Monday, March 31, 2008

Crying "judgmental" without being judgmental

That is an interesting trick.

Bigot: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

Just about anyone who has an opinion about a person, a religion, or a behavior is called a bigot nowadays. Oddly, this phenomenon more often than not results in the name caller becoming as much of a bigot as the accused. Either that or the term is overused and misapplied.

For example, if you provide indisputable evidence that the preponderance of terrorist acts are conducted by Muslims based on their Koranic scripture, you will be called a bigot, intolerant, or judgmental.

If you point out Jeremiah Wright’s numerous racist, inflammatory, and anti-American statements, you will be called a bigot.

If a presidential candidate states facts to bring to light contrasting positions of other candidates that are believed to be inferior to his own, he will either be accused of being a bigot or, at best, a negative campaigner.

Expressing any critical opinion about an individual or group or about their behavior is more politically incorrect than any time I can recall in the past 50 years. Calling someone a bigot has recently overtaken the overuse of the word judgmental!

What has happened to the ability of people in this country to express intellectually honest statements and opinions? Name calling, whether referring to someone as a bigot or judgmental is chilling to free speech and legitimate communications. Since when has it become inappropriate to speak accurate opinions, facts, and truth?

If you have a strong opinion about someone or something, and express it, chances are you will be called a bigot or judgmental. If you say you will not tolerate an individual's or group's bad or threatening behavior, you will be called a bigot or judgmental. What is wrong with being distrustful of Islamists when 99% of all terrorist activity is conducted by Islamists? And the "moderates" among them barely denounce this fact. Historically, that "judgement" has been characterized as "wise discernment." But no, not in today's lexicon. If you are “discerning” about the actions of an individual or a group, and express the basis for your discernment, you will be labeled a bigot or judgmental.

Bottom line. Our rabidly politically confused (the word "correct" should be replaced by the word "confused") culture has declared that there is no distinction between right and wrong. We shall not bring to anyone’s attention any distinction between right and wrong. Anyone who attempts to draw such a distinction will be chastised as either a bigot or judgmental.

You know what I’m thinkin’? I’m thinkin’ that anyone who labels any of my comments as bigoted or judgmental can go stick it. Why? Without things we can believe in as right, true, preferable, and desirable, as compared to things that are wrong, false, to be avoided, or undesirable, we are in deep trouble as individuals, as a community, as a culture and as a country. Without deeply held, well founded values that are worthy of defending, promoting, and contrasting with competing and opposing values, we might as well roll up the sidewalks and turn off the lights. Not everyone who has an opinion is a bigot.

What about those who do the name calling? What about the Muslims who accuse those who point out the violent acts of Muslims of being a bigot?

What about defenders of Jeremiah Wright who accuse those who point out his many racist, inflammatory, and anti-American statements of being a bigot?

What are these name callers up to? Can you see through their name calling? Are they being intellectually honest? Are they so desperately committed to the indefensible that they lose touch with rational thought? Or don’t care?
Keep that great probability in mind the next time you either hear someone making the accusation of “bigot” or “judgmental” or if you consider making those accusations yourself.

In too many instances (not all) such name calling makes the accuser one.

And, by the way, these are just fact-based opinions we're expressing. No need for name calling, like "judgemental" and "bigot." Chill! A person can't open his mouth today without some overly sensitive ass complaining and name calling.

Oops. Did I just say that? Good. I feel better.