Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I feel sorry for the average Muslim next door…

Someone recently commented that because of the beheadings by Muslims of  two western journalist, we ought to feel sorry for the “average” Muslim.  What?!  Did I hear this correctly?  Was he joking?  Or just ignorant of the Islamic ideology?  Sad thing is, he wasn’t joking – he was dead serious.

We hear this line of heartbreak frequently from those who STILL believe that Islam has been hijacked by a small minority of radicals.

These folks tend to be the same ones who believe Islam is a “religion of peace” and beheadings of Westerners by Muslims is similar to the “Crusades.”  They are terribly confused and misinformed.  Unfortunately, this sloppy equivalency is widespread among the those who refuse to distinguish one religion from another.

There are a few facts that these careless talkers fail to acknowledge:

1.  No, Muslim beheadings have no equivalency whatsoever with the Crusades.  This false equivalency shows a gross ignorance of or disregard for differences between belief systems and history.  The Crusades were a brief Christian response to 400 years of Islamic terror and conquest of Christian occupied lands in North Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe.  There were roughly 20 times more battles waged by Islamic Jihadists in their conquests than there were Christian battles to regain lands invaded by Islamic Jihad. See HERE.    Christians exhibited restraint for way too long (400 years) before they began to fight back against relentless Islamic aggression and terror.  Unfortunately, the same is happening today.

2.  The nice “Muslim next door” has a choice of remaining a Muslim or disavowing that evil ideology.  Those who purposely maintain a Muslim identity do so either for lack of courage to disavow Islam or because they believe in what Islam represents.  Lack of courage, like fear, is a negative trait that creates trouble for the individual and those around them.  Lack of courage is a negative trait.  Fear is not to be pitied.  Is is to be overcome.

This leaves those who actually believe in the evil of Islam.  To believe in any ideology despite it being best known for ongoing  threats, terror, intolerance, and beheadings certainly takes lots of courage and conviction.  We have experienced too many years of consistent, widespread Islamic terror promoted by too many thousands of Muslim leaders supported and promoted by too many millions of “ordinary” Muslims to still deceive ourselves with the belief the Islam is “a religion of peace.”  That is old and thoroughly debunked news.  Not only do current events belie this stupid claim, but Islamic history confirms it.  The so-called “radicals” today are doing exactly what Muhammad taught and did himself and what most Islamic leaders have promoted over the past 1,400. years.  It is pure, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, orthodox Islam.  Those who insist on naming themselves “Muslim” are as much to blame as those currently doing the beheading.  It is just a matter of time.

So no.  Feel sorry for the average Muslim who is not presently chopping some poor blokes head off?  That is a huge waste of “sorrow.”  Give him time.  The average Muslim does NOT go around saying he can’t wait to chop the nearest infidel’s head off.  He pretty much keeps that wish to himself.  In fact, he is taught to bend over backwards to make nice with his neighbors.  He is taught to blend in with the culture – but not to take the  infidel or kafir as a friend.

Those who ejaculate the “poor Muslim” whine because that “poor Muslim” persists in associating himself with Islam is the one to pity.  He is the one who is deceived.  That “poor Muslim” has no one to blame but himself because he chooses to remain “tainted” with the dark ages behaviors his chosen “religion” has held as immutable doctrine for 1,400 years.

Those who pity the poor Muslim ought to ignore their preconceived Pollyanna-esque notions (aka remove their head from their butt) and learn a lot more about Islam aside from Islamic apologists like Karen Armstrong and John Esposito.

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