idly by and and not react and comment on your actions.

One persons' "inflammatory" is another's "sound contrary opinion."  As one of your customers, I was not distracted in the least by Beck's commentary and in fact, respected GEICO as a sponsor.  Your withdrawal from that show indicates your disdain for debate, and in fact, your support of values that are contrary to the best interests of this nation.  I suspect and am hoping that many thousands of your customers believe the same and will act accordingly.

Finally, I find it rather disingenuous and hypocritical that GEICO continues its advertising on the leftist Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman and Ed Schultz shows.

This clearly shows GEICOs political bias and BS excuses.


Glenn Beck chases the lizards out of the closet...

The cat's out of the bag...
And the lizards that were chased out are:

GEICO Insurance
Progressive Insurance
Procter and Gamble

These three firms pulled their advertising out of the Glenn Beck show. They are not happy with his pro-America tirades (and facts).

Here is the leftist Huffington Post inside story.

And here is the story from Atlas Shrugs.

Google "Glenn Beck advertisers" and you will see the "Media Matters" and other left wing smear machines at work, targeting Glenn Beck.

Beck is one of the few who are providing alternatives to the "cram it through" attitude of Washington and most of the media. The left and Obama radicals want to silence one of the few voices that value human life over government control of health care and runaway deficits.

My hope is that many of us will pull our purchasing dollars out of these firms that pull their advertising dollars out of Beck.

Personally, I began researching other car insurance options last night. I hear great things about State Farm, Allstate and AAA. In fact AAA has an affiliation with several auto insurers who compete for quotes. I might save a few bucks as well as have the satisfaction of playing my small part to let GEICO know their leftist politics suck. Apparantly there are many ties between these companies and radical leftist money merchants and others who hold their own agendas above Americas.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If for NO OTHER reason to oppose the bill...

On ABC, Obama was asked by Charlie Gibson:

"Mr. President, will you and your family give up your current health care program and join the new "Universal health Care Program" that the rest of us will be on?"

There was stoney silence, with this expression from this "universal health care proponent"...

A number of senators were asked the same question. Their response: "We'll think about it."

The test that we should hold Congress to on any bill they consider passing: Will you agree to forfeit your perk and be covered by what you approve for the rest of us?

If they waffle or say no, KILL IT. If for no other reason to kill the bill, it is because of the special privledge and hypocracy it perpetuates...reducing the health benefits 70% of us enjoy while maintaining the gold plated benefits of the privledged few.

Older and Wiser

Some viewers may not agree with much of what I write on this blog. I would like to know what you don't agree with and why. Providing your e-mail address (which will remain confidential) via posting a comment would open a dialogue.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Music night

Here is one of my favorite "semi-classical" pieces of music, English Folk Song Suite by Vaughn Williams. This is the symphonic, (as opposed to the wind ensemble) version.

I never heard the original English folk song that was the basis of Williams instrumental version, but here it is...a first for me.

And finally, one of my favoite songs from the '60's, popular just before I joined the Army...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Damned if you do; damned if you don't

For years the mainstream American public has been accused of not getting involved in civic affairs - shirking our civic duty. We've been criticized for being indifferent couch pototoes, preferring to remain ignorant of what is going on in Washington and not taking the effort to make our views known like good citizens of a republic should do.

Well well. How things have changed. The bail outs, the corporate buy-outs, cap-'n-cool, and government-only health care have punched us in the gut. The so-called "indifferent" sleeping giant is coming to life - hopefully akin to the US awakening after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What appreciation do we receive for showing signs of civic life? Our outrage is "manufactured" they say (meaning "fake", "contrived", sponsored by self-serving special interests, and therefore not credible.) Ya, sure, Barack Hussein. The only legitimate civic involvement is left wing radicalism? Don't thnk so. Your community organizer double-speak ought to be stuffed back into the Chicago-politics bottle. The genie is out and its' corrupt bile is being spewed across America. I'm surprised our outrage hadn't erupted earlier.

Just goes to show ya. You're damned if ya do, and damned if ya don't. If we're going to be damned in any event, might as well let them know what ya really think - in every possible way: blog, twitter/tweet, send cards, e-mails, letters to Congress, letters to the editor, phone calls, picket radicals, talk to neighbors, stage/participate in street rallies, form community organizations and support groups - use your imaginations.

And here is Pam Geller's take on the Obama obsfucationism of this topic - definitely worth a listen. Pardon the video jacket. That's Pamela's way of bringing to the radical's attention that the "evil joker" images of Obama popping up all over the place is nothing new.