Saturday, February 11, 2012

The spirit of America?

The conservative group “Million Moms” don’t believe it is appropriate for JC Penny to choose lesbian Ellen DeGeneres as a role model in their advertisements.  They called for JC Penny to end her representation.

Quasi-conservative Bill O’Reilly believes the “Moms” are violating “The Spirit of America.”  In fact he went so far as to call their opinion “McCarthyism” which is akin to saying it is an unjust and unnecessary witch hunt of sorts.

Well, “culture-warrior” O’Reilly, since when has it been the Spirit of America to front and defend the use of homosexuals as role models for big business?  Oh yes, only in the last year or so.  For the previous 200 plus years it has been the Spirit of America to take a stab at promoting morality, especially in publicly sanctioned discourse.

So here we have “culture warrior” Bill O’Reilly promoting immorality by embracing the “new morality.”  Some culture warrior he turned out to be.  Can we all say “hypocrite?”

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Brittany said...

Right on! I agree. The advertisements with ellen have really bothered me as well. What kind of message does it send...