Friday, August 22, 2014

Race and gender identity trump behavior…

The Civil Rights Act of  1964 was the official federal policy that promoted discrimination based on race and gender.  That Act was the spawn of affirmative action, legislation that mandates that preference be given based on race and gender for all manner of services:  Education, housing, jobs, you name it.   White males who excel academically have been denied scholarships or admittance to universities in favor of blacks or females who are less qualified.  The same has been true of filling jobs.  That legislation elevates the importance of race above earned qualifications.  Any sane person would call this a form of racism.

Now consider the black electorate.   93% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012.  There’s a darn sight more than 7% of blacks who are conservative.  I know a number of blacks who are self-described conservatives who voted for Obama because he was black.  Race to them was more important than qualifications or ideology.  An honest definition of the actions of those voters would be “racist.”

Now consider the folks of Ferguson, MO.   The visceral reaction of the majority of that 67% black community was that the black hoodlum was innocent and the white cop was a racist murderer.  Has the black population in America been conditioned to believe that they will get a free pass, no matter what, just because they are black?  The Ferguson population automatically discounted the facts.  Their predisposition superimposed an image of white oppressors on what they saw in spite of the better reality.   Reality, being better than delusional fabrication, shows a different picture.

Brown was in fact a drug using, violent, out of control marauder in his community.  Is that the norm for Ferguson?  Is that the accepted cultural norm there?  Or are Fergusonians excusing that behavior because he is Black?  Are they expecting special treatment for a hoodlum because he was black?  Are the blacks in Ferguson racist?   Has our nation’s 50-year history of giving blacks preference over whites conditioned the blacks to expect preferential treatment in our criminal justice system just because they are black?  After all, the law of the land gives them preference in just about every other aspect of their existence, so why shouldn’t they be given preferential treatment when police try to enforce the laws the rest of us are expected to follow?

I wonder.

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