Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Burning questions about Islam answered by Bill Warner

Bill Warner has spent much of his life studying Islam, the religion, and Islam the political ideology.  Dr. Warner, a scientist in his earlier life, applied analytical methods to his study of the “trilogy” the 3 books that comprise the Islamic “bible” or Islamic “Mein Kampf” however you want to view them.

What he found is the answer to the complexity and successes of Islam.  These three books, collectively, focus on what Muslims must do about the Kafir, the non-Muslim.  Sixty percent of the words of these books deal with how Muslims must think and act toward the Kafir.  That makes Islam a political ideology and a political movement.

Understanding that, I have had three burning questions about the West’s reaction to the Islamic movement and its representatives over the past few years.  So yesterday I posed these questions to Dr. Warner.

  1. Why does Romney say "Jihadism is no part of Islam."  I elaborate on Romney’s odd statements here.
  2. What should we make of individuals such as Zudhi Jasser who claims he is a "devout" Muslim but sounds and acts like he is not a Muslim at all.  I elaborate on Zudhi Jasser here.
  3. And finally, if our government intelligently understood Islam, what should we do differently in Afghanistan, if we had a presence there at all.

Here is Dr. Warner’s reply, and I quote [list numbers added]:


  1. Romney's statement is false. I will not speculate as to why.
  2. I don't bother with moderate Muslims, since there is no moderate Islam.
  3. Wars against Islam should include its doctrine. War should only be used to punish and cause suffering. After the war, send in the missionaries. Teach the true Islamic doctrine in our schools; every student should know Koran, Sira, Hadith and the history of the Tears of Jihad.

His answer to the first question:  Romney is wrong.  Romney’s statement is false.  Dr. Warner does not speculate on obvious error.  I will speculate that Romney is influenced by his own Mormon doctrine and upbringing as further explained here.

Dr. Warner’s answer to the second question:  There is no “moderate” Islam, pure and simple.  Those who appear to be practitioners of “moderate” Islam are not practicing Islam, but are practicing a perversion of it.  Islamic history does not support what “moderates” purport to be – except in the cause of deception to further Islam.  The so-called “moderates” are either practicing taqiyya (Islamic deception) or are truly ignorant of their own faith.

His answer to the third question is exactly as Col. Allen West has stated:  We have been mistakenly fighting “terror” which is a tactic.  A tactic separated from the ideology that originates that tactic is a phantom.  We are fighting ghosts.  We will never know our enemy until we admit to the ideology that motivates our enemy.  That ideology is Islam itself. 

We cannot fight a war and have a “missionary” mentality at the same time.  We should be “nation-building” only after we have achieved a clear-cut victory.   And the clear cut victory will only be achieved by scaring the holy crap out of the entire population (civilian, political, as well as military) of the nation we are trying to neutralized.

Will will continue to lose this decades-long war as long as we continue to make believe Islam is something it is not.  We must understand Islam in the same manner we understood Fascism during WWII and Communism during the Cold War.  We must understand Islam and Islamism in this new, protracted epic battle so we will not repeat the demise of past cultures who were deceived and supplanted by Islamic taqiyya (deceit).

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