Saturday, May 07, 2011

So WHAT if Obama is a Muslim?

Yes, so what?  What if Kennedy was a Mafioso.  What if Truman belonged to the KKK.  What if Roosevelt was a closet Nazi.  They weren’t, but you can see that if they were how history would have changed.

What one sympathizes with deep down inside does make a difference.  And for Obama, one doesn’t have to go very deep down inside to see his allegiance toward, his “respect” and his defense of Islam.

We are familiar with his statement about what is the prettiest sound at sunset, his defense of Muslim immigrants over American natives, his catering to enemy Islamic nations over traditional allies, and his appointment of Muslims to critical high level positions in his administration.

Indeed, so what if Obama is a Muslim.  It means that deep down, he prefers an authoritarian sharia law, he prefers a centralized governance that is rooted in Islam, and he dislikes our culture, our form of government, capitalism, and the independent spirit that made America great.  This is the “hope and change” he has brought to our country.

All this is a manner of introduction of several must reads on this topic, short booklets on Obama and Islam.

The first is written by Robert Spencer and David Horowitz titled Obama and Islam and can be ordered HERE for $3.00 each, or in bulk (25 copies) for $1.00 each.

Another is by Andrew McCarthy, an Islamic intelligence expert.  His book is titled How Obama Embraces Islam’s Sharia Agenda and is available at Amazon HERE.

And finally, a booklet written by Dr, Steven M. Kirby titled Islam and Barack Hussein Obama available at Amazon HERE.

Each of these books document how Islam is dangerously misrepresented by our president and his administration as benign and just another religion to be respected, when in fact Islam is, at its core, a violent, intolerant, supremacist ideology.

Only the woefully uninformed or purposeful deceivers will disagree with this diagnosis.

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