Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Use the correct words when discussing Muslims and Islam…

You’ve probably heard that the federal government now prohibits the use of the word “Islam” or “Muslim” when they refer to any violent act committed by Muslims in the name of Islam or Allah.   That is unacceptable deceit by our own government.  The purpose?  To avoid “offending” and maintain good relations with so-called “moderate Muslims” – those who always turn out to be not so moderate; who pretend moderation through their deceit.

Unfortunately, many “experts” and conservatives we rely on to understand and convey the truth about Islam also fail to use accurate terminology to describe Muslims and the Islamic ideology that promotes havoc in the world.

The likes of Hannity, Gabriel, Beck, Emerson, most media, and others continue to apply modifiers to Islam such as “radical”, “violent”, and “extremist” as if Islam itself is not inherently radical, violent and extreme.

Here is a question for those who may doubt my challenge to use more truthful terminology to describe those who promote the demise of the west in the name of Islam and Allah:

What ancient, named internationally famous ideology do you suppose informs and motivates the attitude and actions of those who claim to be Muslim and who declare their subversive or violent aggression in the name of Islam or Allah?

Why would you seek some other reason to explain the intolerant, violent behavior of Muslims when the explanation based on Islamic founders, current leaders, orthodox Islamic ideology and history is so clear to those who bother to research it?

So, in the interests of straightforward truth about the challenges we face from Islam, here is a BS-free style sheet of terminology pertaining to Muslims and Islam:

Words to avoid when describing conciliatory, moderate, violent or seditious  speech or actions by Muslims:

  • Extremist (“Extremist” Muslims are not an aberration of historic Islamic practice; the “extremists” in Islam are the militant wing supported to varying degrees by various means by the other 90% of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.
  • Violent (“Violent” Islam is NOT an aberration of Islam; Islam is violent; violence is an integral and essential component of orthodox Islam; Islam is peaceful when it serves its purpose; Islam is violent when it serves its purpose)
  • Moderate  (most Muslim leaders are offended by the term “moderate Islam”; there is no such thing; Islam often appears moderate to achieve its radical purposes)
  • Radical  (“Radical” Islam is NOT a distortion of Islamic orthodoxy; it is the core of orthodox Islam; the term “radical” erroneously presupposes there is a “non-radical Islam” which there is not)
  • Nice (as in the “nice Muslim neighbor next door” who hides his Islamic prejudices to get along until Islam dominates) 
  • Good (a “good Muslim” cannot be a good citizen of the West, except to appear as such through deceit to further Islam)

If a modifier to the word Muslim or Islam is required, use one or more of the following:

  • Devout (the more devout, the more faithful to ideology, the more dangerous)
  • Fundamentalist (faithful follower of Islamic ideology)
  • Cultural (non-practicing, but will side with orthodox)
  • Orthodox (strict adherence to historic ideology)
  • Apostate (one who still calls oneself “Muslim” but who renounces orthodox Islam, e.g. Zudhi Jasser)
  • Islamist (a practicing orthodox Muslim)
  • Deceitful
  • Taqiyya-inspired
  • Tricky
  • Raging
  • Psychotic (the mental defect of many Muslims in the Middle East resulting from rampant inbreeding) 
  • Paranoid
  • Reactionary
  • Intolerant
  • Supremacist
  • Muhammadan

And from a Christian perspective…

  • Evil
  • Satanic
  • Anti-Christ

Of course, liberal neo-Christians will reject the above three modifiers not only because they reject the reality of evil, Satan, and the anti-Christ but also because they have bought into the cultures’ new highest value:  tolerance.  They will restrict free speech (i.e. be intolerant) to promote “tolerance.”  They will demonize those who speak out with the truth about Islam or any Biblical moral standard.  There is no absolute “right and wrong”; “good and evil” to distinguish between.   They have adopted the decadence of moral relativity – the “50 shades of gray” mentality .  They don’t have a belief system worthy of defending against evil.  The result is self evident in their defense of and partnerships with Islam as practiced by most mainline churches.

The idea our culture has of a “moderate Muslim” is often a result of self-deception and wishful thinking.  More often than not, the “moderate” turns out to be lying his ass off to promote Islam; saying one thing while in the US and another when in a Muslim-dominated part of the world.

The idea of a “Muslim extremist” or “radical Muslim” or “radical Islam” presupposes that Muslims who are not espousing or engaged in violence or sedition at the moment are somehow “moderate” and OK when we know darn well that the ideology that informs their mindset promotes supremacism through lying, deceit, hatred, violence, and terror – Zudhi Jasser included:  He has not yet given up being a follower of Muhammad, the chief architect of the Islamic ideology.

Too many Americans, and especially our leaders and media, blindly assume what they are told by Muslim propagandists.  Our naiveté is ruining our nation.

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