Friday, April 19, 2013

The Asymmetrical Warfare of Islam…

It takes only two Muslims with training from other Islamist groups half way around the world to shut down an American city.  The bombing and killing was just the beginning and a “success” by itself.  The even greater damage to our nation is accomplished by the aftermath of the bombing:  The complete engagement of thousands of police, FBI, city, state and national officials and grinding a major City to a halt.

Whether the bombers are caught or killed, the attack has to be classified as a success on the order close to 9-11.  We had a major security failure.  And we have not yet learned our lessons.

The lessons not yet learned are the facts of the Islamic ideology that our nation’s leaders and media refuse to accept.  Our security measures are operating on the wrong set of assumptions.  The focus of media conversation is on a geographic area, a part of Russia, instead of on a perverse, world-wide ideology, Islam. 

We believe that Islam is like any other religion.  It is not.  It is much more similar to a seditious political movement at war with us.  Its mastery of deceit and misdirection is epic.  Its ability to seamlessly blend into our culture is pure art as evidenced by the words of several friends and relatives of the bombers who were clueless:  “He was such a nice guy – he gave no indication he would do anything like this” is all they knew to say.  We fail to understand that practicing Islamists make the most two-faced person we know seem like an amateur.

A few devout Muslims with a little bit of training cost us lives, limbs, and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of catch-up law enforcement efforts.  And this doesn’t include the billions of dollars devoted to the misdirected national security effort that is aimed at law abiding Americans and insane “nation building” efforts overseas.   All because we fail to identify the enemy’s ideology and do what’s necessary to isolate it from our lives.


Anonymous said...

Also, it's damn frustrating, and disturbing, that so many in the
community(who should know better) have jumped on the bandwagon of infotainment drama this has been since the beginning.
While being completely oblivious to the military/federal/police lockdown of Boston, by the blatant violation of posse comitatus, fourth amendment, Bill of Rights, God given birthright to freedom, privacy, and defense of self, family
and friends; by any means necessary.

Gerardo Moochie said...

And WITHOUT the extraordinary presence and action of ALL law enforcement, this Islamic terrorist might have never been caught.

If I lived anywhere NEAR that neighborhood I would be very thankful and appreciative of any type of law enforcement presence, military or otherwise.

One thing people like yourself ignore or are otherwise ignorant of: Islam has declared war on the infidel. I don't know if you are an infidel or not. I am. And I appreciate the need for the military to join in defense of the infidel in this country when we are attacked by any Muslim whose objective and actions are to terrorize and weaken us.

Phil said...

Hey Gerardo, loves ya some Nanny don't ya?
I'm thinking most self determined individuals wouldn't have bothered to call 911 to turn the bastard in after your vaunted police and military couldn't handle him after having him pinned down and severely outnumbered and let him get away.

They would have been calling to report a dead body.