Friday, September 12, 2014

ISIL is unequivocally “pure Islam”

Inspite of Obma’s and the media ignorant and misdirecting comments about ISIL not being Islamic, and the jihadis not representing Islam, the truth is the opposite.

IS, ISIL, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, even CAIR – they all represent Islam in its various forms and phases.

ISIL represents a pure, first several decades of Islam’s founding in all it forms of offense and terror.

Original Islam went against the infidel in all its forms.  The infidel might be Jews, they might be Christians, and they most certainly were those Muslims who were considered apostate and who strayed from the strict doctrine of Muhammad and Allah.

Below is an excellent video by Islamic scholars who understand the relationship between orthodox Islam and what is going on in the current world of Islam.

Obama is either ignorant or is a liar.  Lying is a commendable trait in Islam.

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Unknown said...

All Western citizens who cherish FREEDOM must STOP electing Muslim-appeasing, politically correct Liberal Leftists who will foolishly cause the West to be Islamized by their mass Muslim immigration policies and their support for government provision of generous social welfare for, among other impoverished people, the notoriously massively procreating Muslim families (demographic jihad) and the Leftists’ advocacy and endorsement of cultural “enrichment” and multiculturalism (which is a good thing but not with Islamic culture) or else live hell under Islamic Sharia. Since its inception, Islam has always been at WAR with the WEST–in fact, has always been at WAR with the REST (the entire non-Muslim world)–and for the West to finally conquer Islam, FREEDOM-treasuring/loving patriotic Westerners MUST elect cultural nationalist politicians for parliament, government and presidency even if they are not White from the likes of Allen West (especially that, in his case, the Muslim-appeasing, politically correct Leftists cannot play the race card against him), including the White nationalists and White supremacists among infidel voters, who are well-aware of the reality of Islam, and who will have to: 1) STOP buying oil from oil-rich Muslim countries especially Saudi Arabia as a large proportion of Saudi petrodollars serves as the chief source of funding the spread of the Wahhabi Salafi sect of Islam (most intolerant interpretation of the most intolerant ideology الوهابية السلفية) and financing Jihad all over the world and instead, import oil from Canada, Brazil, Mexico and reluctantly Venezuela and Russia; 2) STOP immigration of Muslims and allow only non-Muslim legal immigrants into America, Canada and Australia; and 3) DEPORT Muslim immigrants especially Islamists (beards, hijabs and niqabs are dead give-aways of Islamists) to their respective homelands and leave them to die off as most Muslim states are technological and economic failures and would not have the resources to even provide medical care and food for their people if it weren’t for the huge oil export revenues of some oil-rich Muslim countries and the civilized, developed world generously giving vital aid and basic life necessities to the oil-poor ones.