Monday, May 23, 2011

Islam: Protected - Christianity: Rejected

It never ceases to astound me how our nation, our leaders, our way of interpreting our laws has created such twisted, convoluted regard for religion.

The protection of Islam and the rejection of Christianity come to mind.

Islam, the supremacist, intolerant, subversive ideology it really is, is protected, defended, and promoted by not only our Islam-inspired president, but, it appears, most of our ignorant elected officials.  The practice of Islam is facilitated in all manner of public places, from airports to public schools and universities, to the military.  Not only prayer rooms and alcohol-free taxis, but no-go zones, even murder is allowed in the name of Islamic Sharia.  And utter any truth about Islam that is taken as an offense by Muslims and their leftist protectors, and all hell breaks out.  Burning Bibles is carried out by our military in Afghanistan so as not to offend the natives, but burn a Qur’an here and the establishment labels you an offensive, dangerous, hateful, Islamophobic bigot.

Ahh, Christianity, the founding religion of our nation.  Now that has to be suppressed and rejected.  No semblance of faith or practice of Christianity is allowed in our public schools, city halls or other public places.  Christianity on TV and movies is portrayed in a stereotypical mocking manner.  Christians who pray in public places are persona non grata.  Our national Christian heritage is denied and scrubbed from our text books.  What remains of our churches for the most part is either social service or entertainment centers.  Preaching a relevant faith that impacts lives and government is taboo.  Most pastors have been trained or tax-coerced into preaching pablum – (definition: Trite, insipid, or simplistic writing, speech, or conceptualization)

What we appear to have adopted in this country is a form of religious affirmative action.  The minority religion, Islam, takes precedence over majority Christianity.  Except in the case of Islam, it is “ideological affirmative action” where the ideology of Islam is given preference.  Islam is no more a religion than fascism or communism.  At best, it is a fascist ideology cloaked in religious garb.

Where will this double standard of religious preference end?  It will end when things get bad enough for Christians that home churches will multiply and useless pastors are replaced by black robe regiment types who will most likely come from the laity.  It will end when a strong minority of us feel threatened enough by the idiocy of this double standard to lock arms and throw useless, dumb as rocks career politicians out of office.  It will end after the universities are defunded to the point where they only teach math, the sciences, languages, history, geography, and traditional arts, and are forced to jettison the radical agenda that dominates campuses, including all middle eastern and Islamic studies programs.  These have no place in America.

Perhaps this double standard will be the kick in the ass Christians need to be bold people of faith again.

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