Thursday, February 09, 2012

Protecting religious liberty: A double-edged sword, unless…

The current battle against the over-reaching federal mandates that violate Christian moral principles related to forced abortion funding is a test of religious liberty in this nation.  The federal government is indeed over-stepping its bounds and stomping all over the first amendment.

Now enter Islam.  Islam declares Sharia Law is a sacred religious right.  The vast majority of Americans are opposed to incorporating Sharia Law as part of our legal system.  But here’s the problem.  If we insist that the  government prohibit one religious mandate but not another, the government is not being consistent.  That inconsistency will be litigated.  Either both religious provisions will be upheld (prohibiting the government mandate for religious institutions to fund abortions AND prohibiting government exclusion of Sharia Law) or both provisions will be allowed.

Government cannot meddle in one without meddling in the other.  Government cannot ignore one without ignoring the other.

The only solution out of this apparent catch 22 is to rightfully recognize Islam for what it is.  It is not a religion worthy of protection of the first amendment.  It is primarily a political ideology, foreign to the historical ideals of American government, culture, and religion.  It promotes fascist, supremacist, and intolerant doctrines that are contrary to the ideals we have historically cherished.

Our government actions cannot simultaneously support the doctrines of Christianity and Islam.  They are mutually exclusive and grossly incompatible.

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