Friday, August 29, 2008

First Thoughts About Palin as McCain's VP

Yes, she's a conservative...good
Yes, she is pro-life...good
Yes, she is a woman...good
Yes, she is well-spoken and spunky...good.

But beyond that who is she? A maverick? A governor for a couple of years?

She is, to most of us, a great unknown. And there is not enough time for the public to get to know her well enough in the next two months for her to be an asset to the ticket. Will she be effective in her new responsibilities? Is she equipped to assume the presidency when the President dies in office? She will likely add some female and conservative boost to the ballot. Yes, she is likely to do these things for the ticket. But does she help create the best ticket for this nation? Is her level of experience what we need at this point in our history? She is too green for the job in spite of whatever talents she has.

In fact, my first impression is that McCain missed the mark by putting "getting elected" above securing the best candidate. But then, this is politics - the art of argument and compromise. As McCain sees it, if he doesn't do everything to get elected, there is nothing on the other side.

One of two things will happen. The electorate will agree that she does not add sufficient credibility to the ticket, and McCain will not be elected. Or, McCains' primary reason for selecting Palin - to get himself elected - will work, and the American people will have a Vice President ill-equipped for the task.

Time will tell. I hope I'm wrong.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fiddling while Washington's Nuked - Why We Aren't Prepared

The current tendencies of this nation and much of our population are troublesome in several respects:

Immigration: Inability to assimilate as fast as immigration is being allowed, inviting excessive and violent cultural change in the coming years; disregard for the law by not enforcing the immigration standards we have.

Cult of "cultural diversity" and "tolerance": Belief that anyones values, culture, beliefs, religion, and behaviors are as good as, if not superior, to our own - being "tolerant" to the point of self-destruction.

Ignorance about the breadth and intent of radical Islam: What proportion of the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world would like to control our nation and dictate their religious standards to the rest of our population?

Lack of defenses for the most likely violent threats to our political system, economy, and infrastructure.

Here is a site worth exploring that describes these threats in vivid detail.

The Obama Nation: Why It is Bad for Our Wellbeing

A must read about Barack Hussein Obama - "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality" by Jerome Corsi. My daughter gave me Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope" for Christmas 19 months ago. I may just buy her this book for a pre-election present. Here is Amazon's website for it.

The reviews of this book on Amazon reflect the polarization of this nation's readers. This is a love it or hate it book. Based on the number of pro and con reviews, most readers are Obama supporters which apparently means reading doesn't necessarily equate with common sense.

Now my take on the polarization of review comments for this book:

Reviewers either want their country to remain strong and free or weak and subject to the tyranny of others.

Reviewers either want to keep more of their own money to do what they believe is best with it, or agree to have more of their money forcibly taken by the government to give to others who won't do for themselves.

Reviewers either cherish their heritage, beliefs and culture, or believe any other heritage, belief, and culture is just as valuable, whether it be that of radical Islamists, perverts, or socialists.

Reviewers either respect and trust the wisdom and experience of age, or they are viscerally attracted to youthfulness, groundless promises, and ignorant ideas.