Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our US military is being abused and misappropriated…

Our Commander-in-Chief is misusing our military.  Whether he is being manipulated by others or not is beside the point.  He is the figure-head giving the orders.

Our military is being abused and misappropriated.

How?  Where?image

    1. Being sent to Africa to “fight” Ebola
    2. Being sent to Syria/Iraq to support Islamic terror groups
    3. Used for “nation-building”
    4. Untenable “rules of engagement”
    5. Not being assigned to defend our borders
    6. Military budget cuts that compromise our security

Here are the unpleasant realities of each of these abuses:

Being sent to Africa to “fight” Ebola

What could possibly go wrong with this mission?  It sounds like the compassionate and “progressive” thing to do, right?  So Pollyana-esque.

But shouldn’t we ask:  Where are the civilized African nations, Egypt, South Africa and a few others on that continent?  I have not heard a thing about their efforts.  Where is Europe?  Nothing.  Shouldn’t Ebola be of greater interest and concern to Africa and Europe than to us?

Where is the UN?  They are all about keeping the peace and saving lives, right?  Amazingly, the 6,000 “peacekeepers” in Liberia are not trained in health care operations.  Apparently they aren’t trained to build treatment centers, hospitals, holding areas or any other useful activity that would serve the fight against Ebola. 

Of the billions of people and hundreds of nations in the world only the US military can do this?  Un-freakin’ believable.

And again I ask:  What can possibly go wrong by sending 3,000 US troops to the most infected African nations?  If logic doesn’t stare us in the face, here it is:  Some percentage of our troops will be exposed to the virus.  They will be brought back to the US and treated.  Some unknown number will die.  Some additional number in the US will be infected. 

The ocean is our “fire break.”  Africa is the hot spot.  Those in the “hot spot” should be the ones who step up and intelligently solve that problem.  Why purposely eliminate that “fire break” by bringing the disease here?

Being sent to Syria/Iraq to support Islamic terror groups

Here is another abuse of power.  Which Islamic terror group will we choose to support and arm in the region’s fight against ISIL, ISIS, Hamas, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, or whatever the Islamic terror group flavor of the month happens to be.   And then which terror group will steal the billions worth of “stuff” we sent over there and use it against the nations we just spent billions nation-building?  Or against us?

Oh, and let us remember that none of these groups have anything to do with Islam.Bzzzzzzzzzt. Wrong!  Islam is the root of this evil.  We have no business fighting on behalf of any Islamic cause so long as we do not admit this unpleasant fact of life.  But we remain in denial.

Used for “nation-building”

Nation-building is a flawed concept.  Nations cannot be “built” amidst a civil war or uncivilized society influenced by 1,400 years of tribalism and barbarism.  Hasn’t Iraq demonstrated that to us yet?  That is the essence of many nations we are attempting to “nation-build.”  That experience has been an abject failure.  As soon as we leave, they revert to type.  That “type” is how we found them:  Warring, tribal, barbaric.  It is the condition that Islam, more than any other influence, has wrought on those populations.  To recognize that Islam is the cause is not politically correct.  Consequently our blood and fortune is being wasted.  Absolutely wasted in such useless, doomed efforts.

Untenable “rules of engagement”

When our troops are sent to hostile nations, their mission is anything but “win.”  “Win” in the current political environment is not acceptable.  Why?  First, because “win” is fuzzily defined, if defined at all.  Second, to “win” is considered being “empire building” or excessively aggressive.  So, while we have the dual role in these nations of cleaning out the “terrorists” and making buddies with the native population, our rules of engagement forget one life-threatening reality:  The great majority of the population supports the terrorists in one form or another.  Their support may be due to family or tribe, it may be due to agreed ideology and purpose.  There are few if any “innocents.”

Our “rules of engagement” fail to recognize these realities and are just another abusive and misappropriation of our troops.

Not being assigned to defend our borders

If we were to be painfully and fully truthful, where is our greatest threat coming from?  Bingo!  Our borders.  And ever since 9-11 I can remember endless rants about our porous borders, our out of control immigration policies, the existence of 12 million illegal aliens sucking up our seemingly unlimited services and financial resources.

After all that, the border is more porous than ever.  Nothing’s changed except for the worse.

Thousands are coming across with disease.  We have ineffective screening.  Only 3% among the thousands per month are effectively vetted.  There is evidence of Islamists crossing the border. 

We know that at least 5% to 10% of the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world believe in suicide as a rewarded method of Islamic jihad.   Gee, how many would that be?  What better way to go than to spread Ebola among the infidel population?

And what do we do?  We assign our military to Africa, to Syria.  To all the places that do us the least possible amount of good – and most likely the greatest amount of harm.

This strike me as hellish insanity!

Military budget cuts that compromise our security

The final form of abuse and misappropriate of our military is the military budget cuts.  When the nation is declared to be in one its most precarious positions in decades, when more of our citizens are feeling greater unease, our leadership cuts our military budget, cuts our forces, and negotiates even our defensive weapons systems away.

A case in point:  Our nation has admitted to itself that it is unprepared for an EMP attack.  Such attack is not possible, you say?  Several nations have the will and the means to inflict this civilization-ending pain.  Numerous Islamic groups are chomping at the bit to git ‘er done.  Yet what have we done to harden not just our civilian infrastructure, but our military against these real and relatively easy to carry out asymmetric threats?  Not much.

Is our military being abused and misappropriated?  Absolutely.  Enough to complain or act on it?  Enough to write your Congressman?  Enough to cause you to avoid serving or to discourage your child or grandchild from joining?  That is the ultimate test of your belief.

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