Saturday, September 13, 2014

The US in 20 years on our liberal course…

If there is no cataclysmic TEOTWAWKI event in the next 10 to 20 years – despite my belief that there will be – the following is a scenario of what our nation will be like within that timeframe.

Here are the mega-trends that are certain to continue:

Universities:  These will increasingly be populated by professors and administrations that are intolerant of any views that go against their liberal, anti-religious/anti-faith agenda.  Biblical world views will not be tolerated.  Conservative values dealing with both social and economic/fiscal issues will not be tolerated except as negative examples of rebellious behavior.  An increasing number of our primary and secondary school teachers will come out of this liberal, secularist/socialist environment.

Primary and Secondary Education: 

Public schools:  The curriculum of public schools will continue to reflect the liberal federal government agenda.  This will include anti-Christianity and anti-“faith”, promotion of normalcy of gay marriage and homosexuality, the equality of all lifestyles and religions; the suppression of objective, warranted criticism of any belief system or lifestyle – no matter how morally evil, the promotion of bigger government taking care of more and more of our daily needs and personal responsibilities; belittling the idea of individual autonomy and personal freedom and self-sufficiency.

Private and Religious schools:  These private and religious institutions will be either forced to adopt the standards imposed on public schools or, alternatively, grants and other funding will be withheld AND their graduates will be disqualified or penalized in their admission process of institutions of higher learning, both public and private.

Government:  The following points refer primarily to the federal government.  Overall, more and more personal and local responsibilities will be given over to higher levels of government:  Neighborhoods to cities; cities to counties, counties to regions, regions to states, states to federal, federal to multi-national agreements or to the United Nations.

Regulation:  Increasing regulation into areas of our lives, including communications, travel, work place, product safety, driving, health, and environment that we would never have dreamed possible or appropriate a few years ago.

Programs:  Government programs will take over more and more of the services and provision of products that the private sector has been providing for the past century.  These programs and services may be undertaken in partnership with the largest corporations in the field to give the illusion of beneficial “public/private” partnerships but which in reality are governement-controlled monopolies.

Taxation:  Taxpayers will become a decreasing minority who pay an increasing share of the tax burden.  Those who don’t pay taxes will become an increasing majority.  These non-taxpayers will be increasingly entitled to government “assistance”:  Unemployment, social welfare, food stamps, government services, etc.  All of these handouts will increasingly become disincentives for personal betterment, initiative, and value to society.

Media:  Media will be increasingly regulated or “in bed” with government leaders, programs, or big business benefitting from big government to the extent that opposing views will become virtually non-existent.

Businesss:  The number of small business will continue decreasing.  Most will go the way of the “family farm.”  The number of middle and large businesses will also decrease as a result of continuing mergers.  The largest businesses will be partners with the federal government.

Technology:  Technology will be used to gather and centralize every form of personal information including not only health-related information, but location, employment history, buying habits, hobbies and activities, and social interactions.  All of this information will be subject to advanced algorithms that predict future behaviors.  Government programs will be developed to respond to these predicted behaviors, which may or may not be in the individual’s best interests.

Family life “Traditional families”, those comprised of a female mother and a male father, will continue to decline.  The divorce rate will continue to increase and the number of new marriages will continue to decline.  The number of gay partners and gay marriages will increase.  Remaining families will continue to give up more and more of their family responsibilities to government programs and services, ostensibly for “economic” reasons – reasons of convenience – offers they can’t refuse.

Freedom of speech:   Be careful what you say.  “Hate speech” legislation (legislation making it a crime to express your personal values or opinions concerning human behaviors or beliefs) will be enacted and enforced.  Religious views will be confined to strictly personal and private expression, having no place in public.  Protected belief system will be those that the government determines as being in the minority or oppressed, such as Islam in spite of its evil and destructive nature.  These will be given special rights through legislation similar to affirmative action.

Religion:  Remember, already we are not a Christian nation, according to our president.  This declaration will be strengthened.  Christianity will become an oppressed and minority belief system.  Some of today’s minority belief systems such as Wiccan, Islam, and Voodoo will receive preference as “protected beliefs” to make the belief system playing field “more equitable.”  Overall, holders of all belief systems will be considered second class citizens compared to the pure secularists that run the country and make the laws.   All religions will be driven underground and become private affairs to an extent so as not to reduce job opportunities or offend others.

Right to bear arms:  The 2nd amendment will continue to be reinterpreted as applying only to gun collectors and rural hunting, with additional restrictions.  The original contitutional idea of a well-armed “militia” will be increasingly demonized.   Gun ownership prohibitions will first increase in dense urban areas and will spread out from there.

Demographics:  With an increase in abortions, a decrease in marriages, and and increase in open homosexual “families”, the birth rate will decline to below replacement level.  The number of working age people will begin to decrease (except for low education/low skill level welfare-dependent immigrants) and the number of dependent elderly will increase. 

Immigration:  Unbridled entry of low education/low skill illegal immigrants will significantly increase demands for government services, lower the wage rates for everyone, take away jobs from the marginally employed US citizen worker, and balkanize the composition of cities and regions of the United States.  A significant increase of people who are in opposition to the US Constitution, the culture of this nation, and those who are intent to commit acts of terror should be expected.

Economy:  Inflation can be delayed for only so long.  Many are marveling at the fact that significant inflation has not occurred already.  Our national debt per capita exceeds that of the most indebted nations of Europe.  The status of the dollar as the de facto medium of international exchange is on the decline.  The increase in world policing adventures and being the welfare daddy for the world, not to mention the increased welfare liabilities we are incurring at home, are accelerating the day of our national bankruptcy.

Military:  Our military capabilities will be crippled by our economy.  Our ability to be the world’s policeman will be significantly curtailed not by choice but by necessity.   Our national security will reduced and the likelihood of major terrorist attacks will increase.

World standing:  We will become a second class world power on the order of Argentina and several European nations – if we survive. 


If we DO have a TEOTWAWKI event within the 10 to 20-year time frame, what will things be like on the other side?  Will we be forced to head in a different direction?  Will people wake up?  Or will that initiate an even more aggressive, oppressive, centralized federal government?  Or the opposite, would we descend into anarchy?

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