Saturday, September 27, 2014

Situational awareness needed; all is not well…

Here is an excellent comment in response to a Newsmax article on the beheading of the 54 year old Oklahoma woman by a Muslim performing his personal Islam-inspired jihad.

Warren.D.Peace of Rocky Mount has some fine words of wisdom.  Enjoy:


Warren.D.Peace RockyMt2 hours ago


I'm sure relieved that, according to Obama and his spokespeople, there is no actual muslim extremist threat in the home land.

I assume the term "threat" only applies, when 2 skyscrapers full of people are being destroyed. That beheading is therefore purely coincidental and any kind of "man-made disaster" (Obamonics - as opposed to Ebonics) most certainly the act of either criminals, mental cases or disgruntled employees, right?

Alrighty then - Let me, as public service, translate the current situation for y'all in neither uncertain, nor politically correct terms

Obama and Co. have painted themselves into a corner, by not only ignoring but actually denying any form of direct threat in America proper stemming from islamists. Hence, whatever violence or attack could possibly smell like islamist motivated, will be mercilessly silenced, spun into something different or outright denied. With a lot of help and assistance by the liberal media.

After all - we can't possibly allow for Obama to look yet again like a total buffoon, can we now? On top of that, only a few weeks before the crossroads mid-term election, I guess, terrorism on a scale of an extinction event would have to occur, until this administration would admit, that they were once again utterly wrong in their homeland security assessment.

In other words, Folks, under this leaderhip, We The People will not get the real information pertaining to homeland security.

They can't tell us the real truth, otherwise the Pres would look even more the moron he already is widely considered as. We saw in recent weeks alone several clearly islamist-motivated &- inspired acts of violence - let's just be politically incorrect again, and call them terrorism for a change. Have you read about it? Have you been warned of any threats?
Heck, no!

Behind a window-dressing of "not wanting to cause wide-spread panic" in the general population, quite possibly accompanied by a "wide-ranging backlash against muslims" , their clerics and muslim institutions in America proper, up to and not limited to those progressive Professors and teachers like Ward Churchill, that strange guy at Kent University and loons like Jeremiah Wright, who all blame America for islamist acts of terror (and should be shot for it), lays a very real threat to us all. A threat, Obama can and will never admit, as the liberals very survival as a political force in America depends on that promoted falsehood of us Americans living in total safety.

Soft terror, as opposed to the gigantomanism practiced by Al Quaeda of old, literally OBL 2.0, will be the means of intimidating the American People

Indiscriminate serial shootings (like the Beltway Sniper), killing spree shootings like in the Kenyan mall or Ft. Hood, hack-attacks like in London with knives and/or machetes against (former) members of the armed forces, domestic hostage taking/kidnappings with subsequent Utube video-releases, and, last but not least, suicide bombings in other well-frequented places are upcoming "man-made disasters" I, for one anticipate for the near future.

As an experiment, within 30 minutes I found and downloaded from the internet entire manuals, nicely PDF packaged, about bomb making, rifle modifications, counter-surveillance, -forensics and -terrorism measures. Terrorism for dummies - widely available for anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

That, in my humble opinion, constitutes Means, Opportunity and Motive. Anything else required to bring Jihad to a place near you?

But hey, rest easy - according to Obama, Harf, Kerry, Susan Rice, Holder, Psaki, DWS, Reid, Pelosi et al, there is no threat against the sleep tight and dream on, America, as there is no bogeyman...

As it would be in the direct interest of a self-serving liberal government to spin such terror actis into individual acts of violence by "disturbed " people, it is literallly up to us now to read between the lines, remain vigilant, arm ourselves (apply for carry permits for concealed weapons), visit the local gun range to brush up on our shooting skills, and at all times look out for our neighbors, friends and families, notwidthstanding, if they live in NY suburbia or rural Nebraska.

Especially in areas with a large muslim community, sorry to be politically incorrect again, you must absolutely be alert, as it takes only one radical with an internet connection and the ability to understand ISIS propaganda to become the core of the next terror cell.

It also only takes only one radical mullah or imam in the next mosque to recruit a handful of martyrs....Does it make therefore sense to be especially vigilant in areas, where you can hear that "beautiful" sound of the muezzine calling the muslims to prayer?

Again - since the gov will not for a variety of reasons admit any danger to you and your loved ones, it is up to you to be ready. Not paranoid, but alert and vigilant. Especially in public places, especially when in company of your children, be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. When in doubt, walk away from the masses. When you hear a gun shot, do not run, but duck and seek cover, then assess your situation and only then take any action.

In Spec Ops lingo, we call that situational or tactical awareness. Know where you are, where the next exit or cover is, and from where any possible danger could originate - at any given time.

And, if you ever have to defend your own, do not hesitate.

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