Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bad behavior increasingly called a “medical condition” protected by law

Society creates its own “catch 22”

Shooting spitballs in class has a psychiatric medical term attached to it.  It is a “protected” behavior.

Sound outrageous?  Yes, it is.  And that is the making of a society that labels every anti-social, irresponsible bad behavior as a “psychiatric disorder.”  And psychiatric disorders are called “medical conditions.”

And what does our society do with these psychiatric “medical conditions?”  We protect them and keep them secret with the law – the law called HIPAA.  Here is the website that documents this connection:

The psychiatric profession has catalogued and named these bad and irresponsible behaviors.  Here are several listings of psychiatric medical conditions and disorders :

There is a psychiatric medical term for every childish, mean, compulsive, vengeful, repetitive, obsessive, irresponsible, anti-social action anyone has ever been known to do.  I’m sure you’ll find “laziness” in there somewhere.

The great majority of these behaviors are now called “psychiatric disorders.”  And as medical conditions, they are sacredly private.

Now enter gun control proponents.  This group is proposing a mental health check as a means of controlling weapons.  They believe a mental health check may have prevented the Virginia Tech shooting.

So if I shot spitballs in school and was classified with a “psychiatric disorder” I may never be able to legally possess a firearm.  I certainly see second amendment abuse around THAT corner.

Problem number 1:  An out of control psychiatric profession that takes away the importance of self-control and self-discipline and replaces that concept with “psychiatric disorder.”  Personal responsibility?  Heck, what’s the need for that anymore?

Problem number 2:  A HIPAA law that classifies character and behavioral weaknesses and lapses (formerly known as “sin”) as “psychiatric disorders” and “medical conditions” making them both private and excusable .

Problems number 3:  An out of control federal government promoted by a bunch of scared progressives (by the way, progressivism is a psychiatric disorder!) acting like a bull in a china shop (if a bull in a china shop could “grasp at straws”, this one would) making up any way they can to keep people from owning guns.

Problem number 4:  A gullible media and electorate that are too damned lazy and self-absorbed (both psychiatric disorders) to care about the consequences of these actions.

HERE is the article about Joe Biden’s psychiatric disorder that is causing him to promote the use of mental health information to restrict gun sales.

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