Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paradigm Shift: More Than Obamanomics

A paradigm shift is what appears to be a sudden shift of values of what is right and true.  A “paradigm shift” is occurring in our nation’s economy, health care, religious values and national defense, all at the same time.  I will coin a new word for this:  Megadigm shift.

To provide some perspective, here are several examples of “paradigm shifts” that have occurred in the social sciences:

  • The Keynesian Revolution is typically viewed as a major shift in macroeconomics.[2] According to John Kenneth Galbraith, Say's Law dominated economic thought prior to Keynes for over a century, and the shift to Keynesianism was difficult. Economists who contradicted the law, which inferred that underemployment and underinvestment (coupled with oversaving) were virtually impossible, risked losing their careers.[3] In his magnum opus, Keynes cited one of his predecessors, J. A. Hobson,[4] who was repeatedly denied positions at universities for his heretical theory.

  • Later, the movement for monetarism over Keynesianism marked a second divisive shift. Monetarists held that fiscal policy was unimportant for economic stabilization, in contrast to the Keynesian view that both fiscal and monetary policy were important.[5]

  • Fritjof Capra describes a paradigm shift presently happening in science from physics to the life sciences. This shift in perceptive accompanies a shift in values and is characterized by ecological literacy.[6]

  (Source: Wikipedia)

Barack Obama is either blamed for or credited with our current megadigm shift.  But in reality, he is merely the spokesman and facilitator for it.  This shift has been brewing for several decades. I’ve known of Obama’s radical, socialist, communist, racist and terrorist connections since he first began his presidential campaign – he wrote about them in his second book that my daughter gave me two and a half years ago for Christmas.

Most of the people who elected Obama knew of his radical associations – they were not kept secret. A man with this kind of background would not have been elected if this “megadigm shift” had not been brewing within the American psyche for some period of time.  Our current president didn’t come to power via a coup.  He was elected by American voters.  While there was considerable deception via his public rhetoric, most of his value system was already on the table.

The American voter was part of the megadigm shift now unfolding on the national stage:

  • Shift from capitalism to socialism and beyond
  • Shift from private sector to public sector services and ownership of major corporations
  • Shift toward quadrupling the national debt in less than a year
  • Shift from being a “Christian nation” to being a “Muslim” nation (in the president’s view) or at best, not a Judeo/Christian nation.
  • Shift from discernment in morals and sense of right and wrong to a belief that those are outmoded concepts that are “judgmental, bigoted, and intolerant.”
  • Shift from winning wars as a logical and essential objective, to winning becoming a poor, archaic objective because we no longer have the stomach, the sense of purpose enough to sacrifice to win.

These and other components of our megadigm shift are the ultimate consequence of a democracy that lost its self discipline – a consequence of losing faith in our own value system and believing every else’s values are just as good or better.  The people of this nation have lost their sense of history and purpose to the point of accepting the “un-American” principles we fought against for the past six decades.  We are at the point where what appears to be the easy road – the government doing for us what we should do for ourselves – is the most appealing.  And Hussein Obama, with his hoard of czars and community activists will help lead us down that path.  He is leading us toward losing our liberties.

God help us…if half our population can recognize Him.

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