Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How do we wage war on an ideology? First, you need to be truthful about what it is…

An article on The Blaze asks a question about how we should react to Muslim terrorism with the question: " But how do you wage a war on ideology?"


Who Are We Fighting in the War on Terror? I mean…Who Is the Enemy? Specifically.

The new terrorist is al-Qaeda inspired, as opposed to al-Qaeda connected. But how do you wage a war on ideology?

Here is the answer.  Remember Charles Manson, the serial killer?  If he had a group of devout followers who ascribed to the Manson ideology of serial murder, their ideology would be correctly identified as a problem, correct? There would be no lack of options for effectively dealing with that ideology. 

We have a similar situation with Islam: A Manson-esque person from 600 AD, (Muhammad) who people follow religiously even today.  He did similar things as Manson had done except on a much grander scale.  There are leader/followers of the Manson-esque Muhammad today who promote the same Manson ideology, except on a much grander scale.  These are called Immans and other Muslim leaders.  So, yes, if we had people who called themselves followers of the Manson ideology, we wouldn't hesitate to "wage war" on them.  We would quickly find a way. 

The million dollar question is why we fail to find a way to deal with the Muhammadan ideology which mirrors Manson but on a much grander scale.  Oh, but Islam is a "religion" you say.  To Manson and his followers, his ideology, too, was a "religion."  Islam is the same kind of "religion", but on a much grander scale and practices deceit on a much grander scale as well.  Many of the most devout are so skilled at deceit that they make Manson look like a Boy Scout.  Deal with the Islamic ideology for what it is:  A Manson-esque ideology with a flair for deceit.

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