Sunday, April 07, 2013

The insanity of “pro-choicers”…

If you think Kim Jung-un is crazy, think this one through…

Pro-choice people, most often liberals, democrats, socialists, and Communists, believe that women must maintain a choice of killing the new life that is within them if they desire.

But consider this:

These same “pro-choice” liberals, democrats, socialists, and communists don’t believe we should have a choice when it comes to:

  • Choosing what we eat and drink (no big sodas)
  • Choosing which light bulbs we use (no incandescents)
  • Choosing which guns we can buy to defend ourselves with (the most effective ones)
  • Choosing which sources of energy to use (we are in the process of being forced to use the least efficient ones)
  • Choosing where we pray (not in schools, public places, at sports events, etc.)

So when it comes to “pro-choice”, the only choice these liberals, democrats, socialists, and communists prefer is the right to kill new life.  Oh, and the choice to either agree with them or to be marginalized and ridiculed.  This is part of their “man controls his own destiny” ideology common to all of these groups.  

Here is the official web site of North Korea, the most overtly Communist nation on earth.  Read what they say about controlling their own destiny on their “Juche Ideology” and “Songun Politics” pages.

This is also the way of the anti-Christ who tries to convince us of the same thing.

I am learning that when something does not make sense, does not compute, like the reelection of Barack Obama despite his Communist, anti-American past (and present), that there is a dark spiritual force behind it, just like the dark force behind the “pro-choice movement.”

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