Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who is the racist?

Obama received over 95% of the Black vote and 43% of the white vote.

What does that tell us about who is racist?  We know darn well that more than 5% of blacks would vote “conservative” given two white or two black candidates to choose from.  The 2008 black vote was based primarily on race.

Now, toss in a Barack Hussein Obama vs. Herman Cain contest to REALLY reveal whether or not color is an issue.

Obama, the light-skinned black liberal vs. Cain, the dark-skinned black conservative.  Obama acts more black (the walk - i.e. “bop”, the talk - when convenient, the fist bump, the basketball, and the attitude).

Who will the blacks likely vote for?  My money is on Obama.  Why?  Because he acts more black.  Who will the whites vote for?  The darker skinned black.  Why?  Certainly not because of color because he is the darker-skinned black.  Whites will vote for Cain because of his policies and platform – because he is better for all races; he is better for America.  Most blacks will vote based entirely, solely on the basis of blackness of behavior. 

Most blacks and most liberals will call Cain an Uncle Tom and worse.  Why?  Because he doesn’t act as black as Obama.

Who is the racist?

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