Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Churches seal their own fate…

…ignorantly facilitating Islam

Christian churches throughout our nation are ignorantly sealing their demise.

Here is the latest example:

A new mosque in Alexandria, Virginia, costing short of a $1,000,000 just opened.  While it was being built, Good Shepherd Catholic Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Aldersgate United Methodist Church allowed ICNA’s Northern Virginia chapter to worship in their facilities.

Isn’t that sweet.  Christians acting “Christian” and Muslims acting “Muslim.”  In other words, Christians blithely and bumbly feeding the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Sure, witness to individual Muslims who show signs of sincerity.  But providing Christian facilities to entire packs of Islamists whose ideology vows to conquer infidel Christianity; who claim that Christ was nothing more than a prophet? Whose “god” is a “moon god?”  Insane!

It is criminal how little these Christian denominations know about the doctrine, teachings, and goals of Islam.  Little do they understand that Islamic tradition and present day strategy is to eliminate western civilization “and its miserable house” and replace it with supremacist, intolerant Islam and its sharia.

If these churches had just a bit of common sense, they would replace their pitifully ignorant kum-bey-yah blindness with an annual series of congregation-wide lessons on Islam.  Not the watered-down, all-is-peachy-keen-with-Islam version that John Esposito and Karen Armstrong promote that most main line churches embrace.  But the truth about Islam – what it REALLY is – what it REALLY does – what it REALLY promotes – what its goals REALLY are.

Start off with defining cultural, moderate, devout, and radical Muslims.  Discover that even the most benign, the “cultural” Muslims, identify with Muhammad, what he taught, as well as the aspirations and methods of Jihadists.  Discover that even “moderates” like Zudhi Jasser distort the reality of what Islam really is by a naïve and foolish attempt to make Islam something it never was and never can become.  Discover that the more devout Muslims become, the more they tend to follow in Muhammad's violent, treacherous, deceitful, intolerant, and supremacist footsteps.  Discover that “radical” Muslims are merely the militant arm of the Islamic ideology.

Next, understand the numerous misrepresentations made by our political, academic and military leaders.  Is Islam a “religion of peace” as pronounced by our last two leaders as well as recent Popes?  Is Islam’s “god” the same as the Judeo-Christian God as pronounced by most mainline Christian denominations?  Is Jihad a harmless “inner struggle” for self discipline and cleansing as Islamic promoters proclaim?  Is Sharia just a personal representation of Islamic culture?  Are mosques just like churches, mere harmless houses of worship?  Is the Qur’an just like the Bible because it mentions Abraham and Jesus?  Is the morality of Islam really equal to or superior to that of Christianity?

Next, understand the roots of Islam and its history of slaughter and conquest.  Understand the numerous areas of totally opposite morality promoted and mandated by Islam.

And finally, understand that there is no “moderate” or “radical” Islam.  All the violence and bloodshed and terror being committed by Muslims in the world today is a direct result of belief in the teachings and emulation of Muhammad.

Understand that Islam is no friend of the Church or Synagogue or Temple.  Neither should these institutions facilitate the growth of the fascist ideology that should be understood as Islam.  Islam’s goal is to destroy these infidel religions.  Islam is the ideological manifestation of the anti-Christ.

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