Sunday, February 12, 2012

The great generational divide…

Here are the two perspectives of the great generational divide:

The baby-boomers and older generation (55 through 70’s)  view the current state of (im)morality and big government and corruption and taxes and excessive regulation and say “it’s a good thing I won’t be around to experience the fallout from the mess being created by the young progressives who don’t know history and don’t understand the consequences of their choices, neither socially nor politically.”

Generation X (the 30 somethings) react to the comparatively well-informed conservative social and political views of the generations before them and say “those old farts live in the past and are trying to control the world we will inherit over the next 50 years; they shouldn’t even be allowed a vote.”

So here we have it:  The more well-informed older generation is glad they won’t have to experience the degraded civilization the younger generations are bringing on themselves.*

And the less informed younger generation believe they know it all and suggest the elders should no longer have a right to influence civilization.*

That is full-bore progressivism, full blown arrogance, and the manifestation of full blown ignorance.  They not only redefine morality into “anything goes” but redefine 2000 years of Christianity’s personal gospel into a newly invented “collective social gospel.”

This audacious attitude is counter to the culture of  most past successful civilizations and the path followed in most civilizational failures.  It is the personification of the famous quote “"those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

These self-absorbed entitlement-mentality grandchildren of “the greatest generation” will deserve everything they bring on themselves.  Indeed, I am glad I will not be around to experience it.

When the next generation believes*…

… that homosexuality ought to be a normalized, protected and promoted lifestyle; that anyone who disagrees is a “bigot”;

…that government ought to provide equal outcomes beyond equal opportunity;

…that dissonant, repetitive, rhythmic shouting of obscenities is “music”;

…that a personal transformation by God’s grace is a fiction perpetuated by the church but government-enforced taxation to redistribute wealth (the social gospel) is true religion;

…that killing babies is an acceptable method of birth control and should be funded by taxpayers;

…that the primary purpose of sex is recreation with multiple playmates and not for procreation;

…that premarital sex and same sex marriage is the norm and those who disagree are “narrow-minded”;

…that the wisdom of the previous generations is of little use and their influence needs to be ignored…

…that is more than just a case of the old folks ruminating about “the good ol’ days” and musing about how things have changed from “when I was their age.”  That is a full blown case of civilizational moral decay and decline.  Generational change used to be defined by new dance steps, new clothing styles, and new slang.  Now it is defined by a leap toward a destructive mix of amorality, anarchy, and socialism.

Yes, children.  Continue to promote your “audacity of hope” based on ignorance of our past!


* Of course there are exceptions.  There are the clueless elderly who remain liberal, drug or booze addicted hippies from the 60’s, and there are clear minded, aware gen-Xers who understand the principles that made our nation great and promote them despite the progressive rantings of their peers.  Both of these groups are exceptions within their respective cohorts.



rjones said...

It is fact that, as generations reject God and Jesus as his Son, their civilization crumbles into anarchy. A good look at the history of Europe proves this point. Rome flourished after it accepted Christianity. Then, as its people began to believe that God did not matter, the empire crumbled.
After the Islamic conquest of most of southern Europe it was Christian kings that drove them back.
Currently it is Islam that is gaining strength throughout Europe as the native Europeans reject God and Christ and exalt themselves as the determinators of morality. And where is the European civilization going.
And we old folks have to be involved if we have any concern at all for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We cannot sit by and watch as this country comes crashing down around us.

BrM said...

What we're looking at in the upcoming generations is the product of our generations' rampant permissivness, enabling, self indulgence, elitism, and overall denial of reality in our family obligations. We're hedonists and the generations we spawned had their eyes wide open and took it to the next level. Now, after that sweeping inditement, I'll also recognize there are exceptions. But not enough to stem the tide. Frankly, I don't see a solution except to it is, in fact, "their" turn.

Brittany said...

Again, I could not agree more. The decaying morals of this country are so sad.