Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Political Bull-crap vs. Truth

Politicians have much in common with devout Muslims.  Both believe in lies to fit their purpose and audience.

Islamic doctrine has its “taqiyya”:  Purposeful deceit to protect themselves or to protect Islam.  This is used particularly when a Muslim is a minority in a non-Islamic culture or group.

Most politicians and media do much the same.  They continue to refer to “radical Islam” as the problem.  They fail to reveal the truth that historic, orthodox Islam, at its core, is the ideology that incites Muslims to do the things that they have become infamous for doing.  The dishonesty, the “political correctness deception” is akin to Islamic taqiyya.

Several examples come to mind.  Both Presidents Bush and Obama have claimed that Islam is a great religion and only a few “radicals” have hijacked that “great religion.”  Not only these Presidents, but the Pope himself has amazingly expressed that Allah and the God of Israel are the same god.  Is this ignorance or sloppy speech, or is this purposeful lying?

Zudhi Jasser, the face of moderate Muslims on Fox News and a self-proclaimed “devout Muslim” presents himself as a moderate.  Even his current actions appear to confirm his “moderate” label.  Yet the word “devout” as a Muslim betrays the “moderate” label.  How devout could he be if he dismisses hundreds of passages of Islamic “holy” books that ooze with hate, intolerance, and anti-Semitism?  Or is he practicing an extreme version of taqiyya.  How “devout” would a Christian be if he dismissed half the Holy Bible?

Political correctness even permeates organizations that attempt to inform the public about the true nature of Islam.  ACT for America, Brigitte Gabriele’s group, has fallen victim political correctness.  Privately it admits that basic, orthodox, Muhammad-inspired Islam is the problem we face.  And many of its local chapters speak out with truth and boldness on this topic. But PUBLICLY, national ACT only refers to “radical” Islam as the problem, as if the Islamic ideology that breeds the bombers has nothing to do with what we experience in the world today.  They continue to deny the truth.  Like most churches today, they do this so as not to offend.  Why don’t’ they care that it discredits their organization and their cause more when they lie than when they reveal the hard truth? 

Like our politicians, they are practicing “politics” which is little different from Islamic taqiyya.

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