Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Damned if you do; damned if you don't

For years the mainstream American public has been accused of not getting involved in civic affairs - shirking our civic duty. We've been criticized for being indifferent couch pototoes, preferring to remain ignorant of what is going on in Washington and not taking the effort to make our views known like good citizens of a republic should do.

Well well. How things have changed. The bail outs, the corporate buy-outs, cap-'n-cool, and government-only health care have punched us in the gut. The so-called "indifferent" sleeping giant is coming to life - hopefully akin to the US awakening after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What appreciation do we receive for showing signs of civic life? Our outrage is "manufactured" they say (meaning "fake", "contrived", sponsored by self-serving special interests, and therefore not credible.) Ya, sure, Barack Hussein. The only legitimate civic involvement is left wing radicalism? Don't thnk so. Your community organizer double-speak ought to be stuffed back into the Chicago-politics bottle. The genie is out and its' corrupt bile is being spewed across America. I'm surprised our outrage hadn't erupted earlier.

Just goes to show ya. You're damned if ya do, and damned if ya don't. If we're going to be damned in any event, might as well let them know what ya really think - in every possible way: blog, twitter/tweet, send cards, e-mails, letters to Congress, letters to the editor, phone calls, picket radicals, talk to neighbors, stage/participate in street rallies, form community organizations and support groups - use your imaginations.

And here is Pam Geller's take on the Obama obsfucationism of this topic - definitely worth a listen. Pardon the video jacket. That's Pamela's way of bringing to the radical's attention that the "evil joker" images of Obama popping up all over the place is nothing new.

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