Thursday, August 13, 2009

Glenn Beck chases the lizards out of the closet...

The cat's out of the bag...
And the lizards that were chased out are:

GEICO Insurance
Progressive Insurance
Procter and Gamble

These three firms pulled their advertising out of the Glenn Beck show. They are not happy with his pro-America tirades (and facts).

Here is the leftist Huffington Post inside story.

And here is the story from Atlas Shrugs.

Google "Glenn Beck advertisers" and you will see the "Media Matters" and other left wing smear machines at work, targeting Glenn Beck.

Beck is one of the few who are providing alternatives to the "cram it through" attitude of Washington and most of the media. The left and Obama radicals want to silence one of the few voices that value human life over government control of health care and runaway deficits.

My hope is that many of us will pull our purchasing dollars out of these firms that pull their advertising dollars out of Beck.

Personally, I began researching other car insurance options last night. I hear great things about State Farm, Allstate and AAA. In fact AAA has an affiliation with several auto insurers who compete for quotes. I might save a few bucks as well as have the satisfaction of playing my small part to let GEICO know their leftist politics suck. Apparantly there are many ties between these companies and radical leftist money merchants and others who hold their own agendas above Americas.

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