Friday, September 26, 2014

Islamic-inspired beheadings begin in US…

Major networks refuse to link to “Muslim” or “Islam”

A recent convert to Islam, a prior criminal, was motivated by his new “faith” to behead a 54 year-old Oklahoma woman – and attempted beheading of a second person - in the name of his religion.  Yet local officials call it merely “work place violence” and national media fail to mention any reference to Islam, Muslims or jihad.

Here are the latest headlines as of September 26, 2014 from Drudge:

REPORT: Suspect tried to convert others to Islam...
Fired After Argument Over Stoning Women...
Celebrated Terrorists on FACEBOOK...
'America and Israel Wicked'...
Police classify as workplace violence...
Muslims Shout 'Praise Allah!' Following Press Conference...              Muslim Arrested in Ferguson Threatened to Behead Critics...

If there is any doubt about this beheader’s devotion to Islam, take a look at his Facebook page HERE.  And this Muslim was enamored by Muslim beheadings.  He posted photos of them on his Facebook page weeks ago.  This was planned and premeditated by a Muslim in the name of Islam because of his Islamic-inspired hatred of the infidel and the infidel’s “evil” culture.

While this vile act is common only to Islam, with modern day beheadings committed ONLY by Muslims in the name of Islam, those in government and the media wish to ignore the connection.

We must ask:  Why?  Why do we refuse to make the obvious connection between vile acts by Muslims in the name of Islam with the orthodox Islamic ideology?  After all, its founder, its “holy books”, its predominant leaders throughout its 1,400 years of history all the way up to today, and its current innumerable acts of terror around the world should clearly convince us otherwise.  Why do we insist on ignoring the facts – ignoring reality – ignoring the truth?

Is it our concern of offending the Muslim hoards?

Is it our fear of angering our wonderful Middle East allies?

Is it our concern of upsetting the special interests in our nation who make billions from the Middle East oil trade?

Is it fear of revenge?  Or is it ignorance of Islamic doctrine?

It is probably all of these reasons why the truth of Islamic jihad and terror are ignored.  Any reason but the truth is deemed to be better than the truth:

  • Work place violence – like Nadal Hassan at Fort Hood
  • He was just crazy
  • He felt offended or slighted by somebody or something
  • It’s a mystery

No, it is none of those excuses.  It is Islam, pure and simple. It is not “radical” Islam, because there is no form of Islam that is not “radical.”  These acts are not fringe acts of folks that misunderstand Islam.  There are too many millions of Muslims who cheer them on.  

The longer we, as a society, refuse to accept these realities, the more grief we will heap on ourselves because of our denial.

Here is a prediction concerning the consequences of this Okalahoma beheading by a Muslim in the name of Islam:

  • There will be moral outrage by millions of Americans at this heinous act – and most will rightly make the connection with the doctrine and pronouncements of Islamic doctrine.
  • There will be a right and proper backlash against Muslims
  • The federal government, being a huge defender of Islam, will crack down on free speech, aka expressing the truth about Islam
  • There is “hate speech” legislation waiting in the wings to be adopted by Congress OR enacted by our Muslim president as an Executive Order.
  • Such legislation or Executive Order will make it a crime to express the truth about Islam in a way that offends anyone.  Since Muslims are offended by just about anything, the law will be enforced against anyone who speaks the truth about Islamic doctrine and why Muslims do what they do.

I am not sure what might happen after this point – but it ain’t pretty.

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