Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Muslim nations join US in fight against ISIS?(not exactly)

To avoid going “all in”, Obama is relying on “like minded” Muslim nations to thwart IS(is).  How is that working out?

Not well.  Here is the Debka File headline:
Jordan will not join US-led coalition fighting IS. Arabs have own strategy
DEBKAfile September 8, 2014, 1:49 PM (IDT)
Jordan’s minister of state for media affairs Muhammad Momani said Sunday that Jordan will not be part of any coalition for battling the IS, but would continue to coordinate with all countries on how to face terrorism and terrorist organizations. The Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo Sunday also agreed to act jointly against extremist groups, particularly the Islamic state, but fell short of embracing coordination with the US. DEBKAfile: This was a mortal setback for Barack Obama’s plans to co-opt Egypt and Saudi Arabia to his coalition against IS. Instead, the Arab ministers opted for “national and regional strategies against terrorism.”
Why do you believe that is the case?  Why does our very best Muslim ally nation, Jordon, refuse to partner with us against ISIS, which is declared to be the worst form of evil distorting the “good name” of Islam?  Why?

First, let’s demonstrate John Kerry’s delusion which exemplifies why our Middle East policies are failing miserable, and why, if we keep on this path, our wives will be forced to wear Burka’s in 20 years or less…

Here is the headline from Jihad Watch:

Kerry: Anti-Islamic State coalition means “demolishing the distortion of one of the world’s great peaceful religions
Robert Spencer Sep 8, 2014 at 10:16pm 68 Comments
Statement of John Kerry, September 8, 2014:
“As we build this coalition, I want to underscore that almost every single country on Earth has a role to play in eliminating the ISIL threat and the evil that it represents. For some that will mean military assistance, both direct and in the form of training, arming, and advising, equipping. For some it will mean contributing to the desperately needed humanitarian relief effort. For some it will mean helping to identify, track, and cut off ISIL’s funding, and prevent the flow of foreign fighters. For still others it will mean demolishing the distortion of one of the world’s great peaceful religions and counteracting the propaganda ISIL uses to recruit new supporters. And for all it will mean publicly supporting the new inclusive government in Iraq.”
Kerry’s statements give unwarranted credence that ISIS is distorting the “real” Islam.  ISIS IS the real Islam.  He gives unwarranted credence to Islam being one of the world’s “great peaceful religions.”

The other delusion of US Middle East policy has been the use of slightly less evil leaders, groups, and ideologies to neutralize more evil leaders, groups, and ideologies.  All of the Middle East groups we have attempted to manipulate have been Islamic.  More often than not, that policy has backfired and the greater evil replaced the lesser evil.

Why does that happen?  Because it is all part of Islam.  We are attempting to deal with a foreign evil ideology, Islam, from the perspective of our Western morality and mindset.  We have not been able to fathom and grasp the extent of diametrically opposed morality we are dealing with.  Some policy makers believe the Muslim Brotherhood is a mild form of Islam, or that Al Qaeda is “better” than IS(IL).  We fail to understand that ALL of it – every Islamic group we are dealing with - is pure Islam in one of Islam’s deceitful and barbaric forms.  Western values and Islamic values are so opposite that one cannot comprehend the other.

The graphic below illustrates this point – 
180 degrees of separation between Western and Islamic values:

Civilization Barbarism Continuum

Instead, we continue to play Pollyanna and wish and hope that we will muster the support of other Islamic nations in the fight against ISIS.  This will never happen.  There may be smoke and mirrors that make it appear it is happening, and we may deceive ourselves into believing this is happening, but it is not.
Here is an example of how the media, even relatively conservative headline writers, perpetuate this self-deception.  The “Misleading Headline of the Week” award goes to Fox News:
Arab states join forces against ISIS, as Obama preps strategy
Published September 08, 2014
Arab League nations called Monday for combating Islamic State extremists, acting to join forces against the terror threat as President Obama continues to forge his own coalition for battling the extremist group. 
Here is the money quote:
It's not clear to what extent the Arab League and western allies are coordinating. 
The league's resolution, issued after late-night meetings of Arab foreign ministers a day earlier, doesn't explicitly back American military action against the group. On a separate track, Obama administration officials met Friday in Wales with mostly European allies to discuss the Islamic State threat. 
Our “Muslim buddies” in the Middle East will not endorse US action against ISIS.  Why not?  ISIS is a close relative, a brother to all the other Muslim groups over there – compared to the United States.  Yes, these “brothers” fight among one another.  But to them, we are NOT the good guys.  We are the infidel devil.

Following the US lead against ISIS is to them like allowing the devil to lead them.  None of the brothers would tolerate this outside help.  Yes, Saudi Arabia, perhaps the most self-disciplined among the Islamic evil, will feign friendship for its oil trade with the West – which also explains why many Muslim nations don’t care a whole lot for Saudi Arabia.  But remember where 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were from.  And remember that one of the most orthodox, strict, intolerant evil sects of Islam, Wahabbism, was born and bred in Saudi Arabia and continues to be spread via Saudi oil money.

Islamic evil is incestuous among all its sects, despite our wishful thinking for significant differences.

Update:  Please tell me Obama will not arm the "moderate" Syrian rebels - OMG.

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